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Whether a tipster works for a newspaper, a magazine or his own private clients, you have to understand that they are all only human beings. Unfortunately the majority of punters either view them as very, very good or very, very bad. Apparently there seems to be very little in between.

The job of a tipster is to advise his clients or followers about the horses which he thinks will win. He does not have the gift of seeing into the future so he can never guarantee that his selections will win. Similarly he can never be sure about the starting price of the horses that he tips as this can change throughout the day as we know when the market changes due to the amount of money placed on each selection.

Tipsters have winning runs and losing runs like everyone else but their clientele often forget this fact so they are delighted when on a winning run but feel somewhat put out when a losing run occurs.

The tipster is in a difficult position as some of his clients want low prices and high strike rates, some want high prices but would settle for lower strike rates and some want the best of both worlds – big prices and no losing runs.

Now it would be nice if a tipster could manage all of this but in the real world this can be quite impossible. Most newspaper tipsters for example can comfortably have a strike rate of 20%, one winner in every five selections, but they have to give a tip in nearly every race throughout the year. Professional tipsters who take money from punters for their tips often give a better strike rate than this but are the prices of the horses that they tip good enough to make an overall profit?

Because of the fact that tipsters are just human like everyone else it would be foolish to follow any one of them alone with tunnel vision. Instead it would be more sensible to take the advice of a number of tipsters and develop a system or use a staking plan to get the most from the best tipsters around.

Collect your tips.

You can start by collecting your tips and the cheapest way of doing this is to use either the Selection Box of tipsters in the Racing Post shown for each meeting, or use the whole list of newspaper tipsters from up and down the country in the Racing Post Naps competition found daily in the paper version or online on the following link:

You can of course use a list of tipsters that charge for their selections but this will cost a lot of money from the start. I will show you a way of getting these tips much cheaper in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for the next few newsletters.

You can include any tipsters whose selections that you have to hand on a regular basis and once you have a list of those that you wish to follow then make a note of the following:

1. The NAP selection from each tipster

2. The next best (NB) selection from each tipster

You may wish to use a sheet of A4 paper with columns showing the tipsters name, the NAP selection, then the NB selection if you have this to hand.

Find your own NAP..

Once you have done this you can find out which horse is selected most in the NAP column and this could be your own NAP of the day. If you have two selections or more which have been tipped equally, then you can either use all of these as your bets bets of the day or select the one by the current best tipster, or the one with less rivals to beat. This will be up to you.

Find your own NB

Now do exactly the same for your Next Best bet as you did with the NAPS to find your second best bet(s) of the day.

Once you have your final NAP and NB selections you can either bet them to level stakes every day or you can use a staking plan to make the most of any good winning runs that you have.

Staking Plan Software

You may wish to try the software from the Staking Machine which will give you over 21 backing staking plans.

Staking Machine Software >> >>

The software is excellent and costs just £39.99 for the Advanced version and £69.99 for the Pro Version. You can also download a trial for free to see just how powerful the software is.

All staking plans are explained to you and are included in the software so all you need to do is configure any settings required for whichever plan you are using, then input your stakes and the selections.

This software will make keeping a record of your bets much easier and of course it will allow you to know instantly what your profit and loss is on each sequence of bets.

So there you have a good way of using the bets professional minds in the game, namely tipsters, to come up with one or two solid bets every day. Betting this way will also help with your discipline and remember you can make all staking much easier for yourself by using the Staking Machine software too. Just click the link below to see how this will work for you.  



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