£1K to £50K Challenge

By combining 5 Inform Racing systems and using a sensible staking plan this challenge has already succeeded on a number of occasions.

Now it is your turn to take the challenge and win yourself £50, 000!

To take up this challenge you will need the 5 systems which will be provided, but most of all you will need the discipline to follow the rules but the end result will be worth it.

The Staking Plan

The suggested staking plan is the Percentage Plan where you stake a percentage of the bank on each bet. We start with a bank of £1,000 and then you can bet either 1% (£10), or 3% (£30) on the first bet. All bets should be placed on Betfair and all results shown are to Betfair Starting Prices, less 5% commission.

With this plan, if you bet £10 and the bet loses then your bank will stand at £990 and therefore the next bet will be 1% of £990, which is £9.90. If the bet won and your bank increased to £1,060, then your next bet would be £10.60.

This is a safe staking plan that reduces stakes when you lose but increases stakes when you win. As your bank increases you are betting with your profits and as the stakes increase you bank will continue to grow as the bets continue to be successful.

See how previous challenges have succeeded

The results go back to January 1st 2018 and you can see how the challenge has performed below using 3% of the £1,000 starting bank. Using stakes that are 3% of the bank each time gave much quicker results overall but a slow and steady approach is often better if you want to start using 1% of the bank each time, it just depends on what your own betting style is.

When you receive the 5 systems to use, you will be able to check all of these results yourself using the Inform Racing system builder and run them through The Staking Machine software if you want to. 

Using 3% of a £1,000 starting bank on each bet.

Challenge #1

This is where it gets really exciting because as you can see below, using 3% of your bank on each bet, the bank reached the £50,000 mark on the first challenge in just 389 bets and it only took 7 months!

In fact, the bet that took us to over the £50,000 mark was so good, we leapt from below £50K, to a total of £62,287.06. A massive £12,000 over the target and safely in our bank account!

You can take this challenge as far as you want to and it may be that you want to stop each time when you reach £1,000 or £5,000, however don't forget that after a while, all of these stakes are from your winnings.

Now take a look at the rest of the 3% of the bank challenges up to March 12th 2021.

Challenge #2

496 bets to reach £50,000, taking around 9 months.

Challenge #3

387 bets to reach £50,000, taking around 6 months. 

Challenge #4

228 bets to reach £50,000, taking just over 5 months.

Challenge #5

450 bets to reach £50,000, taking 10 months of betting, however there was a two month period over April and May 2020 when there was no racing due to Covid 19, so this actually took 12 months in real time.

I think you may want to take a pause here and just try to take in all of the results above!

First of all, you need to understand that these are the results from the past and nothing is guaranteed to continue in exactly the same way. However you can see that each challenge has been successful and the bank has never been bankrupt, plus each challenge has taken a different number of bets and time. For the 3% challenge, anywhere between 5 months and 10 months to reach the £50K target.

There is also one more vital piece of information that you will need if you want to follow these system selections yourself.

And this will only be revealed when you download the systems package, so it will hopefully be kept to just those who want to follow this completely and not those who think they might 'give it a go' using the wrong systems or selections.

Things you need to know before taking this challenge.

It is very easy to look at the list of results and see how amazing they are but if you are going to take up this challenge to turn your own £1,000 bank into £50,000, or whatever amounts you want to use, then you do need to understand the following.

