Check out the latest results for all of the Inform Racing system builder systems for 2021 up to and including July 22nd.

544.94 points profit for win bets in 2021

A total of 39 systems

Currently costing just £1.28 per system 

That have made over £2,700 this year (just over 6 months), using just £5 stakes

Read on for an impressive set of results.....

You can take a look at the original 17 systems we released on this link here

We have also now added 10 bonus systems to this package. Plus we recently added the Result Breakdown categories to the system builder where you get a full breakdown of each form category. This allows you to see exactly what areas of form are worth pursuing and those that aren't for each system. We have now also gone over some of the earlier systems we released in 2019 using the breakdown filters and these are now part of the package too.

There are 34 backing systems and 5 laying systems

Let's take a brief look at how each set of systems has performed in 2021 to July 22nd.

The original 17 systems: 

For win bets: +198.19 pts
10 have made a profit and 7 a loss

The top 3 have made win profits of:

+60.80 pts
+60.64 pts
+50.45 pts

The 12 updated systems from 2019: 

For win and lay bets: +54.46 pts

6 have made a profit and 6 a loss

The top 3 have made win profits of:

+57.44 pts
+32.56 pts
+17.55 pts

The 10 recently added bonus systems: 

For win bets: +292.59 pts

9 have made a profit and 1 a loss

The top 3 have made win profits of:

+128.20 pts
+68.81 pts
+40.65 pts

And don't forget the vast majority have made a profit in each one of the previous three years too.

If laying is your thing, there are 5 laying systems and all have made a profit this year. The one included in the Bonus Systems package has had just 3 losing bets from 305 since the start of 2018 and the biggest winning streak of losing horses in this time was 237!

The maximum BSP for this particular lay betting system is set at 35.0 but so far the biggest losing bet was at BSP odds of just 17.5.

If the results above seem impressive, then that is because they really are!

The best thing is, you can now get access to everyone of these systems and start to use them yourself to make money fom your horse racing betting.

You will need a subscription to Inform Racing to be able to use these systems within our System Builder.

The systems are currently available for just £50.
(To ensure you are aware, that is phenomenal value.)
Click here to purchase the systems

Inform Racing susbcriptions are:
1 month £35
3 months £70
12 months £200
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If you take out a 12 month subscription now plus get the full system package, that works out at just over £20 a month for the initial year, then just £16.67 a month to continue your Inform Racing subscription if you want to.

(If you purchase the systems they will come in a zipped file which will need to be unzipped. Please also make sure that you read the Help File inside the zipped folder before using the systems.)

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