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Simple Systems For Profit
Last week someone commented on our Facebook page how easy it is to build your own system using Inform Racing,[...]
New System Idea. 65 points profit in 2 days
I was checking out an idea I had on Friday and after success that day I tried it again yesterday[...]
Daily Stats Table
I have added a new feature this week called the Daily Stats Table which gives you a quick view of[...]
Speed Ratings Systems For Profits
Speed Ratings Systems For Profit This post contains an update of our recent system idea called The Selected Ratings System.[...]
Selected Ratings System
Selected Ratings SystemI was playing around with the speed ratings at the weekend and came up with what looks like[...]
Updated Pop Ups and Form Guides
Last week we updated some of the features on the website race cards to help make the form reading of[...]
Course and Distance Ratings
When most people try to find the winner of a race, they do the usual things like check how well[...]
Top Rated Fancied Horses
In my recent posts I have been looking at testing different ways of using the ratings to find winning angles[...]
Combining The Speed Ratings
Many new subscribers ask what is the best way to use the speed ratings and I always tell them that[...]

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