Website Updates

We have recently made a few additions to the race cards and pop ups.

Two pop up boxes now.

You will now see on the card there are two icons to the left of the horse name. When you hover your mouse over these, a pop up box will appear containing the most relevant form information for each runner.

There is also an R/S column, an explanation for this is given further down the page.




The new pop up box.

Hover over the second icon and and the box below will appear.

This box shows win/place/number of runs and win percentages for a horses record for all goings it has run on, all classes of race it has run in, all distances it has run over and in all different sized fields.

There is also a month by month record for each runners win and place form plus a list of the other courses the horse has won at.




This all makes it very easy now to see what, when and why a horse may have a chance in a race and also why it may be out of the running – all available at a glance.



Hover over the first icon on the race card and the original box appears with a couple of small changes to all of the other important form factors  shown for each horse.

We have now added the Highest ever speed rating achieved by each horse here as on the card the master rating is the best rating for just the previous last 12 months.

Days off to win record

There is also the record for how many days a horse has been off the track since each win so if a horse is coming back off a break of 190 days but has only ever won if its last race was within the last 10 days you can maybe eliminate this horse.

In the example for Waterloo Dock below, the horse has won 7 times before and you can see for those wins he was off the course for 10 days, 14 days, 11, 9, 33, 14 and 43. If a horse has been off the track for say 140 days, yet he only wins when having a recent run, you may want to eliminate this horse. If the record is as below for Waterloo Dock, you can see he is almost ideally suited by today, as his last run as shown was 9 days ago.





The R/S column on the race card.

This figure stands for Run Style and the figure taken for each horse from the Run Style table ‘Most’ column on the In Depth Form Tables, link under each card.

The Most figure is the figure shown most from each horses last ten races.

The run style shows how a horse ran in the early part of a race, showing 1, for led or with leaders, 2 for prominent, 3 for midfield and 4 for held up or slowly away and can give an indication of where the pace will be and if a horse could get an easy lead.

This R/S figure will give a quick idea of the pace angle of a race, however the In Depth Form Tables will still give a better  full view of all the last 10 run style figures for each horse.


I am now removing Non Runners from the cards.

First thing in the morning, and once or twice mid morning before racing, I will be removing non runners from the race cards. I will post on the meetings page when this has been done and at what time it was last done, however this info is shown now under the race card when a runner has been removed.

For example under a card it will show the non runners removed and the last time that the non runners were removed:

Non Runners 07.51, 15 The Govaness.


More coming soon…

There will be more additions coming soon including hopefully a link to a full Trainer form pop out for a record at each time of year, at different courses, in handicaps, non handicaps, chases, hurdles and more.


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