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Finally, You'll Create Your Own Super Profitable Betting Systems And Automate The Whole Process, Or Just Steal Mine, All Of Which Have Made A Profit Every Year Since 2018

Over £100,000 Of Profits Made From This Master Betting Systems Creator

James Dawson Reveals His Secret A.P.B.S 'Automated Profit Building System' For Creating Betting Systems In Just A Matter Of Minutes, That Are Proven And Profitable Over Many Years. He Now Offers You The Opportunity To Copy His Very Own Methods, Step By Step.

Dear Whoever,

Imagine sitting down at your computer with just the germ of an idea for a betting system that you think could be promising.

You open up your Automated Profit Building System (A.P.B.S.) and input just three or four basic rules, from more than 200 different racing form criteria that are available.

Within a matter of seconds you get your results showing a full run down of stats, profits and more. 

But best of all, you get the breakdown of these results that highlight exactly what parts of your system have proven profitable from over 40 categories of the most crucial and relevant form factors required to win money.

Form factors that you will want to ADD to your system rules that you hadn’t even considered as part of your original system idea but will increase your profitability by 20%, 30%, 50% or more!

It will also pinpoint those factors which you will want to remove that are costing you money! Factors that you didn’t even consider, that you should be adding to increase the profitability.

As you will see, this is why I call it ‘automated’ because it almost builds the systems for you.

It really is incredible.

You now re-run your system again after adding in your new rules with just a couple of clicks, save your rules and voila! You can start making money from your new and profitable system, that very afternoon!

Now imagine the feeling you will have, literally conjuring cash out of the air, from creating this and other profitable betting systems.

Better still, imagine never having to be ripped off by dud tipsters promising you the earth, never stressing over a run of losing bets again that continually suck cash out of your account, or being held hostage by a subscription service that takes your money every month because you signed up for their over hyped offers…

I Have Confession To Make

Hi, my name is James Dawson,

I have been creating winning betting systems and strategies for well over a decade now that have drummed up over £100,000 in pure profits plus hundreds of thousands of pounds more for others who have copied exactly what I do.

Recently I and a good friend of mine, created a brand new opportunity for those who closely follow my methods, that blitzes the time required to create long term and extremely profitable betting systems.

Some people pay a lot of money to use all of my methods and they think I am a legend.

The truth is, I’m not really that good. 

In all honesty I’m a bit of a fake. In fact there’s a whole host of things I don’t know about horse racing and how it all runs on a daily basis. 

For example a lot of people know which races are run on what day at Cheltenham every year, fully understand the weight for age calculations or could tell you the full form of the sire of last years Derby winner.

Me? I shrug my shoulders at things like that if questioned. Yet I make thousands of pounds more than most of these ‘knowledgeable’ people.

But that’s the secret here, if you’re not a genius or don’t have all of the answers you can still perform like one.

That’s what successful fakes like me know and that’s what I do that you probably don’t.

I’ve just learned how to use all of the data that is available and have turned this into a knack for churning out systems that can win 100, 200, 300 points every year and more. 

Seriously, over £100,000 from that one simple skill.

If making money from your betting and winning has been hard for you, then know this. It’s not your fault.

There is so much rubbish out there, so many dated ideas that don’t work now and likely never did. So many crooked and scammy tipsters, you never stood a chance.

And people like me who do have the winning systems, never share them with you.

I was right where you are now and here’s what I did…

I Had No Choice.
I Just Had To Make Money.

When I first turned to betting to try and make money, my life was frazzled. Honestly, I was a mess and a talentless nobody working weekends and a couple of nights at the petrol station next door to my flat.

With just one low grade qualifications in Art from school, my prospects of improving my life were pretty small.

When I look back it still depresses me now. I was drinking too much, eating unhealthy food and basically wasting my life.  

One week I had a chicken korma each weekday evening from five different Indian take aways and the time I wasted at my nearest Weatherspoons pub drinking pints of Guiness fills me with remorse.

I remember one Saturday afternoon watching two grey haired men in their seventies having a drunken push and pull me type slapping ‘fight’ across the pub floor!

This would have been quite funny normally but it said a lot about where my life was at that time. Half p*****d, watching too old drunks brawling on a Saturday afternoon.

I was going nowhere fast, my life literally sucked…

…and my dreams of making a fortune from betting on the horses was looking like it was always going to be just a dream.

It was around this time that I stumbled across Ian who was running his own racing website and after emailing him a few questions, he showed some interest and I gave him some of my ideas. 

