System Builder 3 information

Please Note: Any systems that you save in the Saved Systems panel, will be deleted when we go fully live and clear everything to upload the full set up again. You can of course add them again permanently and they will be saved now if you login and logout but just be aware that they will be deleted at some point before we go live.

If you save any new systems as .txt files these will be saved to your computer as normal. In fact I advise that you save all systems as a text file so that you always have a back up copy.

Please take a look at the key to the race cards link and the three videos I have posted to see how the new set up works.

I have made a short video showing how you can login and then find the system builder link. Again, the system builder is the only feature fully working at present on the new platform. There is no talking on the video so don't worry if you hear nothing.

The login link is below.



Issues I currently know about are below.