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Please Note: You do need an Inform Racing subscription to use these system files in the System Builder.

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Get your copy of the 10 System Builder Files + 2 more we have added

After we posted the 10 systems online a current subscriber kindly offered 2 of his own ideas and you can now access these as well. When you have downloaded the zipped folder below, the 2 new system files begin with 'Paul' so you can find these ones easily.

These two have results from 2017 and 2018 and add an extra 304.14 points profit to those already posted, or 150 extra for just 2018

PLEASE NOTE: When systems are saved they don't save whether it was a back or lay system, so when using the lay system provided here, please make sure that you change it to 'Lay' at the top of the system builder first.

Download the files now

Right click the button below and then click Save link as... This will allow you to save the zipped file containing the systems to your computer to a place where you know you will be able to access them. Then when you have done this and located the zipped folder, double click it to open it and see the .txt files.

The files in the folder are shown in alphabetical order and apart from the lay system, this is the order they are displayed on the sales page you came from here >>

Upload the files to the System Builder

Once you have the files safely saved, open the Inform Racing system builder and click the green 'Load Rules' button. Navigate to where the files were saved and click on any of the 10 files and this will open the system rules in the System Builder.

You can then click the yellow 'Apply Rules' button to run the system and see the Summary as well as full list of Results. (You can also rename any of the files to something clearer to you if you want to).

From here you can use these rules as they are to bet on future selections, or play around with the current rules, add or remove categories or whatever you want to do.

You can view a video of how to start using the system builder on You Tube on the link below.

​Coming Soon to the System Builder!

We are currently developing the System Builder so that you will be able to run your saved systems on the days race cards and this will then find any system selections for the day for you. All you will need to do is upload the saved file to the separate Declarations Builder and any selections for the day will show up in the results table below the software.

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