His website had a Blog section and he said if I could write a few posts for him and he liked them, he would post them and give me free access to his site.

This at last gave me a positive way to pass my dead time and I soon became obsessed with creating new betting strategies for him. As I continued, we became good friends and regularly swapped our ideas and our thoughts.

One of these ideas was to create an automated way of creating and testing betting systems.

After all, he had twenty years or so of past racing results and the coding ability to build something, so we concentrated our ideas and put our heads together week after week to create what we had both dreamed of months before, until…

We finally gave birth to the A.B.C.D

Over the next twelve months, I used the A.B.C.D every day to try and create dozens and dozens of betting systems. 

Some were good, some not so good but the turning point was when we added the ability to breakdown all of the results into form categories. Now the A.B.C.D could almost build the systems for me, as long as I gave it a few basic rules to start with.

Very soon I was making hundreds of pounds each week, Ian was promoting the SB and some of my systems to his members and things just got better and better for both of us from then on.

Whilst I had come up with some really good betting strategies and systems in the early days of working with Ian, I have to credit the A.B.C.D for nearly all of my success since it was created.

Now I come up with new system ideas regularly and it really is so quick. Systems that have made and will continue to make me hundreds of pounds in the future.

And it makes me a whole other side income if I decide to sell a system or two when I feel like sharing the love.

I’m not concerned if people start using these proven and profitable betting systems to start up their own tipping service as an online business.

Or even take my systems and just sell them on.

At least I know the selections will be profitable and it would stop others getting ripped off.

So Do You Want Access To The A.B.C.D And Some Of My Already Created And Profitable Systems?

I’m pretty sure by now you want in on this, after all why wouldn’t you?

I’m also pretty sure you have your doubts too…’I wouldn’t know where to start creating a new system’, I’m no techy, this is probably hard work to learn’, ‘I want to win but I don’t have the time to get started’.

That sounds just like me when I was offered brilliant opportunities in the past.

To be honest, no one can be as bad as I was back in the day but we can all make something happen if we desire the outcome enough. 

The desire to learn from someone who has been right where you are now. Someone who really just got lucky but has used this ‘luck’ to turn his life around for the better. 

Do have the desire to make hundreds of pounds each week and each month from this new opportunity, whilst not having to change anything in your life that you are doing right now?

There is no greater feeling than winning money from betting on the right horse time after time. It’s addictive beleive me.

And when you know that you are setting yourself up from the start to succeed and not fail, your confidence will grow, along with your stakes and your bank balance.

That is a fact and I think you know it.

Here's An Offer I Have For You

If you can find it in yourself to put your trust in me today I will give you the opportunity to start making money that is guaranteed and best of all, I will be shouldering all of the risks.

Your results will rival anything you ever thought would be possible.

I will turn you from a mug punter with no idea what you are doing or where you are going, into someone with priceless self confidence, a direct strategy to follow and the knowledge that the future is going to be much brighter than it is for you now.

You already know that someone with a proven strategy and plan has a huge advantage over those who don’t.

What you didn’t know is that we now have a secret way of forming these strategies and plans that take all of the effort out of creating profitable and long term successful betting systems.

Introducing the A.B.C.D Foolproof
Betting Systems Creator

There is nothing else like it around for simplicity and productivity.

It took us a few years of trial and error, in fact quite a lot of error but the end result is something we are very proud of indeed.

Not only has it created systems for me that have churned out over £100,000 in pure profit, but others have used it to make thier own cash grabbing betting systems as well.

And today you have the opportunity to start using the A.B.C.D for yourself.

Or you can just copy of everything I have already done and get a copy of all of my best betting systems that continue to pull money into my bank account month after month.

Moreover, we are making improvements all the time to this and adding more features and functions, so this is only going to get better and better.

We honestly think is the simplest betting creation software available today and can pull up your results on the most complex of system ideas you may have in under one or two seconds.

It really is that fast….and great fun too. Especially when you see how the breakdowns we recently added do most of the ‘hard work’ for you!

Creating winning betting systems is easy with the A.B.C.D but if you want it even easier, then you will also get all of my best systems too that you can just plugin and run each day.

Systems that have made more than £100,000 in profits.

All of my systems and results that you can get today are 100% guaranteed to be genuine. Prove to me otherwise and I will xxxxx??????????

Take A Look At Some Of The Systems You Can Soon Be Copying


Having these systems yourself mean your chances of success will go through the roof. Because you’ll be able to see with your own eyes, the exact methods I am using today so won’t need to ‘learn anything new or difficult’ to make money.

