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16/03/2021 - Results Breakdown Added To The System Builder

We have added a breakdown of results on system builder 2 that divide the results up by Year, Month, Race Type, Class, Race Distance, Going, Horse Age, and Number Of Runners.

This shows the strike rate, profit/loss etc., for all of the above and should help eliminate some criteria that has a poor set of results, enabling you to remove some categories or change the ranges to increase the success of a system.

They are sorted by Win% as default but all columns can be sorted if you prefer. These also show a breakdown when you use the Declarations, albeit without the results stats, which may or may not be helpful. I hope to add some more categories in the breakdown at some time in the future.

If you think there are two or three other categories we could breakdown, can you email me and let me know? Thanks. Slight error is that some of the Goings are showing what called NA which we are looking in to.

New Race Age Category

We added a new Race Age Category in the Horse Section, so you can look for races just for 2YO, 5YO+ or whatever. If you want more than one age group you will need to use the Add Group Rule.

New Clickable links in System Builder added.

When you have your list of Declaration selections for the day on the system builder or Results if using past dates, you can now click any row and it will open up that race as showing the race card for that race in a new window. So for Decs you can get your list and then take a look at the cards quickly from the list or look up a past race card once you have the list of results.

On the new system builder, you will see straight away that this new version is now both the System Builder and Declarations Builder, just click which one you want at the top. The 5% commission is now a choice between 1% and 5% or no commission. There are some new features to be added to the page, like splitting the win and place stats to different rows on the Summary as well as splitting some of the results into categories below the results and these will be up soon. The System Builder 2 has a number of new categories and these can be seen and explained on the link below, with all new features shown in the list at the top of the page with a ** You can always access this page on the system builder help drop down list at the top when you open the system builders.

Click here to see all System Builder categories >> .

21/12/2020 - Fairbot Discount Code

Many of us have our own preferred ways of placing our bets, whether backing, laying or trading. For the last few years now I have been using the Fairbot software and find it extremely useful for placing my Dutch bets as well as automating my selections using a number of different strategies.

Personally I find it extremely simple to use compared to others I have looked at before, it is also really affordable too and you can get a 15 day trial totally free. I have also managed to get all subscribers a 10% discount off the already low price, whether you want to sign up for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months and that is of course after you have had your free 15 day trial.

To go to the Fairbot website, hit the link below and make sure you use the following coupon code for your extra 10% off: INFORMRACING

Fairbet Betting Software >>

01/12/2020 - The UK Betting Forum and Inform Racing.

I am trialling a new section for Inform Racing on the UK Betting Forum. I had a forum years ago myself but it was underused and most people just wanted to take ideas from others rather than share ideas so I scrapped it.

After discussing things with the owner of the forum Kevin, I have decided to see if this is maybe a way forward where people can share their ideas and selections for Inform Racing and allow others to also contribute.

You will need to become a member of the forum which is a free sign up and to get the Inform Racing section you will need to click the 'Gambling Geeks' link on the main page of the forum. The Inform Racing forum is only open to members of the UK Betting Forum, not just anyone who is browsing as a guest, so as I say you will need to sign up first. You will also be able to access, read and post on all of the other sections of the forum where there is a lot of interesting topics and debate.

Click here to access the UK Betting Forum >>

Whilst I will try to answer any questions relating to Inform Racing on the forum, I am not planning to be especially active as I hope it will be somewhere users can discuss ideas between themselves. If you need to contact me at anytime regarding anything, then please email me as normal using the Contact form on the Inform Racing website..

20/11/2020 - Website Updates

I have provided a list of all the new additions and changes we will be making to the site on the link below. Thanks for all of your suggestions,

Additions >>Click Here.

Many thanks.