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Whether you are a novice when it comes to betting on horses racing, or consider yourself a professional, you can now start winning more consistently with the underrated form factor of speed!

Speed Ratings highlight value horses others will dismiss.

Time and again, a horse with supposedly poor form figures is given no chance by most punters, yet the speed ratings will tell a very different story and this is where the big winners can be found.

If a horse finishes second it is presumed to be in good form but this is no good if it was a slowly run race, even if it is flashing home at the end.

Another horse could run down the field on the other hand, but still record a super quick time in very fast race. Those who ignore that horse due to it finishing 6th or 7th last time out will be scratching their heads when it comes in next time at a big price.

Our System 4 provided to all subscribers highlights just this type of horse for you and with winners in the past up to 50/1!

You won't win money betting on horses knowing the same obvious things other punters know. You win money by knowing  important things other bettors don't know and do. 

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Trust Inform Racing - the most accurate UK speed ratings.

Speed ratings measure the actual time the horse took to run the race and using time to determine the beaten horses and is an absolute measure of a horse’s ability that can be accurately compared to all the other runners in the race.

The easiest way to measure one race horse against another is by how fast it runs and a speed rating translates performance into an easy to use number.

How fast horses run is the single most important factor in finding your winners and is the only place to start when looking at a race. 

We use our very own standard times for every course and distance and we calculate in every distance change due to stalls and/or rail movements that are made, which happens far more often than many realise.

Most other speed ratings available are calculated using a computer programme, feeding in race times and basic track conditions and simply cannot be as accurate because it is the understanding of everything other than the clocked time that makes the rating so valuable.

Normal ratings are compiled using judgement and basic opinion, using outdated and unreliable pounds per length as the variant. 

Speed ratings on the other hand are measured by the actual time the horse took to run the race, using time to determine the beaten horses and is an absolute measure of a horse’s ability that can be accurately compared to all the other runners in the race.

Speed Ratings allow you to compare horses in a race that have run on different goings, at different courses and over different distances and this allows for a quick and reliable comparison.

” I must say these ratings are amazing in their accuracy, I have had so many winners, I would never have believed that speed ratings are so effective on British racing”.


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"Thanks again Ian. This is a great start to the year and I'm starting to have a profit for the first time thanks to  you."

Neil M

"I was showing my son your ratings on Saturday and we watched a few win, as always, so he asked me to put £10 on Innisfree Lad for him.....and in it came at 20's!!!!! He was absolutely blown away. He had been saving for a new video camera, and now he can buy it. I've said it before, your ratings are unbelievable, please, never stop Ian..I never watch racing without your website up....thank you so much for all your hard work. Kind Regards Glyn."

Glyn T

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