You get to skip any ‘learning modules’ or ‘boring explanation videos’. You just plug the systems in start making money.

Now You Have A Big Chance To Make A Change In Your Life

Listen if you don’t think get how important this is for you and your life right now then don’t take up this offer today.

Carry on doing what your doing now, throwing good money after bad. Maybe you’ll get different results soon 🙂

Let me tell you this now as it is very important.

If you have always lost money betting on horses, then without something new you will continue to lose money betting on horses.

You know it and I definitely know it.

The A.B.C.D plus all of my systems, is a proven way to make money betting on horses. Getting this today is the ‘something new’ that you need to change things around.

To the less than 1% reading this who still don’t realise what a good opportunity this is and maybe the only opportunity you have to start getting money into your bank account, then let’s look at the alternatives.

Alternatives to the A.B.C.D

Pay a load of money to bozo tipping services who know as much about how to find a winner than you do.

Spend the next six months studying and learning everything about horse racing so that you can eventually come up with the favourite as the having the best chance in every race.

Go back to that winning system you used to use a few years ago that you stopped using when it made you bankrupt.

Try every other alternative that you find on the internet until you realise that everyone of them is totally useless, unprofitable and in most cases a big joke.

Or do nothing and carrying on as you are right now.

This is a no brainer, so let’s recap..

Let's Go Over What We Now Know

Up to this point you have learned the power of automating profitable betting using the A.B.C.D that you can use to find legitimate and proven ways of winning. 

Not only that but by copying my already created systems you have a simple way to start making money like I have, straight away.

Imagine the feeling of confidence you will have knowing that you have a strategy already set up for you that can be followed step by step.

No more going online to place a bet and having that sinking feeling that you really haven’t got a clue what is going to win. I’ve been there and that is horrible.

The joy of knowing that you will NEVER have to search Google again for ‘winning betting methods’ or ‘how to win money from betting’.

Soon things will be very different, trust me.

Let me ask you this…

Will you win a lot more money in the next 12 months using the A.B.C.D along with my already created and proven betting systems?

Do you want to make more money from your betting now but be able to continue your life as it is now until you decide to make a further change for the better?

Can you use a computer and follow some simply set out rules each day or evening?

Would you like to make more money from your betting?

I will assume that all your answers as the same as mine would be.

Then You Have Just 2 Choices

1. Continue as you have been and remain a frustrated dreamer, held hostage to every crappy new ‘miracle system’ that gets touted around the internet for £9.99

2. Take up this offer today and win 10X what most punters would dream of and never worry about what horse you are going to back today, ever again.

I would personally like to invite you to join the hundreds of others who have taken up this opportunity, who have realised it was the best thing they ever did to dig themselves out of the ugly situation they were in before.

This Is The Greatest Collection Of Betting Systems I've Ever Offered

…plus you get full access to the A.B.C.D to create and test your own ideas.

Providing you the simple way that you can plug in and play all of my system that are winning now, as well as your own AND run these each day to find all selections. 

And run my systems that have made over £100,000 in pure profits to get all past results and prove to yourself that all my claims are 100% correct.

…xxxxxxxxxxxxLONG list of reminders of profits and systemsxxxxxxxxxxxx.

I Don't Make This Offer Every Day

When I first created some of my early betting systems I offered them up for sale when I knew far less then than I do now.

I was charging £700 for just 10 betting systems with no access to the System Builder. 

£70 a system sounded fair to me and now when I see those 10 systems have gone on to make thousands of pounds in profit for those who stumped up for them, it sounds like an absolute steal.

This time I am really upping my game and giving out my best 29 betting systems, including the 10 I originally offered PLUS you now have full access to the System Builder and these will be offered to you today at the same £700 price point.

Put simply that is just over £24 for each system and I am throwing in the System Builder access for free.

Special Offer Price Right Now!

However if you are reading this during the early release period I will make just 50 packages of all 29 super profitable and proven to win betting systems plus System Builder access available for 60% off or just £420.

Click here to reserve your package now.

What’s more I will throw in these super bonuses too which will super boost your chances of succeeding right from the start of this ‘copy and paste’ winning set of systems I have on offer.

Bonus Items - Limited Offer

My Guarantee To You

It’s time to move because those 50 packages won’t be here forever and I may not be making this offer again.

I hope you’ll join the others who are delighted that they did.

From someone who has been where you are before and now knows what it like to succeed, I know you won’t regret it.

Click here to reserve your package now.

Best Wishes,

James Dawson

P.S If you wait you will never get out of your current situation.

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