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Selective Betting System - Disciplined Approach - Profitable Results

This very select system has provided an amazing strike rate since 2016, with winners up to 3/1.

The Adrian Massey Website has provided system testing capabilities for a number of years now and this simple to follow method, shared by a subscriber to Inform Racing, has been the only one I have ever seen to be profitable over a year or more of betting tests.  

As you can see on the results Totals below, there have only been 57 bets throughout the whole of 2016 to today in 2018, but with 32 of these bets winning you would have made a 39% return on your stakes.

When you realise that pro gamblers consider a 2-3% return on investment a positive return, you can see just how good these figures are.

24.93 Points Profit So Far

This means a profit to just £50 stakes of £1,246.50, or using hefty £250 stakes you could now be in profit to the tune of £6,232.50.

Selective, Disciplined, Profitable

This is a system that can be added to your portfolio of betting systems and methods and will add a nice profit to whatever you are making. By following this Adrian Massey system you will become selective in your bets, disciplined in your betting and profitable as a result.

It doesn't need to be the only method you use as not many of us would wait for only a few bets in a whole year, but there are others would would do and knowing you are getting such a high strike rate, allows for an increase in stakes, also in the knowledge that the longest losing run so far has been just four.

It would be even be possible to use a sensible recovery staking plan with the short losing runs seen so far, or even betting on the place market with a sensible strategy as there has only ever been two unplaced selections in a row to this point.

Simple To Find Selections

The great thing about this system is that despite there not being a lot of selections throughout the year, when there is a selection there is a very simple process you can use to find them.

One simple check you can make every day will let you know if there is at least the possibility of a selection. If there is then a further simple check will let you know if you need to then look a little deeper at the possible selection to see if it could be a bet or not.

You will then go through the process to check the final seven rules, all of which will take no more than two minutes and all information can be found totally free on the Racing Post website, so there will be no need to pay to access any of the required information.

Hitting The Bar Lately

The profits would have been increased also if we had a little bit of luck lately, with 5 of the last 8 bets coming second! These horses can almost be called 'plot' horses as the vast majority either win or run very close and out of the 57 bets the system has thrown up so far, 46 of these have been placed.

Download The Results

You can download a spreadsheet of results below, without the date, race time and course or horse name, so you can see how the bets and the profits have progressed over the past couple of years.

You will note that the large number of odds against runners and winners, so this is not just short priced odds on system, as well as the unlucky run lately with 5 out of the last 8 runners coming second.

Also note the wins to bets placed since November 2016 where 19 winning bets came from 32 selections and 27 of these were placed and some proof that the system is actually improving over time!

Check All Results For Yourself

Once you have downloaded your copy of the system, you can of course go to the Adrian Massey website, input the correct system rules that you will be given and check for yours elf that all results shown are correct.

You will even be shown a video of how to go through and check the results using the correct rules. 

Better Than 55% Strike Rate, Nearly 40% ROI and all for Just £40

If you are looking for a system that will pick a ton of 20/1 winners every week, then you are not the sort of person who will appreciate this brilliant little system.

If on the other hand you are someone who is looking for a disciplined betting system, that will highlight only the very best betting opportunities every month and leave you with a handsome profit at the end of it all, then you must get your copy of this Adrian Massey betting system.

Add this to your portfolio and you can increase the profits that you make, or use it exclusively as your retirement fund, increasing stakes as your bank increases over time.

  • check
    Better than 55% strike rate
  • check
    Near 40% ROI. Pro Gamblers consider 2-3% to be good!
  • check
    Proven, long term profits
  • check
    Find possible selections in minutes
  • check
    All information needed is totally free
  • check
    All for one payment of just £40
  • check
    Short losing runs - Maximum of 4 so far
  • check
    Long winning runs - Best of 8 so far
  • check
    21 of the 32 winners at odds against
  • check
    Fully checkable results
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    Selective, disciplined and profitable

I have looked over the Adrian Massey site for the past twenty years looking for a system that would be profitable and never found anything, especially one that made a long term profit like this, so well done.


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