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The Power Of Early Speed

Steve Klein

An excellent book that mainly looks at how early speed can be an advantage.

Based on US racing, there are lots of ideas and thoughts that can be transferred to UK racing, especially for the All Weather tracks.

The Winning Horseplayer

Andrew Beyer

Despite its age, this book like most of Andy Beyers is interesting and valuable.

I would suggest that many of the methods still have relevance today even though it is based on US racing.

Picking Winners

Andrew Beyer

Whatever your experience of racing, this book will be a valuable addition to your collection.

It has some excellent chapters on Speed Handicapping which will give all users of speed ratings ideas, all from the master of the Beyer Speed Figures.

Speed To Spare

Joe Cardello

A book dedicated to finding Speed Rating angles and patterns

Clearly written and with lots of results to back up the theories, it explains how you can benefit from not only Beyer speed figures but speed rating overall.

Beyer On Speed

Andrew Beyer

The original book by Andy Beyer on compiling speed ratings.

Includes an updated preface. Some great information on the way speed ratings are complied whatever the country or surface.

Betting For A Living

Nick Mordin

A book on system ideas that are put into practice and ends with a record of how Nick won £1,000 a month.

One of the first books that explains how to calculate speed ratings for UK racing.

The Betting Edge

David-Lee Priest

This book covers many topics including the psychology of betting, money management as well as many practical approaches to help you win money from horse racing.

Sports Trading On Betfair

Wayne Bailey

The author has a background in trading the financial and sporting markets.

Learn about swing trading, scalping, betting in running and how to beat the psychology of the trading life.