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Speed ratings simplify how you look at a race

How fast a horse runs is the single most important factor in finding any winners and is the only place to start when looking at a race.

The easiest way of measuring one horse against another is how fast it can run and a speed rating translates performance into an easy to use number.

This provides a clear picture of how a race is likely to be run, something that opinion based ratings cannot do, meaning nothing can be deemed as definite and precise as a calculation achieved by rating against the clock.

Inform racing enables me to analyse races at a glance in a format (numbers) that I understand and makes my betting simple and profitable. Tony


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Online and providing winners since 2003

Over thirty years involvement in racing means we know exactly what it is you are looking for, in fact we still want the same thing that you want – a means of finding the winners but without the hassle that can go with it.

We now share this top tier betting product with like minded people like you and our proven methods will quickly put you back among those that succeed on a regular basis.

Many users come back month after month, year after year and for one reason only – the ratings, race stats and form info provide the opportunity to make a profit from their betting.

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Winners last week include:

Vona Won 33/1, Erica Bing Won 25/1, Bayan Kasirga Won 11/1, Ghostly Arc Won 8/1, Gin Cobbler Won 15/2, Highbury High Won 6/1, Lady Bayside Won 8/1, Shimba Hills Won 8/1, Ubla Won 12/1, Raid Stain Won 12/1, Zeeoneandonly Won 10/1, Oh This Is Us Won 10/1, The Worlds Greatest Won 16/1, Exceeding Power Won 17/2, Discreet Hero Won 8/1, Lil Sophelia Won 16/1, Royal Supremo Won 10/1, Get Knotted Won 12/1, Log Out Island Won 7/1, We Are Ninety Won 12/1, Saigon City Won 33/1


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