Earn between £12.00 and £46.00 per sale


Hi, this is an invitation to join the Inform Racing affiliate scheme selling either one of our 3 subscription packages for access to the speed ratings or the In Running Trading Tool that we released earlier this year, that points users towards the best in running trading and Dobbing opportunities of the day.

Commission payments for both items are made to you at the start of every month via Paypal.


Inform Racing Speed Ratings

I have been providing the Speed Ratings online now for over 13 years and they continue to provide users with all of the info required to make an informed betting decision and are used to find hundreds of winners every week just from the basic race cards and system ideas that we provide.

Many users continue their subscription month after month, year after year, therefore it can provide you with regular and recurring affiliate commissions.

1 month costs £40 and will make you £16 per sale, for every recurring payment.

3 months costs £60 and will make you £24 per sale, for every recurring payment.

12 months costs £150 and will make you £45 per sale, for every recurring payment.

Further details about Inform Racing and the Speed Ratings can be found on the following link:


About the affiliate scheme.

The affiliate scheme is with a company called Send Owl that I only found out about recently, however it is a brilliant scheme to be a part of and is very easy to use for both vendors and affiliates.

To join the Inform Racing scheme you first have to sign up for a free Send Owl account using the link below so that all your clicks can be followed from your affiliate links back to my Send Owl scheme.

Once you have done this you will be taken to the Inform Racing affiliate pages where you can find your affiliate links. If you need a step by step guide on joining, then please use the link below which takes you through the process in full.


Your Affiliate Links

Once inside your affiliate area, you will see two links to direct users to depending on which products you wish to promote. One is for the speed ratings and goes to the other is for the In Running Trading Tool and goes to

Use the correct one for whichever product you are promoting and all of your stats for both the Trading Tool and Speed Ratings sales will be shown in your affiliate area together.

If you have any problems at all please get in touch anytime.



Email Templates

I have drafted two email templates that you may like to use and/or edit that can be sent out to promote both items which are on the following link. Please do make sure that you add your own affiliate link in the correct places.


If you need any help with your links, or setting up your account in any way then please let me know. Any questions on the products or the affiliate scheme are welcome at any time if you need further info on anything at all.

Kind regards,

Ian Welch