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Inform Racing is the #1 dedicated website for UK horse racing speed ratings, quick view race stats and form.

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Our cards highlight all top rated horses for you and provide the most important form you need, at a glance. (See an example here)

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Top 3 rated winners in 2015 include:

Oxalido Won 25/1
Phone Home Won 20/1
Toga Tiger Won 20/1
Invigilator Won 20/1
Muthabir Won 20/1
Olympian Boy Won W 18/1
Shammick Boy Won 16/1
Ocean Legend Won 16/1
Dhaular Dhar Won 16/1
Dark War Won 16/1
dddd Waterloo Dock Won 14/1
Verus Delicia Won 14/1
Ready Won 14/1
Wicklewood Won 12/1
Mawaqeet Won 12/1
Wink Oliver Won 12/1
Perfect Cracker Won 12/1
Mappin Time Won 12/1
Ferryview Place Won 11/1
Bogsnog Won 10/1


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Over thirty years involvement in racing and over ten years now online, means we know exactly what it is you are looking for, in fact we still want the same thing that you want – a means of finding the winners but without the hassle that can go with it.

Inform Racing was created for us to simplify our betting by creating an easy way to read the form of a race, allied with the still relatively under used power of speed ratings.

We now share this top tier, two phase betting product with like minded people like you and our proven methods for selecting the winners will quickly put you back amongst those that succeed on a regular basis.


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“The user-friendliness of the cards and info tables is comfortably the best on the market.” Robert
“I have followed horse racing for sometime, have used various site subscriptions to help me in selecting bets and I have no hesitation in saying I consider yours to be the best I have used.” Chris
“I really like the ratings Ian, I don’t know what I’d do without them, absolutely massive time saver with so much info available – anyone who discontinues their subscription must be mad.” Marc
“You’ve made racing very easy for me.” Bill
“Hi Ian just like to say a big thanks for the fantastic ratings I’m a novice but had some really good winners Roman Flight 16/1-Framley Garth 16/1-Belando 12/1 Thanks again.” Andy
“I have been following your advice and have found some good priced winners. Today I found Kayf Moss (24.73 on Betfair), no way could anyone find that bet without your race cards.” Sam
“I just wanted to thank you as your statistics are really outstanding! I picked another 16-1 winner called Needless Shouting yesterday, I can not really believe it!” Alex
“Your platform with the support of back menu’s for form, par ratings, etc, is really terrific.” Tsiri
“Love the ratings and all the additional information. Has rekindled my interest in betting again. Appreciate all that you provide.” Terry
“Just a note to say how much time I am saving with your easy to use your In Depth Form Tables. I have just gone through six meetings in three quarters of an hour, would have taken me three to four hours using the Racing Post. The best racing analysis I have come across in 10 years.” Keith
“I love your ratings as I am finally making a profit from my betting. I started with £20 using £2 stakes on Betfair and am currently up to £789 having increased my stakes when I had 100 points to play with . Keep up the good work” Keith

If you want to enjoy your racing, save time and win, then Inform Racing will guide you towards your success, from just £1.90 a week.

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