£18,000 Profit in 2 Years

Subscriber Mike, has featured on the Blog Posts a few times over the years and does so again today as I review my correspondence with him over the last couple of weeks where he revealed to me he has made £18,000 profit in 2 years using the Inform Racing speed ratings.

Back in April 2016 I put up a post about how Mike had won a whopping £7,000 using his system and the ratings and over the past year Mike has been emailing me with updates and particular successes he has had.

I don’t know what his system is but I am confident it is based on the M+A column in some way.

With Mike’s blessing, I thought it would be useful to posts a couple of his emails and his results spreadsheets for people to see.

Here is an email from Mike on March 15th 2017, including three results spreadsheets.

[note note_color=”#ececec” text_color=”#000000″]

As you say, I can’t give all my secrets away regarding my method of selection, but it clearly works over the long term. I’m attaching my spreadsheets so that you can see that both my level stake bets and my multiple bets using your ratings are both profitable in their own right. Now that I have almost a full two years of data behind me, it’s become very clear that the whole system is profitable long term!

You will notice that the multiple bet graph shows a ‘saw tooth’ progression which is exactly what one would expect from this type of staking. So the return on investment averaged over the two years is so far around the 21% plus mark. That will vary of course as I get more and more results behind me, but no doubt in my mind that the overall trend is up. As you can see from the combined spreadsheet (single bets and multiple bets) that the annual profit is working out at about £7500 per year (£15,000 plus for the 2 years to date). That will move up and down over the coming months and years, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a nice little income to add to my pension – and it’s all tax free of course!

Anyway, have a study of these spreadsheets and if you wish to publish them on your website, then you are more than welcome to utilize them. Of course, I have had to hide parts of the description at the top of the spreadsheets as that information is confidential as I’m sure you’ll understand.

Best Regards,


Ps. A good day yesterday with 6 selections, 1 non runner, 3 placings and 2 winners giving an overall profit on the day of just under £500! The each way Lucky 63 on its own returned £339.35.

Spreadsheet 1

Spreadsheet 2

Spreadsheet 3



In reply, I said to Mike I thought he could make a fair amount of money if he sold his system to Inform Racing users. I said he could keep all of the profit himself, I would just benefit from any new subscriptions.

I said it was 100% up to him and thought he could restrict the number to maybe just 25 or 50 sales and thought that even charging £200 would still be a fair price.

He responded with the email below.

[note note_color=”#ececec” text_color=”#000000″]

Hi Ian – thanks for your response. First of all, I did give the go ahead for you to use my spreadsheets on your website on the first email that I sent to you yesterday. So please go ahead and use them if you wish.

Regarding the selling of my ‘system’, I have to say that I’m very sorry but I really don’t wish to release the method that I use to select the horses. The reasons for this are as follows:

1. At the moment I’m hoping that I’m ‘under the radar’ as far as the bookmakers go. that is my staking is low enough (£10 to win or £10 each way per horse plus about £30 total stake for the multiple bet per day). I’m spending about £100 per day on the average and that’s how I calculated the 21% ROI – ie. £21 per day profit averaged over the first 2 years.

2. There is a little known bookmakers rule that talks about syndicates. For example, IF (and it’s a very big IF) my multiple bet wins me, say, £500,000 in one day, then if 10 others have backed EXACTLY the same selections as me, then that bookie will divide that sum between the 10 winners, so I would only receive £50,000. My system does in fact rely on that multiple bet giving me a large return once or twice a year, so if others are backing exactly the same selections, then my win is very likely to be reduced. You don’t have to know the punters who are also backing the same as you, the syndicate rule applies even if you don’t know the people involved.

3. It just seems selling my system to other members is just an awful lot of hassle and therefore I’m more than happy just to keep it to myself.

Apologies about that, but certainly if members are impressed with what I’m doing, then certainly make them aware of it on your website by talking about it and showing my emails and the 3 spreadsheets that I sent to you yesterday to your members in the hope that you impress them enough to get some new members on board.

Regarding my staking, I suppose 1 point would be £10. So I back my selections at 1 point to win or 1 point each way on horses 14/1 or greater. My multiple bet stakings are £0.25 each way for my Lucky 63’s, £0.50 each way for the Lucky 31’s, £1 each way for the Lucky 15’s, £2 each way for the patents and £15 each for the doubles. So the total multiple bet spend is around the £30 mark. So that calculates out at about 1500 points profit over the 2 years on that basis.

Hope this clarifies things.

