A selection of genuine testimonials from 2016

What a great Christmas present I gave myself when I bought your product. The yearly subscription is amazing value for what you receive. I am feeling my way in and yesterday backed three horses with two winning, Native River and Aso. So a great start.

Ian 28/12/2016

Hi Ian,thanks for your prompt attention. It was so refreshing to find a racing web site that actually provided an address and a phone number. I have to say I am staggered, after 50 years as an on and off punter I never  thought I would see anything like it…in the last 7 days 71 bets have produced 28 winners at all prices up to 20-1 and over 80 points profit to level stakes…its sheer fantasy stuff really but that’s what has happened. Once more many thanks for a wonderful service, wish I had found it years ago.

Harold 19/12/2016

Last Friday as there were only two horses to bet on that day using my selective system of picking horses from your ratings website, I did a £15 each way double on ‘Twenty Eight Guns’ in the 3.30 pm at Ffos Las (9/2 early price taken plus a 15% R4) and the other horse was ‘Royal Brave’ in the 5.15 pm at Newcastle (13/2 early price taken plus a 10% R4). I also had a tenner to win on each. Total profit on the day was +£639.03 – a terrific boost to my continuing profits from your wonderful ratings website. Thanks again!

Mike 20/11/2016

Hello Ian, The NH season more or less has began, Inform Racing top rated LTO selections at Cheltenham proved to be on the ball with: El Bandit 10/11, Marracudja 3/1, Midnight Shot 12/1 and Thomas Campbell 4/1. I am back in my element with NH Season, keep up the good work.

Brian 21/10/2016

Hi Ian, just a quick reply. I like your ratings a lot. I’ve been doing this game for a long time now, and your ratings are easy to use and accurate, so much so that it’s taken a little while to get to know them and above all trust them if you know what i mean? I used them the other day to win the pub tipping comp down the road which was quite amusing! It’s early days I know but finding a horse well off it’s last winning mark with a decent speed figure is very easy to find using these ratings.

David 11/10/2016

Hi Ian – now that I have a full 18 months of data/results behind me since I started my refined system of picking selections from your ‘Inform Racing’ website, The average return on investment over that period of time has been approximately 27%, which I’m very pleased with. My system has shown a clear profit of over £14,600 over the 18 months, which of course averages out at a tax free monthly income of £811 per month which gives me a very healthy boost to my pensions income! Thanks for your wonderful website, and long may it continue.

Mike 08/10/2016

Already had success with a few big prized winners following the basic systems. Very glad I invested in your product now, takes a while to get used to but once your thoughts are straight its fairly easy to spot the patterns that may lead to a big win. Thanks.

Nicholas 22/09/2016

I am still finding my way around the ratings, but there are a few things that I do really like, like the ability to quickly check stats on going, distance etc. in an easy pop-up is great stuff. Definitely one of the best I have used for ease of use.

Nick 18/09/2016

I’ve written before about the use of the ratings to win the Placepot. At Goodwood yesterday, a £2 minimum bet on the tote returned £952, as all master top rated horses either won or were placed.

David 29/08/2016

I have been a subscriber for a while now and I have to say I am a big fan of the ratings. It took a while to get used to the ratings but once you get a handle on how best to use them they are an invaluable tool.

Lee 14/07/2016

I’ve got to say I’m immensely impressed with your site and product overall. I’ve always believed that speed was the most important thing that sets the standard for all horses and yes the figures do not lie. Your site and ratings really are what I’m looking for and like I say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using them (to my advantage, I might add) over the last few days.

George 10/07/2016

Since Monday the 2nd May starting with £133 left in my Paddy Power account backing the top 2 or 3 rated horses depending on price, won’t back anything under 9-4 and stopping when i get a winner,my account now stands at £282. So thank you for the information it really does make betting easier.

Richard 23/07/2016

Thought you would like to here I am using your ratings with great success. Since the 8th of April I have been backing the horses that are top rated over course and distance. After the 3.20 at Newbury where Log Out Island slaughtered the opposition taking a price of 8-1 I am now £482 pounds in profit to a £5 stake. There were two nice winners on Thursday at 20-1 and 16-1. Thanks once again.

Roy 14/05/2016

Hi Ian. It’s a while since I told you how “bloody good” the Inform Ratings are but with Saigon City winning comfortably at 80/1 in an impossible York Handicap I had to flag it up. Fantastic!!! Keep em Comin.

Joe 12/05/2016

Having only recently won £2600 on a Plumpton Placepot, thought I’d have a go today. Used the top two rated horses (master), 64 bets at £0.50. 4 winning lines. Return £815.60. Never would have picked these horses without the ratings. Keep up the good work.

David 22/04/2016

Hi Ian – just to let you know that I’ve had a bit of a jackpot day using your ratings with 4 winners from 5 selections giving me a total profit on the day of +£7,244.56. This included profits from the single bets and an each way Lucky 31. Pity about the 5th selection – if that had won I would be over £112,000 up on the day! The selections were as follows: ‘Romulus Du Donjon’ – lost, ‘Motts Cross’ – won at 14/1 early price, ‘Fort Carson’ – won at 14/1 early price, ‘Grimley Girl’ – won at 6/1 early price and ‘Abyaat’ – won at 8/1 early price. So thanks for that – keep up the good work!

Mike 21/04/2016

I have just backed Ubak (20/1) and Silsol (25/1) both e.w, top rated in 1.45 Aintree both overall and LTO. Finished first and third. Yours is the best info service around by miles.

Norman 09/04/2017

Just thought I’d drop ya a mail there to let you know that I cleaned up on Cheltenham Day 2! Had three winners and a 50/1 place on a lucky 15! Bet 4pts in total win 39pts! A nice profit of 350 quid, all from reading and analysing your card and forms! I used the Run style, M+A, ability and form guides as well as looking at distance and the going!

Alan 17/03/2016

Well I’m delighted that I’ve just continued my subscription into year 2, that’s a testament to the ratings you provide I only hope that you continue with the ‘formula’ that you use and don’t tinker like other operators and will be customer for sometime to come.

Neil 23/02/2016

I just thought an email was in order to thank you for your prompt response to my phone call. I have since found the ratings invaluable and have started to profit from betting for the first time. I can’t say that I have discovered a system, but with careful judgement and staking, the ratings are a certain way of leaving the darkness and entering the light.

Michael 06/02/2016