In Running Comments

These are the comments to use with the Inform Racing System Builders. Please make sure that you use the phrase 'Contains' on the System Builder and then type in the short version of each comment which is found on the left hand side of the list on the page below.

So instead of Steady Headway, you would actually type in 'stdy hdwy'

Click a heading below to find the type of comment that you are looking for.

Comment to use
More explanation
Early Position Comments
stdd s
steadied at the start
jockey purposely reins back the horse
missed the break and left for a while
slow to start
slow to start, left longer than a horse that dwelt
started very slowly
started very slowly
took the lead on its own
disp ld
disputed lead
upsides the leader
w ldr
with leader
almost upsides leader
w ldrs
with leaders
almost upsides leaders
prominent behind the leaders
prominent on the heels of the leaders
trckd ldr
tracked leaders
just in behind the leaders
trckd ldrs
tracked leaders
just in behind the leaders
chsd ldr
chased leader
in second place
chsd ldrs
chased leaders
in second place
in rear
at the back of the main group but not detached
hld up
held up
restrained at the back deliberately
In Race Comments
in tch
in touch
close enough to have a chance
making ground on the leaders
gd hdwy
good headway
making ground quiclky on the leaders
sme hdwy
some headway
making some ground on leaders but no real impact
stdy hdwy
steady headway
gradually making ground
ev ch
every chance
every chance
detached from the main bosy of runners
nt rcvr
not recover
lost all chance after interference or mistake
stride shortened as it began to tire
lost tch
lost touch
detached from main body as it tired
lost pl
lost place
remains in main body but lost positions quickly
jumped well
jumped well
Riding Comments
short lived effort
pushed along
pushed along
received urging from jockeys hands not legs
received urging from the saddle including the whip
hrd rdn
hard ridden
received maximum assistance from the saddle including the whip
received forceful urgings, jockey putting in a lot of effort including the whip
hrd rdn
hard driven
jockey very animated arms and legs, pushing and reminders
Finishing Comments
jst failed
just failed
closing rapidly on the winner and may have led a stride after the line
ridden out
effort from the jockey without great improvement in speed
unable qckn
unable to quicken
not visibly tiring but not possessing a sufficient change in pace
one pce
one paced
not tiring but not finding a turn of pace
not r.o
not run on
did not consent to respond to pressure
styd on
stayed on
going on well at the end using stamina
nvr abl to chal
never able to challenge
unable to produce sufficient to reach a challenging position
nvr nr to chal
never near to challenge
never in a position to challenge
nrst fin
nearest at the finsih
nearer to the winner than at anytime since the race began in earnest
nvr nrr
never nearer
nearer to the winner position wise than at anytime since the race began in earnest
responded to pressure to come back into contention after losing its place
no ex
no extra
unable to sustain its run
bttr for r
better for the run
likely to improve for the run and the experience
rn green
ran green
inclined to wander and falter through inexperience
too much to do
too much to do
left with too much ground to make up
never dangerous
never in a position to challenge
Winning Comments
very easily
with a great deal in hand
plenty in hand
something in hand, always holding the others
pushed out
pushed out
kept up to its work with hands and heels
rdn out
ridden out
pushed and kicked out to the line with the whip employed
drvn out
driven out
pushed and kicked out to the line with considerable effort and the whip employed
all out
all out
nothing to spare, could not have found anymore
jst hld on
just held on
holding on to a rapidly diminishing lead and couldn't have found any more if passed
either made all or most of the running and not challenged from an early stage
mde all
made all
clear lead all the way from the early stages