Another £4,500 Profit In 2020

Were you following subscriber Mike's Inform Racing system throughout 2020?

Well if you had and spent the half hour or so each evening finding the selections and placing the bets, then you could now be £4,472.71 better off.

Because that is what profit Mike has made throughout 2020 and thanks to the strict dedication he has for following the rules to the letter, Mike has now made a total of £39,300 since his first system bet back in April 2015. 

If you look at your betting records, if you keep them and you know that you should (!), even if you have made a profit that makes you happy with the efforts you have made, would it not be worth considering adding this system to your betting portfolio?

2020 Results

You can see the full weekly results on the link below for 2020, which of course included no racing for two months because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

What you will see is that Mike had 7 winning months and 3 losing months, along with an ROI of close to 20%.

The great thing is, Mike is going to continue to send me his weekly bets along profit and losses and I will post these for anyone who wants to follow Mike's method.

Want to know how Mike makes these kind of profits?

Well, I am going to let you in on a big part of the secret to what Mike does but as was the case when I posted about Mike and his system, he wants to keep one part of it to himself.

Who can blame him?

However I will post again below his email to me that sets out almost everything that he does, so with a little bit of thought or deduction on your part, you can see if you can come up with the same results in 2021, or maybe even better.

Ian has asked me to reveal exactly how I go about making long term profits with my system of selecting horses from the Inform Racing website data.

Basically, as Ian has already surmised, I first and foremost pick the M+A top rated for each race and then apply filters which whittles the selections down to a few (sometimes no selections).

There are three filters in total that I apply and it is important that the three filters are applied in the correct order.

1. There must be AT LEAST 5 runners in the race. If subsequently runners are pulled out after you’ve placed the bet, then so be it – you can’t do anything about that!

2. Start by selecting the M+A top rated for each race. The selection must also have a RED rated number (not necessarily the largest number) in any one of the other columns. Now I’m not giving away which column I use, but I really don’t think that it matters too much as whichever other column is chosen, the long term results will, I’m sure, be similar. The other column doesn’t have to be top rated in that particular column, but it just needs to have a RED number in that box as opposed to a number in black. Because the main column is the M+A column which is the addition of the Master and the Average ratings, Mike has said that the second column used is definitely not one of these two. These means it will be one of either the Lto, Cse, Dis, Ability or Form columns.

3. The 3rd and final filter is just as important in my view. The price of the horse must be 5/1 or greater on the OddsChecker website at the time of working out what the selections are. Over the years my experience with my selections is that generally (but not always) the SP prices are half of what they were 20 hours previously! For me, it just seems that the higher priced selections win just as often as the lower priced ones.

I try to start to look at your website for the system selections anytime after about 5.15pm when all the next day’s cards are generally up on the website. I then check them on the OddsChecker website when prices are usually available at around 5.45pm when most of the bookies have published their prices for the next day’s racing. 

Now, there are 2 sections to my betting system, BOTH of which are independently profitable in their own right. I back my filtered selections individually as single bets (each way if the price the night before is 14/1 or greater). I also back them in multiple bets depending on how many selections there are for that day.

If there are 6 selections, then it’s an each way Lucky 63, (must be each way – for example I have had 6 placed from 6 selections in the past with this system and won nearly £1,000 with not a single winner!). If there are only 5 selections, then it’s an each way Lucky 31, 4 selections, an each way Lucky 15, 3 selections an each way patent, 2 selections an each way double.

If there are MORE than 6 selections on the day, then it’s only the 6 highest priced selections that get into the each way Lucky 63 – the remaining horses are just backed singly. In my view, DON’T be tempted to do a multiple bet on the remaining lower priced selections – just back them singly. Members may wish to use alternative multiple bet options if they prefer, ie. for example members may prefer to choose an each way Heinz rather than an each way Lucky 63. Long term, either choice will be profitable I'm sure.

So, that's basically it really. As I say, I don't think it's too critical which column you utilise alongside the M+A selection. I've chosen one that I think is suitable and as you can see that works just fine, but whatever 2nd column you choose I'm sure it will be just as (if not more) profitable in the long run.

I must emphasise IN THE LONG RUN, as you'll find that you'll experience VERY long losing runs occasionally throughout the year. But I stick with it because it always eventually turns around in your favour - which is why using a similar method as above you will become one of the very few INVESTORS in this business and not a GAMBLER.

Good luck to anyone patient enough to have a go - I can pretty much guarantee that you'll make a profit every year following this system RELIGIOUSLY with no wavering. You certainly won't make a profit every month. Also, don't miss a day, because sods law says that the day you forgot to do it will be the day that your Lucky 63 (or Heinz) comes in with 6 good priced winners with up to a £1,000,000 return!



