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“I am most impressed with your ratings, they are first class.” Michael 01/12/2007

“Hi Ian, Just a short note to say thank you for your excellent ratings. I am finding those bigger priced winners now. Wish I’d found your site sooner. Thanks again.” Graham 14/11/2007

“A nice winner with La Vecchia Scuola at Newcastle in the 2.50. Picked with your ratings & trainer jockey form stats. Well done, a years subscription paid for & consistent results. I average about 8 pts a week profit. Keep up the good work. Kindest Regards” Martin 18/08/2007

“Can I say that I’m a huge fan of your ratings, the website and the service in general. It’s got to the point that I don’t know what I’d do without it!”. Adam 19/06/2007

“Thanks for the quick reply! This makes your service so different from many of the other sites which almost never reply to queries. Plus the excellent data on the site of course! Cheers.” Matthias 18/06/2007

“Hi Ian, Just thought I’d let you know how things are going. Using your ratings I have increased a bank of £700 at the end of February to £4200 by the end of May…..My subscription is due soon and I don’t want to miss out on any days just in case. Your ratings are the best resource for gamblers on the internet -and probably anywhere else.”. Michael 07/06/2006

“Hi, I have today paid £25 for one month. Sorry could not afford three months straight off but I will renew your excellent service many times. Thanks.” George 20/03/2007

“Hi there! Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that the recent additions to the site are excellent. Keep up the good work. Cheers.” Matthias 20/03/2007

“Brilliant service with so much info at hand.” Andy 18/03/2007

“Just to say congratulations on the NH ratings. I have been backing each meeting with 50p doubles and trebles as well as LTO singles and even at such small stakes the doubles and trebles have made well over £500 already.” Guy 06/03/2007

“This Saturday the ratings did rather well for me, I managed a £400 profit to £10 level stakes.” Andy 05/03/2007

“Hi Ian, very impressed with the ratings since I joined ten days ago. You run a very professional service and I would have no hesitation in recommending you.” Paul 04/03/2007

“Hi Ian, thanks for the good job in adding jumps ratings, it looks good and it will be interesting having this extra information to help us.” Ronnie 04/03/2007

“……and one more thing, this might be a trade secret but roughly how many subscribers do you have (serious ones, not month here and there). I am just trying to gauge how much of the money I see on Betfair is from your inspired speed ratings”. Eric 23/01/2007



“Following our telephone chat the other evening, I have made a very decent start by using the L.T.O. column and backing the top rated and joint top rated selections and doing the same for the Master and Avg columns. I have used level stakes and placed all bets early, getting some good prices (especially on the short priced favs).” Malcolm 09/12/2006

“Hi Ian, Your ratings are really superb and offer so many profitable betting and systematic permutations. I am very glad I found your site.” Alan 05/12/2006

“Just a note to say I am absolutely gobsmacked at today’s results! I just backed the first two from the Master column and am well in profit, I can’t believe it. I hope this carries on. Cheers.” Dave 13/10/2006

“As always you listen to your customers. Congratulations on your success.” John 10/10/2006

“Hello Ian, still banging away, still love the tables. Love the big winners. Charlie Farnsbarns 20/1 – 41/1 on Betfair and a 109/1 CSF!! All the best.” Joe 07/10/2006

“I have to say your ratings are performing very well!! Looks like you’ve got the winning formula!” Barrie 04/10/2006

“I enjoyed the service but didn’t get much chance to use it due to work and home commitments, so I won’t be renewing but hopefully will before too long perhaps for the all weather during the winter. I found the service very useful particularly to eliminate a large number of runners from the card straight away.” Steve 26/09/2006

“I have signed on a month ago and can say that the speed ratings provided are excellent! I want to make sure not to miss out on this in the future and would be pleased if you can inform me on how to extend my subscription.” Matthias 25/09/2006

“I have enjoyed the past month subscription so I have just taken out the 12 month subscription option. Keep up the good work.” Darren 19/09/2006

“I have to say that I am most impressed so far with your ratings. I have backed 5 horses today and 4 have won! Also got a nice 20/1 the other day.” John 16/08/2006

“Just to let you know that I’m finding the ratings extremely useful. I’m going away in a few days time by which time my current subscription will have ended, but rest assured I will renew when I return.”Arron 10/08/2006

“Excellent lay out of the site and cards by the way – thanks!” David 25/07/2006

“I really like the simple way and ease of operation, keep up the good work” Roberto 22/07/2006

“I have started backing Master and Lto horses forecast above 4/1. I am well in profit and grateful”John 21/07/2006

“I have been involved in racing for over 10 years and would consider myself a pro punter. I have started to use your ratings this flat season and the results are amazing! They can be used in so many ways, for laying, backing, dutching and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is serious about making money from racing.” Nitzan 06/07/2006

“My compliments, the ratings are excellent!.” Cyril 02/07/2006

“Your speed ratings are second to none.” Dave 28/06/2006

“What can I say. Backing the highlighted horses we are playing within the laws of probability and making good steady headway. If only you could shout this from the rooftops you would be a millionaire overnight. Truly fantastic”. Andy 18/06/2006

