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This article relates to the Inform Racing In Running Trading Tool. This tool will help you find your back to lay and Dobbing trades with all of the best opportunities highlighted for you everyday.

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Dobbing Trades

Dobbing or D.O.B (Double or Bust), is the process of placing a back bet at the off and then double your stake amount at half the odds to keep in running. If the horse hits this lower price during the race you win your stake amount.

By using the In Running Trading Tool you can select only the best opportunities for Dobbing and increase your chances of success as all previous in running data is produced for you in a clear and easy to understand format and you can see which horses are most likely to drop in price by half or more.


Lately I have mostly been using the In Running Trading Tool by just selecting my Dobbing bets on those runners with a £70 or better Dobbing profile. On Sunday I was getting slightly miffed by the low number of selections this was producing so I started looking at other ideas to use.

So  instead of just downloading all handicap races, I downloaded EVERY race on the day whatever the race type, ticked the ‘Up to 30 races’ box to get a nice amount of data for each runner and started looking at every horse with a better than 60% strike rate of Dobbing success, that had run at least five previous races.

From these, I chose only those that had Dobbed four times out of the last five races, ignoring any of these that had a score of over 75 last time out.

Anyway, from these selections, as well as continuing to use those with a £70 or better Dobbing profile, I have made nearly £78 using £10 stakes in just these last three days.

Please don’t think I’m saying how great I am here!

I understand this is not the most mind blowing profit anyone has claimed to make in three days, although a continued profit of nearly 8 points every three days would equate to a tidy amount over one year, but I am just trying to offer you other ways of profiting from your In Running Trading Tool.

There is a screenshot below that shows the profit and loss on Betfair over the 20 bets that were made in these three days showing that 14 of them were successful Dobs.

I have to confess that I actually backed Gaelic Silver to win and not to just Dob in the 6.00 race at Windsor on Monday because the horse went off very short. (I took 2.02 just before the start), and a Dobbing bet would not have been possible here.

In Running Trading Tool

As you will see there are all sorts of races in this list from Maidens, to Sellers to Listed races, so my early thoughts of just using handicaps, or races for older horses only, may not have to be so strictly followed and perhaps we also want to be looking at the most recent races to find the best Dobbing opportunities too.

Other thoughts for you.

This is a very short list of results I agree, but from these 20 selections there were actually 6 winners at 11/2, 11/2, 5/1, 9/2, 10/3 and 8/11 and at BSP this did give a much better profit of 15 points to the 8 points made just Dobbing, so something you may want to look at there.

Also, 12 of the 20 selections either won or were placed, so each way or place only punters may be interested in this idea too.

If there are two selections or more in one race, I am tending to go for the one at shorter odds and if a horse is starting as one of the first three in the betting market I gain a little more confidence in my selection, as you can see by looking at the price of the winners.

So I hope this offers you some thoughts on how to find your successful Dobbing trades when using the In Running Trading Tool.

If you do not have a copy then you can find out more about this on the following link.



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