Inform Racing Selections

500 points profit since the start of 2018

2018: +92.66 pts

2019: +165.35 pts

2020: +136.64 pts

2021: +101.54 pts

2022: ??

The systems we use for these daily tips have never been shared with subscribers before. To take a look at the full set of results from the start of 2018, click the link below.

Full results here:

If you copy the columns J, K and L as they are from the sheet on the link above, you can paste the results into The Staking Machine software and play around with the staking plans and staking amounts.

The stats up to 31st Dec 2021 are below and are taken from The Staking Machine software.

The E.L.S is the highest expected losing sequence given the number of selections and strike rate so far. As you can see the expected number is nearly 21.8 yet the actual longest in 4 years has been just 19. Whilst you still may consider this to be quite a long losing sequence, it is 13% better than you would expect for this set of selections and results and a big positive.

The Archie score is 24.2 where a score of above 8.5 means the results are very unlikely to be have down to luck and have a good chance of continuing to be successful.  

The A/E value, not shown above but another important statistic, is the actual/expected value and anything over 1 is a positive. 

The current strike rate is over 8% better the required strike rate and you can also see that the average winning  BSP is 4.95, which is almost 4/1.

Setting up your betting bank to follow these selections.

I recommend that you use the percentage staking plan, where you bet a percentage of the bank total on each bet. If the bank increases then you stake more, if the bank decreases then you stake less.

Starting with just a £500 bank and using the percentage staking plan, betting 1% of the bank on all selections up to the end of 2021, would have given you a total profit of over £41,000! 

I will explain now how you can set up your bank and staking correctly to bet on these selections safely. 

We know there has been a longest losing sequence so far of 19 but it would be wise to double this to 38 to build in extra security into your betting. You then divide your chosen starting bank amount by 38 to find out the ideal percentage of your bank to bet on each selection.

If you want to be ultra cautious and there is nothing wrong with that, you could multiply 16 by three to get 57 and use that number instead of 38. This will reduce the stakes that you bet each time.

By using a set of selections that have a far lower losing sequence than would normally be expected and doubling (or trebling) the worst losing sequence so far,  you are massively reducing the chances of losing your betting bank when you do hit a losing run, either at the beginning or at anytime. Setting yourself up this way means you are setting yourslf up to succeed in the best way possible. 

If you start out with a betting bank of £500 for example, then 500 divided by 38 is 13.15.

13.15 is 2.63% of 500, so you could round this down to 2.5%, up to 3% or leave it as 2.63%.

As 2.63% of £500 is £13.15, then this would be your first stake. If this loses your bank will reduce to £486.85. Your next bet will then be 2.63% of £486.85 which is £12.80. If this won and your bank increased to £590, then your next bet will be 2.63% of £590 which is £15.51.

One rule you will need to adhere to yourself. 

All results shown use a minimum and maximum Betfair Starting Price of between 2.0 and 34.0 which means that you will need to make sure the odds are between 2.0 and 34.0 yourself when placing your bets to get the same results. 

How to get the selections. 

All selections are and always will be free to all subscribers to Inform Racing. 

If you are already a paying subscriber, just login and go to the Noticeboard link and any selections will be posted for you. They will normally be posted on the morning of racing but I cannot guarantee when this will be each day so be aware of this. 

If you want to sign up to Inform Racing and get these selections as well as everything else we offer that is included in a subscription, then follow the link below where you can gain access.