New User Guide

A brief overview of the new cards is shown below. A more detailed version will be posted soon.

As you will see we now have the racing silks to the left of the horse name and a forecast price list to the far right. This is the same as the Racing Post forecast. There is also the forecast going shown on the header. It took me 14 seconds to load the four meetings in full today by race time on the new site, compared to 24 seconds on the current site.

You can click to enlarge the image below.


All columns sort as before and hopefully you will find they do so a lot quicker, however at this stage you need to click twice to bring the higher ratings to the top.

Non Runners

If a horse is a non runner it will show the full line for the horse background in grey. Every time you refresh the page it will update any latest non runners.

You can remove non runners or any other horses from a race by clicking the Filter symbol to the right of the Horse header. First tick the ‘Select All’ box, then un tick the horses you want removed, then click Filter. You can click Reset at anytime to reload the race with all removed runner, however non runners will remain in grey.

Pop ups and form links

The pop up boxes are the same as they are now although I would like to change these in future if possible.

The links under each card opens as before but in a more readable format I think. The advanced search is more user friendly and I will be improving this further in the near future. To select all form for a horse just don’t select any of the criteria in the Time Period drop downs.

Excel Downloads.

At present the new site does not have any excel downloads for a meeting. If you are someone who uses this function I would be happy to hear from you and explain how you would prefer the data on the downloads to be displayed.

Historic Data

There is a Historic Data feature on the Meetings page itself, however this only contains data from August 2017 and some from July 2017 but is building up every time results are added.  I will be adding a link to the current past race cards on the site soon, until a decent amount of new data has been added.

These past cards now show the pop up boxes and can be sorted, so it should be better and they are exactly as the cards were when they were first posted. I am looking into speeding the opening of these past cards up, possibly by removing the silks and forecast prices which probably aren’t needed on the results page.


You should find you are not logged out as before after a period of time unless you physically log off.

It may take a few days to get used to the new cards but hopefully the majority will find they improve the website. I am happy to hear any comments from those who are not happy with the upgrades as we can change things around if there is a lot of feedback on a particular item.

Ian Welch