Inform Racing £1K To £50K Challenge

By combining 5 Inform Racing systems and using a sensible staking plan, this challenge has already succeeded on a number of occasions.

How would you like to take up the challenge and turn a bank of £1,000 into £50,000?

Not everyone can be disciplined enough to follow something through the ups and the downs of a betting challenge, over what may take some time before the ultimate goal that you set yourself is realised.

If you fail to make regular profits from your betting, then this may just be the making of you because with this challenge you will learn a lot about yourself and how to be a patient punter and whislt I hope that you can make it to your own £50,000 profit, it could just be the best thing that happens to you betting wise, even if you don't!

The Challenge in Brief

I have found 5 super systems by using the
Inform Racing System Builder that when combined would have made five successful £1K to £50K challenges since the start of 2018 to March 2021, without the betting bank ever being lost.

Two of the systems have high strike rates at 55% and 41% but low average winning BSP's of 2.23 and 3.19. The other three still have decent strike rates at 35%, 24% and 18% but the average winning BSP's are a little better at 5.22, 6.62 and 8.66.

This means that the two systems with the high strike rates keep the overall losing runs down to a minimum and the betting bank bubbling along. The other three then allow the profits to rise nicely when a winner comes in and whilst the highest average winning price is BSP 8.66, there have been a large number of double figure winners with BSP 35.96 being the biggest so far.

Since the beginning of 2018, the challenge would have been achieved five times already, making a total of over £250,000 in profit, however each challenge would have taken a different number of bets and different lengths of time.

The longest of the five taking 10 months of betting and the shortest just 5 months to turn £1,000 into £50,000.

You can read much more about this and see how past challenges have played out on the link below.

£1K to £50K Challenge >>

How about a method for those who want smaller profits a little faster?

For some, the thought of aiming to make £50,000 can seem quite daunting. Not everyone likes to use large stakes on a bet, which is what will happen as the bank increases, because the suggested staking plan is to bet either 1% or 3% of you total bank each time.

I suggest that everyone starts with a bank of £1,000 and stakes either 1% or 3% of the total betting bank on each bet. None of this is cast in stone and you can start with whatever amounts suit you, however it is worth starting this challenge with a healthy bank and therefore healthy stakes so that you can remain focussed on your goals when placing the bets.

If you start with just £100 and bet 3%, or £3 on the first bet, it may feel like you are just playing with pin money and betting like you normally would. Almost knowing you will ineviatably pack it in at some stage as you will never really see your bank increasing into amounts you can get excited about. 

Starting with £1,000 and betting 3%, which would be £30 on the first bet, is probably more than most of us do bet on a horse each time and this should help to concentrate the mind so that you follow the rules, selections and staking plan more seriously.

Aiming to double your £1,000 bank each challenge.

I started to look at the results from all of the selections going right back to the start of 2018 and realised at one point the original £1,000 bank had doubled in just 11 days.

Going through the results again it looked a very positive option as between the beginning of January 2018 and June 2021, you could have doubled your bank 28 times successfully and at no time would the bank have ever been bankrupt.

This means that doubling your initial £1,000 bank, taking out the profits and starting again, would have netted you over £28,000 in about three and half years.

Each cycle will end with you more than doubling your bank as you won't win exactly to £2,000 and on three or four occasions you would have won 150% of the bank or more, so in this period you would actually have made £34,163.71. A healthy £6K over your target.

The longest time it took to take a £1,000 to £2,000 was about four months, the shortest it took was just eleven days, with the number of bets on the three shortest cycles being just 24, 22 and 16.

Making £1,000 in eleven days sounds pretty fantastic, even four months is probably better than most of us do in reality, so see what you think about this idea as it may suit you better.

Remember you are using the same 5 systems to find the selections and betting them in the same way as you would do on the £1K to £50K challenge, just the aim or target is different.

And you don't just have to keep doubling your £1,000 bank.

If you can double a £1,000 bank in a relatively short space of time, then you can go on and double a larger bank in a relatively short space of time.

After you have doubled your initial £1,000 to £2,000, you could take your £1,000 back and start again with the £1,000 which is now pure profit. 

When you then double this bank to £2,000, you could start again with this as the bank and look to double this to £4,000. Now you have the option of aiming to double this £4,000 bank to £8,000 or take out the £2,000 and start again to double the £2,000 bank up to the next £4,000.

How about £15,000 profit in 12 months?

You start with your bank of £1,000 and aim to double this to £2,000 in 3 months. You then double this bank to £4,000 in another 3 months, which then doubles to £8,000 in a further three months. In the last 3 months of the 12 month period, you then double that £8,000 to £16,000, take out your initial £1,000 bank, leaving you with £15,000 pure profit in 12 months.

I want to keep reminding you that nothing is guaranteed to continue as it has done in the past so please bear this in mind. However you could reach this £15,000 a lot quicker, if you take the average length of time so far to complete a cycle, very roughly, as one and half months.