Best Regards,

Mike. [/note]


I thought that was all fair enough so left it at that.

Since then I have recieved 2 further emails from Mike. The first on March 21st

[note note_color=”#ececec” text_color=”#000000″]

Subject Line: A Purple Patch!

Hi Ian – just to keep you informed of how my system is going. After a not particularly exciting few winter months, the time of year has arrived when my system seems to do particularly well. Had a good day yesterday with 2 winners from 4 selections. The winners were ‘Major Valentine’ at 12/1 and ‘Agincourt Reef’ at 14/1 (minus a rule 4 of 40%). With my each way Lucky 15 plus the single bets, I came away with a profit on the day of +£339.10.

Today was even better with, again 4 selections but this time I had 3 winners, which were ’Pure Vision’ at 5/1, ‘Swing Hard’ at 13/2 and ‘Eurato’ at 8/1 (minus a rule 4 @ 20%). So, total profit for today was +£728.15.

This leaves me ahead on the month by +£1,605.10 so far (with 10 days to go).

The spread sheets are looking REALLY good! I’ll send you the updates on the spreadsheets after the 5th of April when I’ll then have a complete 2 years of ‘investment’ behind me.


Mike. [/note]


The second email came on March 27th.

[note note_color=”#ececec” text_color=”#000000″]

Subject Line: ….and so it continues!

Hi Ian – just to let you know that my purple patch of winning continues following a few days of not a lot happening.

Two selections today – both of them won!

‘Boher Lad’ won at 5/1 (minus a 10% rule 4)
‘Riddlestown’ won at 12/1

Total profit today from my single bets and a £15 each way double was +£1,335-88

So, just over £18,000 clear profit since I started with my system and still 8 days to go until the first 2 years are up!

Not bad is probably a bit of an understatement. Thanks for your ratings and long may it continue!

Best Regards,

Mike G.

ps. Post this email on your website if you so wish.

Mike. [/note]


To try and help a little, I have copied the two races that Mike found the last two winners in below.

Boher Lad Won 5/1

Boher Lad

Riddlestown Won 12/1


There are a couple of things that stand out to me that you should be able to spot, however there was one other horse running this day that seemed to have very similar top ratings in more than one column and this was not picked by Mike.

The mystery continues!

I hope to pry a little more from Mike over time although I am pretty sure we won’t ever get the definitive ‘Mike System’ and probably rightly so.

If you were adding £18,000 profit to your bank over two years, something most of us dream of, would you tell the world and damage your profits?


The M+A column results – Big profits in March 2017

It is my belief that Mike uses the M+A column as a starting point to finding his winners and since the start of March I have been recording the results of System 1, which states to back any horse that is 3 or more clear of the second rated horse in the M+A column.

M+A stands for Master plus Average and is a total of the Master Rating (best rating for a horse in the past 12 months) plus the Avg rating (average rating of the last three runs by a horse).

You can see these on the race cards above with the M+A rating giving an excellent overall and recent figure and is very popular for many Inform Racing members.

60 points profit so far in March

You can download the results for the System 1 selections on the link below which shows an impressive 59.74 point profit to BSP less 5% commission and a decent 30% strike rate.

What you will notice is that betting these selections on a Saturday through the month was not a good decision!

Leaving out Saturday racing, would have meant a saving of around 40 points in total and a near 100 point profit made for the month.

I have long believed that the big meetings like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot are not the best for using the speed ratings.

There are so many top horses with top ratings at these meetings, it is hard to find something that stands out. Unlike the lesser grade races where a consistent horse can be spotted a little easier against his or her run of the mill opponents.

With Saturday’s having the better class of race, this may be why the results have been so poor. I cannot conclude this as the reason 100% but it is something I am going to monitore over the coming months.

See the results on the spreadsheet below.

System 1 March 2017


All in all I hope you can see that using the M+A column in one way or another can be the best way to get started and find winners too.

Combine the high rated horses with some form reading or other factors and you can find a few winners very soon.

I am not suggesting an £18,000 profit in two years time like Mike has, but he has proven it can be done.

And don’t forget when looking at his spreadsheets of results and I have said this many times before, he has had the discipline to bet through the leaner times too when many of us would give up and start looking for Plan B when Plan A is actually working very well indeed!

Thanks Mike and good luck to all.

Ian Welch

Creator and owner of Inform Racing.com since 2003, I have over 30 years of racing and betting experience to share. Speed ratings are my main passion whilst updating the website and writing the odd blog post keeps me busy and hopefully other users well informed.

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