Database Errors

March 13th 2017

Unfortunately the database  we use for the ratings has malfunctioned and has not been collecting my results files since Feb 26th. I accept I should have noticed this but sometimes just presume everything is running correctly.

Update: March 11 2017

I have managed to manually added the missing, recent ratings for todays runners (Saturday March 11th). There is some small info missing from the Lto pop up boxes for runners who ran since Feb 27th but the ratings and race cards can be trusted to be accurate. I can now do this every day until the database is fixed. This may mean the ratings being posted a little later but at least all info will be up to date. Please keep an eye here for any changes to the process or ratings, thanks. Ian 11/3/2017 9.00am

I should also say that I have been working on a brand new database and race card layout which isn’t quite ready to switch over to unfortunately, otherwise we wouldn’t have any problems. This should be ready to fully test in the near future.

Thank you.

Ian Welch