Creating Your Own Betting Tissue Prices

For a long time now, professional gamblers have been creating their own betting tissue, or betting forecast, to compare with the actual forecast and the prices available at the off, in the pursuit of finding horses that they believe have been overpriced by the bookies.The bookmakers have some of the keenest form students on their […]

Course Ratings Proving Profitable

A couple of weeks ago we added some new info to the race cards that showed at a glance, amongst other things, how many times a horse has previously won at the course and at the distance.The response to this information that was already there, just not directly on the race cards, has been excellent […]

New Additions To The Race Cards

We have made some additions to the race cards after a number of requests were made to add a little more info to what you actually see right away, although most of this new info has always been available on the quick view pop up boxes too.1. Four new little columns.Firstly we have added four […]

A Rich Source Of Winning Bets

I was looking at the speed ratings yesterday morning and in particular the forecast price of the top three rated horses in the Master column, which is the best rating for each horse in the last 12 months.I found one or two horses that had a very good Master rating but the last three ratings […]

£32,000 Profit in 4 Years

A couple of years ago, I posted about how one of the Inform Racing subscribers, called Mike, had used the ratings so successfully that he had made £18,000 clear profit over the previous two years.Mike emailed me recently with his updated results, for what is now a full four years of betting, along with his […]

Ten Year Trends – A Simple 11/1 Winner

In many top class races that are run year after year, it is possible to look back at past winners to get a clue as to what may win the running of the same race this year. Usually these races are run on the same weekend of each year, so horses have often been readied by […]

System Builder Tool

We will soon be releasing  the first version of our System Builder which will allow you to analyse racing results using past speed ratings information to see how the ratings perform in different types of races on different surfaces and much, much more.You will also be able to test your system ideas without the need […]