Having only recently won £2600 on a Plumpton Placepot using the ratings, thought I’d have a go today. Used the top two rated horses (master), 64 bets at £0.50. 4 winning lines. Return £815.60. Never would have picked these horses without the ratings. Keep up the good work.


I love your ratings as I am finally making a profit from my betting. I started with £20 using £2 stakes on Betfair and am currently up to £789 having increased my stakes when I had 100 points to play with .

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Stop wasting money on 'dud tips' and bad advice!

We have been using speed ratings for over 30 years now and providing them online to our wonderful subscribers since 2003.

Speed ratings are our thing, our racing buzz if you like, but they are also our most definite betting edge and the success they have provided us and to others over the years cannot be underestimated.

Are you someone who has tried most things but now wants a totally new approach, a new angle?

Someone who would like to win a decent amount of money every year like some of our most experienced members, or just someone who doesn't expect to make a fortune but would love to bag a few winners at good prices and take back some winnings for a change?

We are normal punters just like you and we believe like you do that with the right tools, it is possible to make money from your betting. If you have struggled to find anything that can help you do just that up to now, you need to think seriously about taking a membership with us today. 

There are few services online who have as good a reputation as Inform Racing - even if we say so ourselves, but its true!

And there are few services online who provide users with such unique ratings that highlight winners every day, all in a simple to use and well proven format that gives everything a successful punter like you needs to win.

Our membership will maximise your chances of winning, just like it did for these Inform Racing members:

I have been gambling all my life and since I started using your ratings I am finally making a profit.


I've been a subscriber for over 5 years and won't bet without Inform as the ratings give me a clear picture of a horses ability. I feel as though I have access to privileged information that the rest of the racing world does not and this gives me my edge over the bookies.


Massive Benefits to You

Ease of use

  • User friendly, easy to read format
  • Save time, simplicity of stats
  • Spot the main horses with a chance easily
  • Condenses a lot of valuable info in one accessible place
  • Analyse a race quickly
  • Well organised with as much or as little detail as you need.

Consistency of the ratings

  • 24% strike rate for the top rated horse
  • Better than 50% for the top 3 rated horses with big priced winners regularly highlighted
  • Numerical picture of a horses overall ability
  • Lay short priced horses with poor speed ratings easily
  • Find the not so obvious hidden gems others won't identify

Value for money

  • Massive amounts of easy to use data for an affordable and low price
  • Over 10,000 races covered every year
  • From as little as just £12.50 per month for an annual membership
  • Far cheaper than any 'tipping sites' that just take your money without providing any value.

Betting edge

  • Not everyone considers speed ratings. Find value bets others won't consider
  • In depth and multiple ways to interact with the ratings
  • A horse finishes 2nd and looks in good form but its no good if it was a slowly run race. How would you know?Here you can identify the real 'ready to win horses'.
  • See horses win at all prices when the form figures say 'No' but the speed ratings say 'Yes!'

“Excellent ratings…great work. Had the 33/1 winner of the 2.45, more than pays for the signup.” Ciaran

“Hi Ian. It’s a while since I told you how “bloody good” the Inform Ratings are but with Saigon City winning comfortably at 80/1 in an impossible York Handicap I had to flag it up. Fantastic!!! Keep em Comin.” Joe

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