Multiple Ratings Handicap System

I wrote a recent post about looking for horses that had six or more ratings highlighted in the top three shown on the card in red and how they could point to some good winners.

The race I looked at on that day was a Maiden race where the horse won at 14/1, but I have been noticing recently more success in Handicap races, where similar rules are used but with one or two nice little additions to increase the strike rate.

As you can see, results have been very good over the last couple of days.

Lost, Won 11/2, Lost, Won 9/4, Lost, Won 6/4, Lost, Won 5/1, Won 3/1, Lost, Won 3/1, Won 4/9, Won 10/3, Lost and Won 11/2

Those were the results from the 15 qualifiers I found yesterday and the day before, showing 9 winners, a 60% strike rate and a profit to SP of 23.49 points.

Initially I was looking for horses with any six top 3 ratings in red from the eight main columns on the Inform Racing race card.

However, after going through the results, I found that there were two seemingly, very important factors that had to be considered, as all winning horses had a top 3 rating in the Ability column and were forecast on the race card at under 5/1.

How to find these bets

1. Sort the race cards by the Master rating, highest at the top and only look at Handicap races. (A Nursery race is a handicap for two year olds only so would count).

2. Only count horses that have at least six red, top 3 ratings and these MUST include the Master column, the Lto1 column, the Avg column, the M+A column and the Ability column. This means you need at least one more red rating from the other three columns, (Cse, Dis and Form).

3. Any qualifiers must also be forecast on the race card at under 5/1.

4. If there is more than qualifier, take the horse with the highest Master rating as the selection.

Here is the card below for Kermouster who won at 11/2 at Leicester last night.

(You can click all images below to enlarge them).

As you can see, Kermouster has a red, top 3 rating in the Master, Lto1, Avg, M+A and Ability columns and also has a red rating in the Form column to give it the minimum required of six in total.

Finally, you can see that the horse is forecast at 4/1, which means it fully qualifies on all rules.

What about non handicap races?

My initial thoughts were actually to only look at non handicaps as I thought that horses with at least six red, top 3 ratings would win more often, however, whilst the strike rate has been okay, the qualifiers in non handicaps tend to be much shorter prices and this requires a far better strike rate to continue making a profit.

Also, when I realised that the Ability columns was quite an important factor, there are many non handicap races such as Novice, Maiden or NHFlat races, where the qualifiers have no ability rating, because this rating concerns previous winning form and many qualifiers have not won a race yet.

You are possibly more likely to get a day when a high number of selections win using non handicaps, but given the short prices, I feel you may be pressed into making a profit long term.

I am not saying that the prices using handicaps are overly big, but with two winners so far at 11/2, one of which had a BSP of over 9.0, it is far more satisfying and better prices will cover a few losing bets more easily than those at shorter prices.

Hopefully you will be able to see how this idea is based on common sense factors and should go on to provide a number of good winning bets.

Remember, by combining the speed ratings that are crucial to the system and are not used by every Tom, Dick or Harry, with those horses in the first three of the betting forecast, you are honing in on those horses that really should win very often.

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Ian Welch

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