£1K to £50K Rule Amendment

If you are taking part in the Inform Racing £1K to £50K Bet Challenge, then please read the following information.

It has been brought to my attention that a part of the rules on one of the 5 systems to use, can give conflicting selections when running it through the system builder for Declarations and Results.

It concerns the system WonLto3 and the rule BHA Rating Diff where it is currently set to:

BHA Rating Diff >> Equal >> 0

This means that the horse should have the same BHA Rating, (Official Rating, Handicap Mark), today as it did in it's last race.

However, it often happens that the jockey will not be able to get down to the correct weight that they should be. If a jockey is one pound over the weight they should be, then the horse obviously has to carry one pound more weight than it was declared to carry. 

An example is Stay Coul that ran at Windsor on August 9th. The jockey Josephine Gordon was one pound heavier than she should have been as you can see on the image below. 

The horse was originally set to carry 8-5 but becasue of the one pound extra it carried 8-6.

You can also see that the BHA Rating for this horse is shown in the result as 65 and not 64 as it was down to run at, as the BHA Rating is tied in with the weight a horse carries.

System Builder.

One of the rules for this system states that the BHA Rating today should be the same as it was in the last race, so equal to 0 difference.

In it's previous race Stay Coul had a BHA Rating of 64 and was down to run off a BHA Rating in this race of 64, so it showed up as a selection in the Declarations because it's BHA Rating Diff was equal to 0.

However, if you now run the rules through the system builder for Results, Stay Coul doesn't show up as it actually ran with a BHA Rating Diff of +1.

This is something I hadn't previously thought of, however it does affect very little if we now make sure that the BHA Rating Diff rule is altered slightly.

Changing the rule and updating results.

To be clear, you will want to now change the BHA Rating Diff rule on the system called Back_WonLto3.txt to how is shown below.

It is currently set to just equal 0 but you want to change this to greater or equal 0.

This now means that if a horse carries more weight than it should do and the BHA Rating increases, it will still count these runners in the Results as well as what you saw in the Declarations list.

I have run the rules again with this change made, back to 2018 and the stats are very similar to how there were before and best of all it doesn't make too much difference to the overall results when all five systems are combined.

There would still have been five completed £1K to £50K challenges between January 1st 2018 and March 2021 as there was before.

Double the bank strategy

If you are following the Double Your Bank strategy from the Blog Post link below, then this would have now only completed 28 successful cycles since 1/1/2018 and not 30 as it was before.


Here are the new set of results for the 5 previous successes when following the £1K to £50K Challenge with new rule amended.

The results above do not include any races where there were more more than one selection in a race, as is the required rule we have for the whole of theses challenges.

Your rights, terms and conditions.

None of these changes affect your rights as stated on our Terms and Conditions that you will have been given the chance to read and that you agreed to before purchasing the systems.