2 Free Systems

The images below reveal the rules for these Free Inform Racing systems. They are shown as opened up in the Inform Racing system builder.

Neither system requires a subscription to Inform Racing but having one will allow you to run the systems more easily. It will also allow you to get any bets for each system each day by ticking the 'Declarations' button at the top instead of Results and Applying the Rules again.

The first system requires any qualifiers to have Led their races early on, in all of their last three races. On the system builder we show this as 'Run Style = 1'. If you are not a subscriber and cannot access the Inform Racing system builder, you can just look for horses that Led early in their last three races but this will certainly be easier to do if you can access the system builder.

The second system uses no criteria exclusive to Inform Racing so can be used without a subscription. However again it will be far easier to find the daily selections every day if you do.

You can click the images below to enlarge them.

Free System 1


* Race must a flat race run on the turf
* Must have Led early in each of it's last 3 races
* Must be a Handicap race

Free System 2


* Race must be a flat race on the turf or all weather
* Must have run within 4 days.
* Horse must be a Gelding
* Must not have won last time out
* Going must be either Standard, Standard to Slow, Slow, Hard, Firm, Good to Firm, Good or Good to Soft