This missing piece of the puzzle will allow you to make consistent and long term profits from horse racing.

''Hi, my name is James Dawson and I have been using Inform Racing for well over a decade now. I have previously written a number of blog posts for Ian the owner of the website, as well as coming up with dozens of profitable methods using his speed ratings.

The first thing I want to say to anyone who is new to the website, is that the speed ratings themselves are in my view, the best ratings around anywhere and they have allowed me to make a more than comfortable living and will continue to do so into the future.

However, things ramped up, even for me, when I came across The Master Speed Formula and if you want to know more, then please read on.''

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Master Betting Systems Creator James Dawson Reveals His Simple Secret That Will Explode Your Profits Through The Roof.

''As I have already mentioned, Inform Racing dot com is my one and only 'go to' website, every day. It provides me with everything I need in a very simple to use format and if you are anything like me who doesn't do 'complicated' then it is something you definitely need in your arsenal. The speed ratings will give anyone an edge.

Most methods I use, focus on the Master Rating column and this particular rating, which is the best speed rating a horse has achieved in the previous 12 months, gives me an accurate idea of a horses form and ability in an easy to view number and this can be compared across all courses, distances and the other runners in a race.

I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to systems and profiling winners but it is something I really enjoy and when Ian introduced the system builder to Inform Racing a few years ago, I was fascinated, very excited and slowly became addicted to finding winning formulas.

I have half a dozen systems now that I use all of the time that have made me a lot of money, but a few years ago I started looking at different races to the ones I normally considered for betting purposes. You are probably the same as me in that you have your favourite race types and feel you know these races better so can turn a profit more easily.

Really, I just wanted to see if I could find another angle that had been hiding from me, that was secretly making decent profits without me even realising! 

Well there certainly was something that started looking more and more interesting the closer I looked, so I started concentrating on these races and after drilling down into the filters and past results over a number of months, I eventually tweaked things perfectly to the point where I came up with what we now call The Master Speed Formula.

Why The Master Speed Formula?

Well the number one rule is that all bets must have a top Master rating. I said before how I thought this was the best rating to start off with and it just shows the absolute power of the speed ratings themselves, because it is not any one from the top 2 or even the top 3, it is just the horse that has the number one top Master rating in a race.

To be able to base an incredibly powerful and profitable betting method around just one rating, is something really unique, you would have to agree.

I began using the formula around the Summer of 2020 and things have just exploded for me since then.

Using the Inform Racing system builder I have been able to look back at the results before I started using this myself in real time, back to August of 2017 in fact, when one of the filters I now use was first added to the website. And you can do the same when you have your own copy, to satisfy yourself that all claims made here are 100% true.

Finally I caved in to Ian's persistent request to share this formula with others and as you will see, the results make good reading for anyone who wants to start making money, quickly.''

James Dawson

The Master Speed Formula highlights.

  • It can be used all year around on the all weather, flat turf racing, chase races and hurdles.
  • You will be backing horses NOT laying them
  • It provides a rough average of around 5 or 6 bets per day
  • It has made over 1,300 pts level stakes profit for win bets using Betfair Starting Price
  • And a further 700 pts level stakes profit from place bets using Betfair Place Odds
  • Using the staking plan James uses, you could have made over £375,000 from the win bets and a £500 starting bank 
  • Using the same plan and bank for place bets would have made you a further £128,000
  • That's over half a million pounds profit in 6 years, just copying what James is already doing!
  • The average strike rate for win bets is an incredible 30%. (As I write this the strike rate stands at 31.4%)
  • You would normally associate short priced favourites with a 30% strike rate, not runners at big odds
  • ....yet there have been dozens of double figure odds winners up to 200/1! 
  • And the average BSP has been close to 7.5, so around 6/1
  • Longest losing run for win bets has been just 20 in 6 years of betting - with a longest winning run of 7 on the bounce
  • Longest losing run for place bets has been just 11 - and a longest run of 19 successful placed horses in a row!
  • The average strike rate for place bets is also very high at over 60%
  • You can copy James's staking plan, which isn't level stakes, percentage staking or any dangerous recovery type plan
  • All results and profit claims can be fully verified by you with your downloaded copy
  • And remember, that strike rate of 30% and big odds winners = something very unique, or probably unheard of before!

It is now over to you - but don't think about it for too long.

We will be limiting the number of copies released of The Master Speed Formula, so if you want to get in on this today, then hit the button below now!

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