One of the major points Mike makes when discussing his ideas with me, is how important it is to get the Best Odds Guaranteed prices and how he often gets double the price of any winners by placing his bets early.

The short list below are just a few of the winners Mike has had where you can see the difference between the early price and the actual SP.

Sarvi 9/1 (-10% R4) into 5/1 SP
Eagle Ridge 15/2 into 9/2 SP
Lord Sparky 11/1 (-15% R4) into 2/1 SP
Chinwag 12/1 into 11/2 SP
Jewel Maker 6/1 into 7/2 SP
Western Climate 8/1 into 7/2 SP
Jumping Cats 6/1 into 7/2 SP

He also told me about the time he took an early price of 15/2 on a horse the evening before where the horse started the race with an SP of 66/1!

Unfortunately it wasn't a winner but you can clearly see the difference between taking the early price and getting best odds guaranteed and just taking SP. 

A bit more helpful info from Mike.

You may want to take a look at another email Mike sent me that I have copied from the earlier posts.

This includes help with finding the selections, his staking and what he is prepared to share with us each week.


I try to start to look at your website for the system selections anytime shortly after 5.15pm and then I view the prices on the ‘At The Races’ and/or the ‘OddsChecker’ websites at around the 5.30pm mark when the next day’s prices are shown by most bookmakers.

Sometimes, if I am out for the evening I am not able to view/choose/place the bets until after I get back, sometimes late at night when one or more of the prices may have already dropped, so I try my best to have it all done and dusted before 6.30pm the evening before racing.

Bank size – my daily spend is around 0.8% of my total betting bank. My average daily spend is approximately £80 (singles and multiple bets combined) with a £10,000 betting bank. My daily spend can rise up to about 1.5% on occasions when there just happen to be a larger number of qualifying selections for that day. Some days of course the daily spend can be a lot lower than £80 and sometimes no qualifying selections at all!

For the results each week I will share with others the number of bets that I have placed each day.

I’ll give the daily spend (both singles and multiples combined), although my staking will be pretty much the same every day as already given in detail on the previous blog. That is £10 per horse or £10 each way if the price is 14/1 or greater. That figure is always the same – never changes. The multiple bet stakes are also as they always have been, ie., either a 25p each way Lucky 63 (total spend £31.50), OR a 50p each way Lucky 31 (total spend £31), OR a £1 each way Lucky 15 (total spend £30), OR a £2 each way Patent (total spend £28) OR finally a £15 Each way double (total spend £30). I will email Ian the daily data at the end of each week, normally after the close of racing on Sunday evenings.

Included in the data will be the weekly, monthly and annual ROI percentage values. The long term ROI since launch will vary only very slightly as there is a ton of data already behind me (nearly six years worth now), so the long term average of around 25% ROI hardly ever changes much now.

So the bottom line to all this Ian is that I’ll give out as much detail as I can without actually giving out the names of the horses for reasons explained previously.


Latest advice from Mike regards Bookmakers

Mike emailed me this morning with some useful bits of info as I asked him about the bookies he uses and how they each set out their Best Odds Guaranteed details at present.

There are only two bookmakers that have no time restrictions on BOG prices with BOG being available at the time that they are released. Bet365 tend to be the first bookmaker to publish their prices for the next day’s racing and that tends to be around the 5pm mark (sometimes earlier with some race meetings).

Coral are a bit later on releasing their prices, usually after 5.45pm. Other bookmakers don’t offer BOG until the next day, varying between 00.01am and 10.30am on the day of racing, by which time all the value has disappeared and as far as I’m concerned. I’ve missed the boat so to speak!

One word of warning though, and that is the majority of Bet365’s release prices are WAY BELOW what others are offering at the time, sometimes only half the value! Their overround percentages must be HUGE at that time. So very often I go with other bookies offering far higher prices despite not being able to get BOG with them.

I used to have accounts with 10 different bookmakers, but with account closures and staking restrictions over the years, I’m now limited to only four. If I lose any more, then I’ll need to look elsewhere for other bookies to open an account with.

I hope that helps.



You can also read the earlier posts regarding Mike and his system on the links below.

If you have any questions about the system, the staking or whatever, then please use the comments box on this page below this post.

Mike has always been kind enough to help wherever he can and short of posting the actual selections for everyone himself, he can't really do much more to help others than he has.

So thanks Mike and good luck to anyone giving this a go throughout 2021.

I will be updating the results for the coming year on the link below, starting at the end of January when all results are in. After that I will update weekly as I was during 2020.

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Ian Welch

Creator and owner of Inform since 2003, I have over 30 years of racing and betting experience to share. Speed ratings are my main passion whilst updating the website and writing the odd blog post keeps me busy and hopefully other users well informed.

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