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Declarations Builder

Find your daily selections in seconds

Want to find all horses today trained by your chosen trainer, running over 1 mile or further, that are down in class, have run previously ten times or more, that are not top weights and have previously won at the course at least 3 times before and on soft ground? 

No problem! Just add these to the system builder, click 'Declarations' and you'll have a list of your bets for the day in seconds!

Be as simple or complex as you like

Want to see all horses running today that ran in the last 7 days? Or all horses running today that were beaten less than 2 lengths last time out? Or a combination of both? 

Just add these rules, or load your saved system rules and see if there are any system bets running for you today in no time at all.

  • Save yourself hours trawling through the race cards to find your selections
  • Save your systems and re-load them everyday
  • See all of your bets listed neatly by race time
  • Take the work out of trawling through the race cards to find any bets for the day.

Declarations video. Click image to play

Save hours looking for your bets on the day by using the Declarations Builder

You know what it's like. You are right in the middle of the busy Summer season, with over 50 races to look through each day. You personally have a liking for geldings, running between 5 furlongs and a mile, that have won within the last 90 days, who didn't win last time out but were beaten 5 lengths or less, that have won at least twice at the distance, with the jockey having had at least 1 winner in the last 14 days.

I mean, you can narrow down the races easily enough to just those concerning the distances, but that still leaves you with over 20 races to go through on the day and maybe over 200 horses form to scan to get any possible bets, so I hope you wake up early because there is a lot of work to do here!

So once you have checked the race distance, you start the whole process by looking back at every last last race for every horse (!) to find how many lengths it was beaten, then you need to check to see if the horse is a gelding or not, then check how long since it last won, then you need to wipe your eyes with a wet flannel and use some eye drops, because they are starting to get sore and then go and sit down because you have had enough after just three races.

Then you start to think to yourself that with all of this tedious and time consuming 'work' involved, are you actually that bothered anymore about horse racing at all?

It can be very easy to give up on what may be a promising set of rules you have found when you run out of enthusiasm to do the correct form research because it takes so long to find your bets every day. It is also very easy to miss a winning bet when you have so much data to research especially when time may be short.

Now take a breath and consider the simplicity of finding your selections using the system builder.

I don't know about you but if you told someone how much effort there is in reading the form correctly every day, to find any bets, I think they would think you were mad to even bother!

However, it can be far, far easier because I have just run the same set of rules as above on today's racing. Admittedly there are only 36 races to look through (!), but it would still be a task I don't think I would really be looking forward to.

So after adding my rules to the system builder below, (or you can simply uploading your saved rules), changing the date to today's date and clicking Declarations at the top I have just been provided with the 3 bets for today, all nicely listed in race time order and it only took 0.371 seconds!!

Thousands of possible combinations at your fingertips

You can play around with the declarations to get the exact set of form criteria you want to look for every day and don't forget you get unlimited use of the system builder too, when you take out any Inform Racing subscription.

For just a couple of pounds each week you can combine every type of form category to get the perfect results, just for you. Whatever you want to look for in the system builder you can then replicate to get the declarations and to find all of your bets in seconds.

As I have said there are thousands of combinations you can use but just to give you an idea of some of the other things that are possible, here are just a few more:

  • All horses aged 4, trained by Trainer X, that have won at the course and distance and have been dropped at least two classes of race
  • All fillies that won last time out, when they also led at the start of the race, over 5 or 6 furlongs
  • All horses that finished within 1 length of the winner in their last 3 races and came 3 were wearing blinkers
  • All horses that have been dropped 5 lbs or more in the handicap since last run, with a Jockey that has a 33% strike rate at the course
  • All horses with form figures from their last 3 runs that add up to less than 10, that have a forecast price of 16/1 or more 

The bookies know that a lot of people cut a million corners when looking for their bets and that is one of the reasons that they always seem to win. I mean if form research was a simple five minute process, don't you think you would be able to win more often and have greater confidence in your bets?

With the Inform Racing system builder, running systems and finding your bets each day, really is now that simple.

So what are you waiting for?

Unlimited access is available for you right now with every Inform Racing subscription.

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