Genuine testimonials since we began back in 2003


“Since joining the site some weeks ago and paying very careful attention to the ratings I have been very impressed both with the outcomes and your prompt return of queries….keep up the good work and every success.” Neil 2/8/2004

“I find your speed ratings extremely useful and as the summer progresses they should really come into their own. (Putra Sandhurst was almost a max. bet for me yesterday and duly trotted up.) Joe 25/4/2004

“I have to say Ian, I do appreciate your rapid response to e mail enquiries. Good communication is very confidence inspiring and confidence is so important in a service as stakes increase. I got the feeling when I first made contact with you that you ran a genuine service.” Peter 12/3/2004

“Hi Ian, just wanted to say thanks for an excellent service so far. Its real nice to have a couple of good priced winners and further to what I said yours is the best ratings service I have tried and over the years I’ve tried a few. And I’ve followed them consistently and never made a profit in the long term. Keep up the good work. If you do I’ll be a client for a long time. Thanks.” Peter 22/2/2004

“Yet another good day !!! Having only just joined your service & enjoying it a great deal” Rick 11/2/2004

“Hi Ian, yes I will be signing up for 3 months shortly. That’s the third 14/1 winner at the prices I obtained in just 8 days.” David 11/2/2004

“Excellent 12/1 winner today, first one I’ve had in years of betting. Keep it up.” Peter 2/2/2004

“BLUE SKY THINKING top rated last time out. Not an obvious choice but at 29/1 thank you very much.” Joe 31/1/2004

“I must confess that I’ve worked on systems for picking winners consistently and never got anywhere that generated much of a positive balance, so I’m very impressed by your consistent performance month in, month out.” Chris 16/1/2004

“Great stuff and thanks for an excellent day” Tom 13/1/2004

“Hi Ian. Take the rest of the week off you deserve it ! Brilliant, my Stanley bookie had a right sick look on.” Joe 13/1/2004



“Congratulations. Absolutely brilliant!! 44/1 on B/Fair, just come in from another miserable day at work to find Xmas has just been paid for. Brilliant” Joe 27/11/2003

“Ian I didn’t have time to say it before but thanks. After all that is why I have subscribed. Cheers.”Malcolm 10/11/2003

“Saw the thread on Betfair regarding your service. I would appreciate the opportunity of receiving your ratings.” Simon 1/11/2003

“Hi Ian, what can I say. Today’s results were stunning and to start the month with such a massive profit after just one day following on from last months bumper rewards has left me speechless.”Brian 1/11/2003

“A big thanks for Saturdays ratings. Can you put me down for 3 months ratings.” John 28/10/2003

“I was away but I saw the results this morning and I am very impressed even though I didn’t manage to get any bets on.” Chris 19/10/2003


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