“Many thanks and excellent ratings”. Stuart 09/06/2006

“…very impressed with the service”. Andrew 09/06/2006

“I am unable to subscribe anymore at present but I’ll be using you during the winter for the AW. This is not a reflection on your product or your customer service which have both been excellent”.Rob 05/06/2006

“Hi Ian, I’m a new member and have been checking your results for the top three rated and find them to be so accurate, is this typical? If so I wish I had joined you years ago! Thanks”. John 11/05/2006

“Your ratings are brilliant! Thanks”. Michael 10/05/2006

“Thank you for all the recent additions, the search facility is brilliant. Regards”. Gary 05/05/2006

“Couldn’t back horses without your amazingly consistent ratings – keep up the good work!!”. Alan 27/04/2006

“Your site is excellent and at the price it’s the best value on the web…by a distance!! Thanks to you for the ratings, to a small stakes punter like myself they’re a boon”. Pat 22/04/2006

I joined in October last year and since then you have improved an already excellent service but I think you have gone as far as you can because the beauty of your service is that you can find likely winners quickly if you don’t have time for in depth study. So many thanks in expectation of a good turf season”. Den 18/04/2006

“Great day, well up with Levera and Speciosa. Could have been even better if Les Arcs hadn’t been edged out. Great service, keep it up”. Peter 18/04/2006

“Where do I start? After yesterdays impossible looking cards at Nottingham, Catterick, I nearly went through the card at Nottingham and won £550 for minimum stakes!!! Today Undeterred won 16.5 on BF won £465 for £30 bet. Also Danetime Lord (danced in), Arabella (walked it). 1.2k in two days, superb my friend.” Joe 13/04/2006

“…I would also say that over a good number of years I have tried almost all computer systems but most are time consuming and still don’t produce a profitable strike rate. I am not going overboard about these speed ratings at present but they do obviously produce winners” Peter 12/04/2006

“I must say that your ratings have been excellent” Mark 02/04/2006

“I love the tables, I love the ease of selecting really good value bets. Yesterday 33/1 and 16/1 and a couple at medium prices. Today Assumption danced in, Questive 13/2 almost a max bet in the lucky last. Absolutely brilliant Ian” Joe 28/03/2006

“Thanks again and I look forward to the new options you are offering on the race cards. Having used them for the past three months I cannot now do without them! Keep up the good work” David 16/03/2006

“Have used a combination of the ratings yesterday at Southwell on the banded racing & today at Wolverhampton and I am delighted to tell you that out of 12 bets, had 10 winners and 2 losses – this has produced, thanks to your fantastic speed ratings, a very nice profit! In some races I have had 1st, 2nd & 3rd, and in one race had the first 5!! I’ve looked at all sorts of ratings, speed & form, and I have to say Inform are the best ratings I’ve come across, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the all weather and then roll on the turf!!” Alan 20/01/2006

“Hello Ian, happy New Year. I thought I’d drop you a note to say well done on today’s form at Southwell, I had the winner through the card! Your service is great and long may it continue.”Martin 02/01/2006



“Blue Hills, you would have struggled to find that! Get in 48/1 on Betfair. All the best”. Joe 28/12/2005

“Two crackers yesterday with Edinburgher at 16/1 and Yenaled at 18/1 what can I say, brilliant! You know what I think, boss stats always. Cheers”. Andy 16/10/2005

“Your site may not have the bells and whistles that some operations do but at the end of the day it is only the ratings that count and I have never seen such consistency as with your speed ratings, thanks.” Derek 12/10/2005

“Hi Ian, still banging away using your speed ratings. I like backing anything 10/1 or bigger from your top 2 master ratings. Going great guns. 58/1, 42/1, 19/1, 16/1, 16/1 again and 10/1 today. I have been to work and came in to a nice 2.8k. Nice one my friend!!” Joe 16/9/2005

“Hi Ian. Hope your not fed up with me writing to you but I had to ask did you get on the nap of the day I hope so cos you cant ask for more than 25/1 in a 4 runner race (Elliots Choice) going off your stats, along with Old Bailey and Blue Hills, all together 12 selections:4 winners and 4 places, also missed the placepot by 1 at Lingfield, I’m lovin it” Andy. 8/5/2005

“Hi Ian just a quick line to let you know that I have subscribed for another month to see how I do and hope its not just beginners luck. Today thurs I went through the card and picked up the placepot X 4 also nice 12/1 winner at the end. What can I say it must be too good to be true but I hope not. Cheers.” Andy 31/5/2005

“I must admit I was well impressed with the figures given for Lingfield and know that figures at the start of a new season will always be difficult. Keep up the good work.” Tim 1/4/2005

“I am friends with the all weather again! Dancing Mystery, Party Boss, Iamback, Desert Fury, Flying Edge, Law Maker. How do you back winners like this, answer INFORMRACING. Keep em coming.”Joe 19/3/2005


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