  • You will be sent the 5 systems to use for this betting challenge and you will need to find the selections for yourself. You will not get sent a list of selections each day. You can use the Inform Racing system builder to do this very quickly for you.
  • 4 out of 5 of the systems require the Inform Racing speed ratings in the rules so you will need a subscription to Inform Racing so that you can use the system builder to find the selections each day. Using the system builder will find all of the selections in just a few seconds so it is worth using anyway.
  • During the day, race conditions may change and this could mean that a selection found the evening before may not be a selection at race time. For example, the system rules may say that there needs to be at least 8 runners in the race. During the day, non runners may then take the number to less than 8 and this would make that original selection a non selection. Another example is using the rank positions for the speed ratings. A system may require a horse to be top 3 rated by the speed ratings and a horse that wasn't top 3 rated, may well become so if one of the original top 3 rated horses becomes a non runner. All results are taken from the race conditions at the off, not the evening before or earlier on in the day, however none of the systems require the going to be anything specific so you will not need to worry about checking out for this. All of this means that you may need to run the systems through the system builder, or find the slections yourself manually, close to the off to check which horses are still a bet and which aren't. 
  • Three of the sytems are part of the 17 systems package that you may already have. The other two are brand new systems that have never been released before that you will also need.
  • The Percentage Staking Plan used for these past results is set to change the percentage after every bet. If you are placing your bets early, this may not be possible.

However, all issues can be overcome.

If you are not able to be around to run this system to the letter every day, then it is likely you are not alone. 

It is impossible to say but I think that the majority of selections highlighted in the morning, will still be selections at the off and if you can't change the stake to the absolute correct percentage of the bank after each bet, then you can set your stakes to be the same for all bets during the day.

In situations like these, it often ends up that you win sometimes and lose at other times because of an incorrect selection or being unable to place the bet and whilst it may mean it is not possible to run this challenge to the letter, you will still be getting the vast majority of bets on correctly. However, this is something you will need to some give thought to yourself.

There are a number of online software applications that allow you to not only set your bets up to be placed just before the off but the two below will allow you to also set rules as to the number of selections there must be before a bet is placed as well as set a minimum and maximum Betfair Starting Price the horse must be for the bet to be placed, as some of the systems require the BSP to be within a certain range. 


Bet Angel

One final word on the prices shown on results. These are the actual Betfair Starting Prices and it will be almost impossible to match these prices when you place your bets. On the software listed above you can get your bet placed a few seconds after the off so that you can place your bet at the BSP but this can lead to complications or your bet not being taken. 

As before I think it will be swings and roundabouts with this one but very often you will get a better price than the BSP. I know I have on numerous occasions.

So, are you up for the challenge?

If the answer is yes, good for you! Firstly you will need the 5 sytsems for the selections. Three of these are part of the 17 systems package, so many may already have these but two of these are brand new and have never been released before, so everyone will at least need these.

You will also need a subscription to Inform Racing as the systems require speed ratings data, plus it will mean you can run the systems through the system builder to find all of the bets for the daty very quickly. 

The two new systems are available for £25

These two systems together have made a profit of over 575 pts since 2018 and have both made a profit in each year 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. (To date of writing this). Combined with the other three systems, it gives the fantastic results shown on this page.

The original 17 systems package plus the two new systems needed for this challenge are available for £75

A subscription to Inform Racing starts at £35 a month or from as little as £16.67 a month for a 12 month subscription.

Hopefully you can see this challenge is worth some investement and apart from your starting bank, the prices above are really very small when you consider you are looking to gain £50,000 and with any luck, on more than one occasion.

For someone who is new to Inform Racing, the worst case scenario would be £200 for a 12 month subscription plus £75 for the systems. Even that only works out at £23 a month for the first 12 months.

Plus, don't forget!

There is also one more vital piece of information that you will need if you want to follow the system selections in future to the letter.

This information will be given to you in the Help File contained in the systems downloads and is very important to you if you want to follow this challenge correctly !

The options are below for you.

Option #1

I already have an Inform Racing subscription and have previously bought the 17 systems package,
so I just need the two new systems. 

If this is you, then click here to download the two never before released systems.

PLEASE NOTE: The systems come in .txt file format and are written in computer code. The rules for these cannot be read as you would normally expect and need to be loaded into the system builder for the rules to be shown.

And don't forget, you don't have to aim for £50,000. You can take this challenge and aim for

£500, £1,000 or whatever suits your style.

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