5 Ways To Review And Improve Your Betting

There are times when we all need to review our betting status and going over some of the most important things once or twice a year can never be a bad thing.

Here are five that you may want to look at and see if you can improve on any of these to improve your betting.


There is never a bad time to re focus on your discipline and if you have let it slip lately then try from today to look at your discipline again.

The great thing is, if you can review your betting and see that you haven’t quite been as successful lately as you would have liked, you can easily start afresh.

There is nothing more exciting than a fresh start, a new beginning. Hit the reset button and go again.

Look back at what you have been doing and if there are things you know have cost you money from your profits, then ditch them. Right now!

Be disciplined, be even more disciplined and then be even more disciplined again.

Stop placing those lazy bets that you know are costing you dear. Take a day or two away from betting if need be. Take a week or two off if you feel you need to and in that time just stop betting.

Go through what suits you and what you know best about racing and see where your better bets have come from.

Even someone with inside knowledge who gets the best information on what horses are ‘fit and ready to win’, will lose if he has no discipline by wasting his profits on silly, fun bets.

Betting can make you money, it can be run successfully like a business to help increase your wealth each year, but without a strong disciplined approach you will always fail.


When you open the newspaper each day or go online, what sort of races catch your eye first?

Are you a sprint master or a Maiden follower? Do you prefer betting on the flat or over the jumps? Or have you even thought about what part of racing you really do get excited about yet?

People always do better in all areas of their life when they love what they do. If you look at a Maiden race with little form, or a 20 runner handicap race and feel like you are going through the motions just to find a bet, then ditch these races and concentrate on those that really get you excited and buzzing.

There are plenty of races every year to suit everyone so you don’t have to bet in every one of them!

Specialising in one or two areas, maybe 7 furlong races, all weather sprints or 3 mile plus chase races for example, will allow you more time to go through the form and allow you to get to know the horses that run in these types of race on a regular basis.

This can only help you in the long run.

Try To Read A Race

There is a lot more to reading a race than just looking at the recent form figures.

Races are run to suit some horses and not others and by knowing how the race is likely to pan out will give you a massive advantage over those who cannot be bothered to find out.

Are there more front runners in the race, helping the one or two that like to come off a faster pace?

Is there just one front runner who may be allowed to dictate the pace from the front?

Where is the pace likely to be in a big field sprint and how can you make the most of this knowledge?

You can often find a false favourite in a race where the pace just won’t suit its running style and back against it or lay the horse.

Start looking deeper into a race and how it is likely to be run and you will start to spot one or two horses that have far more of a chance than you would have originally thought, that will be suited by the pace of the race.

Inform Racing provides the run style figures for you, so you only need to look at these to know how each horse is probably going to run.

See more about the run styles here.

Be Like A Bad Tipster

Imagine you had to pick a winner today. People are paying you for tips and you have recently given out six losing bets on the trot. The emails and phone calls are coming in and you are starting to get a little embarrassed, so you know that you HAVE to find a winner today.

If this was the case then you would probably look at one race in particular only and go through it with a fine tooth comb and then again.

If you could be like this every day, don’t you think you would find more winners? So try to be a like a failing tipster, where finding a winner is an absolute must!

You won’t find the winner all of the time of course but see if you can get the winner from your shortlist of two or three more often than not.

This idea will help your discipline 100% so maybe just find two races each day that you want to go over in full and see how your success rate improves.

Become A Racing Nerd

When I first started betting I would do what most people do and just look at the form, the betting forecast, the jockey and what the paper verdict came up with. And then backed anything that was about 7/1 or so – each way.

It was okay but I obviously lost and when you continue to lose you start to get a bit fed up with it.

I knew bits and pieces about racing but watching the racing professionals and pundits on the TV, I would often get confused with some of the jargon and didn’t fully understand what they were saying.

I mean do you fully understand the handicapping system and how a horse can have a higher handicap mark than last time out but be carrying less weight?

Do you know what a Selling race is or a Claimer? What is a Novice and why are some races for Conditional jockeys only? In fact, just what is a conditional jockey?

If you really want to improve and start making gains from your betting, then you really should know as much as you can about racing and start to understand just what it all means.

Understanding more will mean more knowledge and more knowledge as they say is power.

Find out as much as you can about racing, how it is run and who takes part in it every day, even those behind the scenes that you will probably never see and read as much as you can from sites like the Racing Post or Sporting Life and really take it all in.

Just reading the trainer comments each day in the Racing Post will help information sink in about their runners. Read the race comments after each of the previous days racing and see what you can glean for the future.

Watch as much racing as you can, whenever you can and start to look for horses that were unlucky in running and note them down for next time.

Go racing if at all possible and watch the horses and try and speak to someone about how the horses are trained or visist a stable if you can and get more information about that particular trainer and how he runs his horses.

If you can specialise on certain parts of racing as mentioned before, then learn everything you can about those particular race types.

Immerse yourself in racing, become a bit of a nerd but ultimately become more successful.




Ian Welch

Creator and owner of Inform Racing.com since 2003, I have over 30 years of racing and betting experience to share. Speed ratings are my main passion whilst updating the website and writing the odd blog post keeps me busy and hopefully other users well informed.

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