Free 80-20 system

The 80/20 System

This free horse racing system can be used with any selection process and can be used with horses that are short prices as well as big prices too.
The system came about after I saw so may horses come close to winning but not actually coming first in their races. Horses beaten by a nose, a short head or simply losing the expected lead in the last 100 yards of a race.

It became so frustrating to spend time finding real horses with a live chance of winning, running well but not passing the finishing line first that I started looking at ways of maximising the chances of making a profit from these runners even if they didn’t always win.

When you follow horse racing for as long as I have you come to understand just how hard it is to find a consistent number of good priced winners. As I say horses beaten on the line, for some reason not quite running to form or beaten into second by an outsider that really had ‘no chance’.

Firstly I looked at each way betting but decided that placing the same stake on the win as on the place part of the bet in the traditional way, didn’t really make too much of a difference although it did go some way to alleviating the losses when the horses I selected were indeed placed.

I then looked into just backing a horse to be placed which you can do on all of the major betting exchanges, which also gave me much encouragement as smaller regular profits were being made but when the horses did actually win I was a again frustrated not to be picking up a bigger amount for these success.

It was then I came up with what I call the 80/20 system and it is simple in its strategy, making the best of both horses that are placed and horses that do go on to win.
If you look at the statistics just for favourites for example, it is clear that even they don’t win as often as they are placed so it really doesn’t make sense to place an each way bet staking the same amount on both the place and the win.

This is when I decided to stake more on the place side of the bet than on the win and has made a difference to my profit and loss sheet since I began using it on a regular basis and my ratio was of course 80% of my stake on the place and 20% on the win, hence the 80/20 system.

Of course there are some parts of the system that need to be looked at and the most important for me is the price of the horse to be placed. Personally I think that 1.6 on the exchanges is short enough but you may make this price as big or as short as you wish, however you will be able to get this price or better sometimes even on horses priced at 2/1 or even a bit shorter in certain races which for me is a decent enough price to be taking the bet.

If your stake is £20 for example, this would mean placing £16 on the place side of the bet at 1.6 (8/13) and £4 on the win and if the horse is 2/1 favourite for example and comes second, you will still make a profit on the race of £5.60 not including any commission that has to be paid, so a profit of over 25% of your original stake for a 2/1 shot that didn’t even win is fairly good going, considering you would have lost all your stake if you had bet only to win or placed an each way bet in the traditional way.

What you have to bear in mind is that a high percentage of even these 2/1 shots will actually win and would mean a total profit on the above bet of £17.60 before commission.
However I am not suggesting that you only concentrate on 2/1 shots or favourites as you will be able to find many decent priced horses to back and sometimes at incredible prices just for the place that will increase your profits much further even if a high proportion are only placed.

Every day you will find horses that are around the 6/1, 7/1 mark that you can get over 2/1 on for the place alone instead of the odds the traditional bookmaker would give you of around 6/4 or less depending on the race.

You may also alter the ratios that you place on each part of the bet from 80/20 to anything down to 60/40 in my opinion or maybe you should take 70/30 as a minimum, however do remember that more of your bets will probably be placed than actually win so you can look at your own betting perhaps and see what proportion of your bets place to win.
The races to bet on can make a difference too and whilst non handicaps are not always the most exciting of races to bet on or watch compared to handicaps, it can be easier to find a horse to bet on and if you need a selection process for these races it is worth noting that the Inform Racing top rated horse in non handicaps has a 75% strike rate for being placed and winners have been recorded in the past at all prices including many over 10/1 so this may be a good place to start.

Obviously sticking to races with less runners, between 8 and 12 is ideal, will benefit the use of this system as well.

Two other methods that can be used effectively for the 80/20 system are the Inform Racing backing systems 2 and 3 which also have a high strike rate for horses that are placed again at some very good prices indeed. You will have received an email to link to this page which also included a link to all of the Inform Racing systems, so do take a look at these when you have time.


I suggest a bank of £100 to start with and a stake of £10 per bet, (£8 place, £2 win). When your bank reaches £200 or more increase your stakes to £20, (£16 place, £4 win), then £30 stakes when your bank increases to £300 or more (£24 place, £6 win), and so on. If you go back down below £300 or whatever decrease your stakes again.