£1K to £50K Challenge

Hopefully you have now downloaded the systems.

Please read the About_Help.txt file contained in the folders you have downloaded before getting started. There is some very important information there that you must read.

Just before you get started....

There really should be the possibility of making this work for you but it really will need a very focussed attitude and rock solid discipline.

You need to get the mindset of success, knowing that it could take many months before you see real profits. 

Please work out the level that you know you want to enter at financially and start with a betting bank that you can afford to lose.

It is possible to work two betting strategies at the same time. One for this £50K challenge and another betting on your normal bets.

Be determined from the start to 'be in this for the long term' and don't expect things to happen overnight. It is not worth saying that if 3% or £30 works quicker than 1% or £10, you will start with 5% or even 10% of your £1,000 bank. Sods law dictates that a losing run will come when you least require it to, so accept that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Some days there will be no bets, that is fine. Look to the future and be patient and really think about what your goals are here.

£50,000 is achievable but would you be happier stopping at £1,000 each time, maybe £5,000?

You now have all of the systems in .txt format.

These cannot be read in the normal way, they are written in code that can only be read when they are loaded into the system builder.

You need to open the zipped folder first and then save all of the files to your computer. If you need help with this, it may be better to search Google for some help on this but normally you should be able to just double click the zipped folder. You can then copy the other files and paste them somewhere safe on your computer.

Then open the system builder and click the 'Load Rules' button and find where you have saved the files to. Click the file or system in .txt format that you want and it will then open the rules in the system builder software.

You can view a number of videos for help on the link below.

How to load and save your system builder rules

More System Builder Videos.

Best of luck and don't forget to contact me if you start making real progress.

It would be fantastic to here from anyone who really has made some great profits, even from those who have reached the ultimate £50,000 target!

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