August To November System 50/1 Winner Day One

In previous years this system has made some extraordinary profits, bearing in mind it only runs for four months of the year, between August and November.

And the average winning BSP is 45.13, so you can see that this is not one that follows short priced horses at all.

Unfortunately, last year it had its first small loss since the start of 2018 but August has come around again now and if allowing ourselves to change things up slightly, then things couldn't have got off to a better start yesterday.

Charming Whisper wins at 50/1 with a BSP of 85.0

The reason I say 'change things up slightly', is because there is a rule in the system that says the horse must be ranked in order of BSP between rank 5 and rank 9, so between 5th and 9th favourites by Betfair Starting Price.

It's a rule that I should not really have included as the difference between having this rule and not having this rule, between the years 2018 and 2021, was just 56 points.

With the rule:

Without the rule:

As you can see there isn't a lot of difference in overall profit and the losing streak is improved.

Last year with the rule there was an overall loss of 46.75pts, whilst without the rule that was reduced to a loss of just 26.88pts.

Without the rule it allows for more bets and is far easier to set up not having to worry about what BSP rank the horse is once you have found your selections. 

And here are the results after Day 1 of 2023. 

Two bets and one winner at 50/1, BSP 85!

Is it all downhill from here or will it be the start of something special?

Huge profits in 2019 and 2020 using staking plan and just £500 bank

If you had started each of these years with a £500 bank and bet just 1% of your bank total on each bet, then you would have ended up with over £15,000 in 2019 and another £14,000 in 2020.

Whilst 2018 and 2021 weren't quite in the same league, they still would have added over £500 to the bank and don't forget these profits are from using this system for just four months between August and November.

Last years small loss of 46pts or 27pts, with or without the BSP rank rule, is not ideal and perhaps the system has seen it's best years already, who knows?

However, with yesterdays 50/1 winner at BSP 85, it certainly could be that the last couple of years have been a blip and this year will be another bumper year providing those willing to give it a go a five figure pay out - or more - and all before Christmas!

Set this up on the Inform Racing System Builder and get all daily selections in a flash.

Once you have this system you can load it into the system builder each day to get all of the selections and then follow these during the afternoon, or set them up with whatever bet placement software you may be using.

All you need to check is that the number of runners is six or more and that the BSP is between 21 and 100 and most of those available can be set up for these rules very easily indeed.

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