Remember Mike? Well He’s Still Winning

Over the past few years I have written a blog post or two about subscriber Mike who uses his own way of looking at the Inform Racing speed ratings and he has certainly had some amazing, long term success.

Mike has always kept in touch with me and sent me regular updates of his wins and running totals. Along with the number of bookmakers who have restricted his accounts, due to his success!

Like this one recently with the bookie name hidden. 

"XXXXXXX is now the latest online bookie to place a staking restriction on my account. Tried to place my usual £10 to win on a 15/2 shot with them yesterday, but they would only allow me a stake of £3.33, I’ve only been with them for about 6 months!" 

He has also continued to update his overall profits in the comments sections of the past posts regarding his betting.

His current total profit? A whopping £47,681.71

Starting in April 2015, Mike is living proof that winning is a real possibility.

But you don't make that sort of money, over such a long period, without the number one trait required and that is discipline.

You often hear people say that you have to run your betting like you would run a business. After all they are both aiming to make money, so why wouldn't you?

Mike's record keeping is second to none and he has shared with me and users a few of his spreadsheets recording all of his bets and yes, every one over the past 8 years he has been doing this.

So he sets out the staking that he is comfortable with, decides on the minimum odds he will bet on, places single bets and multiple bets when the time is right, records EVERYTHING and guess what?

He has now accrued a staggering amount of money, nearly £6,000 a year to go towards his retirement.

Recent results have been as good as ever

Whilst I have stopped updating Mikes results on the web site, he still lets me know how things are going and especially when something good comes in.

A week or so ago he emailed me the following:

"Ian – just to keep you informed of anything mildly exciting with my system results. Today I had 1 loser, 1 placing and 4 wins with the e/w Lucky 63, culminating in a clear profit for that particular bet of +£3,031.32 and with the single bet wins as well. the total profit today was +£3,363.30. This is the biggest win in nearly 4 years! If you wait long enough, it always eventually turns around in your favour."

Then a week later I got this one:

'Hi Ian - just to let you know that I’m having a great run at the moment with 2 further days this week with good multiple bet wins (see attached picture for the results)."

You can see Mikes notes' below, for the three good days he had at the end of May.

There's plenty to look at but you can see the winners and prices in Green along with lots more info Mike provides, which is all his work for his bets, not written out just for me.

If you have any questions I suggest you write them in the comments section at the bottom of the page and I am pretty sure Mike will reply when he can. He has always been helpful this way when asked about his method before.

Just to add some clarity to his results above from May 23rd, below is what he wrote on one of the other blog posts in the comments section, which you can find yourself using the links at the end of this post:

It hasn't all been plane sailing of course

There have been times when Mike has been losing money and not just for a couple of weeks here and there.

There have also been a number of Bookmakers who have closed his accounts or restricted his bets, often under unbelievably few wins.

But he has had the discipline to keep going and that is probably the hardest thing to do.

I follow a few betting systems myself that I found using the system builder. I know a large number of subscribers do too and these will all have losing runs that can often leave you asking the question;

''How much longer am I going to continue losing money with this system?''

It is a very difficult question to answer and of course it is not an easy decision to make when you see your bank that has been building up nicely over the last few months, suddenly drop over a number of weeks.

So what is Mikes method?

Well that is the £47,681.71 question!

Over the years Mike has given some answers to this question but we do not know his rules to the absolute letter.

He uses the speed ratings, that we do know and anyone who has followed his success over the years will have gleaned other little titbits of info but in all fairness Mike has been generous in his aid to others.

The funny thing is, I think even if Mike emailed everyone his bets every day, there would still only be a handful of people, probably less than that, who would still have stuck with him through the thick and thin over a full 8 years of betting.

Most people can't handle a losing day let alone a losing six months but those who do, will get fully rewarded for their efforts.

Previous Blog Posts

I have provided a list of links below to some of the previous blog posts regarding Mike and his betting.

It would be a good idea to go through all of these just to see what sort of mentality Mike has needed to make his betting pay and maybe get some ideas on his method to if you can.

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I would also like to add in our favour, that Mikes continued success gives a good nod to the speed ratings and how consistent they are and have been over the years.

Plus of course a big thanks to Mike for his openness, help and success.

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Ian Welch

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