Each cycle of results has been taken as if you started betting on January 1st 2018 but of course you will be starting your double the bank challenge at a different time to everyone else, so your results will not be exactly the same as others who are trying out this challenge.

To test out a set of results that could be described as random, I have been using The Staking Machine software to input all of my results and this software allows you to play around with the results that you have and list them again in a different order. 

The number of bets.

Each cycle is obviously random and we have no idea how long we will need to wait to get a winner, what the price of the winners will be, or how long it will take to double the bank. Some days there will be no bets, others there will be two, three or four but there will rarely if ever be a large number of bets on one day.

If you look at the image below you will see The Staking Machine software with the bets in the centre panel and stats below. I have used the Shuffle Sequence feature which you can see near the top left.

As this shuffles the results randomly you can see that all of the race dates are now not in chronological order.

I have started with £1,000 and by shuffling the sequence over and over, you can quickly see how many bets it takes each time to double the bank and reach £2,000.

Ignore the Next Stake and Cumulative Total figures below the race data panel as this is tallying up every bet that there had been at this time and the profits are too big to show in normal figures.

On this example above you can see that this random set of results took 115 bets to double the bank to just over £2,000, (£2,05.35).

I then shuffled the sequence 30 times again and the number of bets it took on these to double the bank varied between 20 and 167. In fact all of the number of bets are below for you to see.

101, 87, 48, 81, 28, 63, 65, 33, 56, 57, 70, 61, 36, 93, 123, 66, 43, 87, 56, 80, 54, 86, 24, 114, 20, 167, 43, 59, 75 and 117.

The average of these is about 70 bets to double the bank. The average number of bets it took on my chronoligical list of results starting in 2018, where the bank doubled consecutively 28 times without fail, was 76.

I suppose it would be safe to say that around 70 or 80 bets would be a pretty decent average it will take to double your bank, but some will take less bets and time, others more bets and longer.

As the bets decrease when the bank goes down, it is almost impossible to bankrupt the bank when you use the percentage plan, however it can increase rapidly when you have a couple of winners at good prices.

Sticking with this through the highs and the not so highs.

Whether you are aiming for £50K or to just double your bank, I want you to understand that there will seldom be a pretty, upward winning curve where the bank is always going in the right direction until it has doubled.

Take a look at the image below where I have taken a previous set of results in chronological order between July 19th 2020 and October 18th 2020.

This cycle took approximately 3 months and 128 bets in total to double the bank to £2,072.72.

You can see that the graph at the bottom right is not a happy curve, going slowly downwards at one point before improving towards the end and hitting the target.

As you can see on the image above, after approximately two months of betting, the bank of £1,000 has dropped to a low of £670.89 after bet number 74.

How would you be feeling after two months and 74 bets having lost over £300 and seemingly a very long way from reaching your £2,000 target?

This is when your discipline will really be tested, especially if it is your first attempt. It would be easy to bail out and just give up but as you can see, the bank was eventually doubled after a further 54 bets and in just over one months time from this low point.

These situations will happen often but if you want to continue to the end and double your bank, it is something you will need to get your head around. You may begin your challenge at the start of a good or a bad run, so you need to expect that the worst will happen perhaps.

Not forgetting that the bank has never been bankrupt before and has always eventually hit the target. 

The effort will be worth it and just ask yourself if in reality if you ever increase your bank by £1,000 over one month, two months, three months or even more? 

Most people lose more than they win and if you do, then this could be the opportunity for you to start a fresh way of disciplined betting and who knows where you may be in six or twelve months time?

See how a run of double the bank challenges may look.

I have copied the stats sheets from The Staking Machine from the first five completed double the bank challenges, that shows the number of bets and approximate length of time each one took.

You can also see the good strike rates, longest winning and losing streaks plus the fact that the bank was never bankrupt, as it wasn't in any of these back to January 1st 2018.

What you will need to get started.

If you are up for the challenge to either take your bank from £1,000 to £50,000 or to double your bank on each cycle, then you will need the 5 Inform Racing systems to find the selections.

The link below will take you to the original £1K to £50K challenge where you can read much more about the whole set up, plus how you can get the systems you will need.

It is important that you read all of the information on the link as it explains everything you need to know about how this will all work, what you need to watch out for and be aware of before you get started.

The selections come from the same 5 systems for either challenge, you will just need to decide which idea suits you and your betting style better.

Read more about the £1K to £50K Challenge >>

Check out the 5 systems results.

On their own the 5 systems have all made a profit for each of the last three years, 2018, 2019 and 2002, plus up to this time in 2021. So you may even just want to get the systems, bet them in your own way and not take up the challenge.

Below you can see the stats breakdown for each system on it's own since 2018, where you can see the profits to £1 stakes made at BSP after 5% commission is removed.