The Lto (Last time out) System 

A systematic approach to using the speed ratings

The Lto system is a simple method that anyone can use to make steady profits. All you need is an Inform Racing subscription.

Using certain races and depending on the position of a number of horses in their last race, you either back or lay the selections to get these superb results the system has produced so far.

August 2017

September 2017

October 2017

November 2017

December 2017

January 2018

February 2018

March 2018

+33.67 points

+48.33 points

+16.02 points

+9.35 points

+26.7 points

+39.59 points

+40.83 points

-38.09 points

All results are to Betfair Starting Price and include 5% commission removed from all winning bets.

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    Over 160 points profit to BSP
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    7 winning months from 8
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    15% return on investment
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    Selections found within 5 to 10 minutes each day

Selected winners with SP (and BSP) include:

Mister Musicmaster Won 33/1 (45.04)

That's The Deal Won 25/1  (40.35)

Cosmelli Won 25/1  (30.29)

Argus Won 20/1  (30.0)

Cassivellaunus Won 16/1  (21.44)

See Vermont Won 14/1  (20.0)

Strongly Suggested Won 12/1  (17.5)

Pistol Won 12/1  (15.99)

Lotara Won 12/1 (15.8)

Couldn't Could She Won 12/1  (15.0)

Plus Jamais Won 12/1  (14.29)

Renfrew Street Won 11/1  (14.71)

Strait Run Won 11/1 (14.36)

Perfect Pastime Won 10/1  (14.82)

Beggar's Wishes Won 10/1  (14.5)

Captain Lars Won 9/1  (14.27)

The Lto system rules are very simple. See for yourself.

  • 1
    Log in to Inform Racing. You do need a subscription to Inform Racing to use this system
  • 2
    Take all Handicap races with between 8 and 12 runners declared to run. If there are non runners from these that take the number down to below 8, it is still a race that you can bet on.
  • 3
    Click the Lto column header to bring all of the top highlighted ratings in red to the top
  • 4
    From these ratings in red, hover your mouse over the Lto rating and find the finishing position of each horse last time out.
  • 5
    If the worst finishing position from these horses is 6th or worse, back the horse to a maximum BSP of 90. If the worst finishing position is either 2nd or 3rd, lay the horse using a maximum BSP of 7.0
  • 6
    If the horse with the worst finishing position came 1st, 4th or 5th last time out ignore the race.
  • 7
    If there are two horses with the same worst finishing position, then back or lay both.
  • 8
    If there are three or more with the same worst finishing position then ignore the race.
  • 9
    If a selection is a non runner, do not substitute another horse.

A brief video showing how to find selections.

Click Play on the screen below and use the Pause button if you need more time to read the text boxes..

The logic behind the system

If a horse has one of the top Lto ratings, it means that the horse ran well last time out. If it came 6th or worse it is likely to be a decent price because of the position it finished, or being dropped in the handicap or dropped in class.

If the horse ran well but finished 2nd or 3rd, it is likely that horse will have given a lot of effort in its last run to finish close without winning and may not be ready to produce another top performance. It is also likely to have been raised in the handicap for getting close to winning.

The Lto System is so simple to use, here's what to do now.

Take a look at a full list of results and/or start using the Inform Racing Lto System

The link below shows a page with tabs at the top for every months full results, plus and Explanation tab at the top which explains the information shown on these results pages.

Note: The main information you require is shown in the red boxes at the top of each months results.

The red box at the top of column S shows the profit for backing the selections and the red box at the top of column AB shows the profit when laying the selections.

If you are not a member of Inform Racing  then it is easy to subscribe.

You do need to be a member of Inform Racing to access the race cards and the Lto ratings to use this system.

Signing up is easy, so take a look at our latest offers and to sign up today, using the button below.

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