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By James Dawson - Inform Racing Blog Contributor

  • I have put together a portfolio of successful techniques, strategies and systems I have used over the years, that you can now copy to consistently make money from your betting.
  • If you are new to racing and betting then this course is the perfect way to start. Learn the basic do's and don'ts that will save you £££'s in wasted bets and other proven and profitable ways of increasing your betting bank, week after week.
  • With strategy, a structure to our betting and discipline we become professional and profitable, without these we are no more than mug punters. So start your new approach from today and win with the Betting Profits Course

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Real methods, systems and strategies which you can now copy
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Accumulator bets for bigger profits

If you want to start winning then you simply must use this method of betting that builds weekly profits of between £100 and £250 and best of all it is mostly risk free.

How to win 75% of the time

I love this because it is simple, safe and profitable. I created this strategy as a solid slow burner to increase profits throughout the year and now I put the profits from this towards my Winter Holiday.

Boosting profits with my doubles and trebles

A strategy of mine that takes advantage of two factors that virtually guarantees a return 99% of the time. Nothing flashy about this daily technique but you'll love what it does to your profits.

My 'Double Your Bank' football system

I have won over £5,000 in one weekend using this method that looks for away teams with a far better chance than their odds would suggest.

Understand racing and betting from the bottom up and start to bet like a true professional

    • How to get up to double the odds on a winning favourite
    • The only way to play the Yankee bet for regular three and four figure pay outs
    • A strategy for backing top weights that has found hundreds of double figure winners up to 40/1
    • How to use the experts view to help find your winners
    • Understand official handicap marks and learn how to make this knowledge pay
    • Winning 'in running' betting strategies explained
    • Instantly increase your profits just by doing one single thing
    • The 6 secrets to money multiplication
    • And much more besides....

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    Top form James your insight is inspiring - lets hope it transfers into cash!!

    - Shane

    Monitored one of the systems today and got 15.94 pts profit. Very nice.

    - Brian

    Brilliant info thanks. I'm following your ideas with keen interest, they look better than many services I've tried. There is a lot of really interesting info that I'm slowly working my way through, many thanks.

    - Peter

    I just wanted to take time out to tell you that I'm very impressed with your course, making finally (good) money. So I hope that you will stay around for a long long time to come, and that your info keeps the same quality as it does now.

    - Damien

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