Archie Score Inform Racing

What is the Archie Score?

The Archie Score, (or Chi Squared, or Chi Score), is a claculation that is made to help determine what the likelihood of chance is for your set of system results.

Basically it looks at the expected wins and then your own wins along with prices taken on all bets placed to calculate a percentage chance.

If you look at the chart on the left, you can see the list of Archie Scores and then the Likelihood Of Chance. An Archie Score of 0.3 suggests that your system has a 58% chance of just being lucky and would probably not worth be pursuing.

However a score of around 4.0, 5.0 or more, would suggest that your system has not just been lucky so far and does indeed have a good chance of continuing to be successful into the future. Anything over 8.5 and you are really onto something.

All systems found through the Inform Racing System Builder can be saved and opened in The Staking Machine Software. This will allow you to load all of the results and test them out using any number of staking plans as well as get a full report on each set of results. This includes the Archie Score, as you can see on the image below where this particular system has an excellent Archie Score of 12.8, meaning that it is almost certain that there is no chance or luck involved whatsoever.

Archie Score Inform Racing