A selection of genuine testimonials from 2018

Hi Ian, Just to say I joined last week and all’s going well. I was a member in the past year but left as I was too busy with normal life but now I'm back and have tripled my bank in 4 days......Spot on as usual with the ratings they are great...

Roy 25/09/2018

I have used your system for over a year now and I get an average of 1 winner a day. I started with 1 online bookie deposited £10 I now have 5 online accounts with £50 plus in each of them but I've only ever gambled £10 of my own money. It's amazing how little work I have to put in. I didn't back anything at Hamilton Park today but I scanned for 10 minutes this morning before leaving for work and found 2 winners and 1 second so would have been up another £18 had I have backed them.

Thank you for your creation it makes more money than all these guys who get a whisper in the paddock or the people that tell me I know the owner, hahahah!”

Steve 24/09/2018

I just thought I'd let you know that I'm more than pleased with the ratings so far. Some are quick to criticise but not as quick to give positive feedback. I have more than got back the money that I have subscribed over the following year. I had the Stewards Cup winner Gifted Master at 20/1 (Top 3 Master Ratings). Today I backed Kinloch Pride Won 15/2, Top Weight In A Handicap And Top Rated On Master Ratings, (Inform Racing System 2).

Richard 07/08/2018

Just to let you know that my system using your ratings website pulled out ‘COSMELLI’ in the 1.30 at Newcastle this afternoon which duly obliged at 66/1 (early price the evening before). Despite a rule 4, my return was a very satisfying +£702.79. I’m sure I would have never picked THAT one out if I didn’t use your ratings so, thanks for that!

Mike 30/06/2018

Hi Ian - I joined primarily for Royal Ascot and had my best Royal meeting in years with my maximum bet on top rated Hunting Horn at 13-2 and another 2 winners Signora Cabello at 25-1 and Aljazzi at 9-2, made it an outstanding week. Very early days I know, but it's an approach I've always wanted to try out, if only I could find an accurate speed ratings website? Well I've found it, and after only a week it feels like I have an unfair advantage over the rest of the punting public - well, almost. Keep up the fantastic work that you do.

Clive 25/06/2018

Forgot to mention this morning about the NEW STATS PAGE. Just ONE word - FANTASTIC.

Colin 07/05/2018

Thanks Ian for all the information your providing it’s helping me a great deal.

Al 15/06/2018

I have run out of superlatives for improvements to the site over the last few years. I have said before you have made form study fast and simple, many thanks.

Colin 02/05/2018

The changes you have made over the past year have helped with winner finding especially the ‘best rating on the going’. You provide so much information in you service, that I never bother with any papers/racing papers.

David 29/03/2018

Thanks for all your email updates Ian. I also wanted to thank you for 2 superb (Top) Master Ratings winners on Saturday; MASTER THE WORLD 16/1 & BAYWING 8/1. I fancied them both anyway but your ratings swung it for me.

Paul 26/02/2018

I want to thank you for the ratings service. It is very easy to use. I have become obsessed with it. You manage to fit in nearly every piece of useful information and it’s infinitely quicker than trying to use the Racing Post or such like. I seem to be able to find a back, lay or trade in most races and I win hand over fist. Congratulations on a terrific service.

Trevor 24/02/2018

If you can remember I joined you just a week ago and just thought I would let you know that it was so easy to set up a new system, it took me just a few days to see where the winners were coming from. I am so impressed I have not had a losing day yet, so roll on and well done the ratings are fab. I will keep you informed as I progress but am increasing my bank by about 10-12% daily.

Roy 25/01/2018

Just had to write and praise your Inform Speed Ratings (and so much more) that give all the clues to the UK Horse Racing scene. Have just come back from my Christmas Break and already withdrawn £600 from my Betfair account. Thank you Ian for an excellent service.

Burnsey 15/01/2018

I’d like to add heaps of praise for the Inform Ratings. I’ve found a way of making decent long term profits. It does need a lot of patience at times, but following your comments on various blog posts I’ve set out to achieve long term profitability. Thanks again for the best ratings on the web.

John 03/01/2018