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This post contains an update of our recent system idea called The Selected Ratings System. With a little tweaking and betting just for the place, this looks a steady and profitable idea for those who want some action but are happy to start with small stakes and build slowly.

Please read on to find out about how you can use this system to profit from your betting with Inform Racing.com.

The Selected Ratings System that I wrote about on my last post, concentrated on four particular ratings from the Inform Racing speed ratings race cards.

You can read that post on the link below if you have not read it before.

Selected Ratings System Post >>

Results Updates

I have been updating the results for this system which many subscribers will have been following but if you haven't you can take a look at all of these on the link at the bottom of this post.

In a nut shell, the results started well for both win and place bets but unfortunately the wins have tailed off somewhat over the last few days.

The initial posting about this system was to show how you can use the excel downloads Inform Racing provides each day and manipulate them to create your own ideas and systems.

It was something I came up with on the spot and is something that anyone can do themselves, with their own choice of what info to use together to get an overall rating or picture of a race.

Betting just for the place.

What has continued in a profitable vein with this system are the place bets and I have been using a couple of filters to narrow down the bets and increase the strike rate and profits.

(If you bet with Betfair you can bet on just the place and if an 8+ runner race goes down to below 8 due to non runners, you still are betting for 3 places.)

My chosen filters are:

Maximum number of runners = 12
Minimum place price on Betfair = 2.0
Maximum place price on Betfair = 6.0

Breaking Down These Results

Whilst betting on every selection whatever the place price currently shows a profit of 21.65 points, betting on just those within the price ranges above gives a 42% better profit of 30.73 points and with less than half the bets too.

I have also been looking at the results using different staking plans which also may be of value to you, with a product called The Staking Machine

The Staking Machine is a really cool piece of software that allows you to test any set of results against a large number of backing and laying staking plans and provides you with an in depth analysis of strike rates, ROI%, winning runs, losing runs, expected profit and much more.

You can also filter your results by price range, as I have done, to see if a minimum and/or maximum price would increase or decrease your profits.

Betting these starting with a £400 bank and betting 1% of the total bank on each bet, so starting with a £4 stake, the profit made has been £145.64.

Doubling your stake to 2% of the bank each time would mean a profit so far of £306.36.

So far this has the makings of a nice little system with lots of winning placed bets, 103 out of 253, giving a 40.7% strike rate.

The biggest bet so far from the £400 bank has been just £5.87 with an ROI of 11.16%.

Of course, so far just betting £5 on all place bets has made over £150 and this may be the simplest method for most people but betting 1% of the bank each time, as the bank increases, so will the stakes and so will the profits.

You can see an image of the bets and results from The Staking Machine using 1% of the bank each time below. Note the Quick Stats on the left hand side. (Click image to enlarge).

Increasing The Profits

For those who are a little more risk averse, I have put the place results with filters through The Staking Machine using what is called the Pro plan.

This aims to make an amount for every bet you place and does use a recovery staking method. However you can put in your own divisor which means that all bets are placed as though the odds are the same as the divisor.

For example if you have the divisor at 4 and are aiming to win £4, the stake will be £1, even if the odds are 2/1. When you have a winner at 4/1, all losses are recovered and you start again.

As long as you have winning bets, your bank will still increase at lower odds, it will just increase more when a bet is a winner at your chosen divisor odds.

Please make sure you understand what you are doing if you use any kind of recovery staking plan.

Using the Pro Plan

Starting with a bank of £400 and aiming to win 0.5% of the starting bank on each bet, (that is £1) and with a divisor set at 3/1, which means any winning odds of 4.0 or bigger on the exchanges recovers all loses.

Betting on just those with odds between 2.0 and 6.0 at the off in the place market, would have increased profits to £546.11, for what is currently only 33 days of betting.

The largest bet using this plan so far was bigger at £62.10 but the ROI increased to over 25%.

(You can click the analyse button on The Staking Machine and you will be able to see all stats for all plans using your selections and you can change the parameters of all plans to suit your betting bank, style or whatever).

The image below shows some of the stats and filters on the left as well as the bank that has increased from £400 to £946.11, using the Pro Plan. (Click to enlarge).

System Rules

To use this system you do need to be a subscriber to Inform Racing.com 

The rules for this system are on the link below, which is the original post for this idea and does  includes more details for you.

Selected Ratings System Post >>

Results Updates

You can follow the updates for these place bets on the link below. Please note, I am showing no bets for the Jumpers for Bumpers races, where National Hunt horses run on the all weather flat. Personally I think these races are a joke for betting purposes but that is just my opinion.

There is an Explanation tab at the top of the link below which you may want to read through alongside checking the results.

Selected Ratings System Results Updates >>

Placing Your Bets

A simple way of placing the bets for this system can be done with the software called Betsender.

Betsender lets you set and forget your bets and it also allows you to choose any of the staking plans on The Staking Machine and then works out your next stake automatically, as well as letting you choose your price parameters.

Go to the Betsender website >>

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