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“Your ratings have been the best I have used – I would recommend you to anyone”. Anthony 26/12/2010

“I am very much enjoying your site, it has everything I need. I particularly like the in running stats which are much more user friendly than Timeform and used in conjunction with trainers in form it is very effective for Backs to Lay + Lays to Back”. David 12/10/2010

“Since registering with Inform a few months ago, following a friend’s recommendation, my success at picking winners has been transformed beyond my wildest expectations. For the first time in over thirty years of betting I am well ahead of the bookies. So much so that Ladbrokes have put a limit of a £20 stake on my internet account.” John 28/11/2010

“Just a quick note, I took your advice regarding outstanding master ratings and now have a 43% strike rate with average odds of 3.5.” Richard 26/11/2010

“Thanks for the info. – the cards have been great so far today – fingers crossed it continues!”Richard 25/11/2010

“Well what can I say.  I  just put together a really basic, quick through the card system (on half decent races) today.  In total 17 races and 8 wins.  Including wins at 14-1, 10-1 and 15/2.  A profit on every card I did. Haven’t looked at the AW yet.  It just can’t be this easy!”. Allan 20/10/2010

“Can report that today is the first day I’ve actually used the ratings live and have hit home on 3 out of 7 for a nice profit. So far so good! Like the format, easy to understand, and also damn easy to pick out a system. Keep up the good work fella.” Keith 29/09/2010

“Just to let you know I am delighted with results so far and have made a packet in just a few weeks by backing top M+A rated horses each way in races of 8 or more. Only horses that are first three in the betting qualify from the top three and literally loads have won and most have placed. Brilliant!”Steve 21/09/2010

“I am getting the hang of the ratings and they are extremely helpful.” Gerald 03/09/2010

“Keep up the good work. Fantastic service.” Chris 13/07/2010

“Just to let you know that your site has all ready paid for itself 10 times over in only a month. Keep up the great work.” Ryan 09/06/2010

“Hi Ian just to say what a great service you provide.” Arthur 19/05/2010

“I would not consider placing a bet without your ratings.” George 20/04/2010

“I have really enjoyed using the ratings and look forward to (hopefully) a profitable year.” Stephen 11/04/2010

“Hi Ian. Thanks for the trial. Using just small bets on the ratings has paid for the subscription so I am happy to subscribe for a year.” Ian 01/04/2010

“Firstly I would like to say your ratings are the best detailed speed ratings about in my opinion.  I was a member last year for a couple of months, though took a bit of a break over the winter period to refresh the brain cells a bit!  I have found your speed ratings the best around and combined with form and other avenues I have started to really benefit in profiting from the fun filled game we call horse racing!” Sean 29/03/2010

” I must say these ratings are amazing in their accuracy.  I just love that pop up box where all the aspects of the form are easily readable, going, direction, trainer etc, I am a very small stakes punter and mainly dutch bet. With your ratings I had so many winners this week I have had the trial I could not believe it. I would never have believed that speed ratings are so effective on British racing”.Gerard 22/03/2010

“Hi Ian, subscribed for a year and this is my second week. Your ratings are excellent and I am very glad I subscribed. I’m sure if you keep going you will have massive success – and you deserve it. All the best to you.” Anthony 06/03/2010

“The ratings are working very good at present. I am very surprised at how good the jump ratings are as I have never been a fan of jump racing betting, let alone speed figures but yours are absolutely brilliant. I have been betting on the jumps more than AW recently and that is a surprise. Well done for producing such good form and stats.” Richard 01/03/2010

“Less than two weeks into membership but very very impressed. I do actually subscribe to Timeform and I have to say so far this works just as well and in my personal opinion easier to interpret at a fraction of the cost.” Chris 24/02/2010

“Many thanks for giving me a free trial on your speed ratings. I have to say, I think they are absolutely superb and anyone can see from your site that you have done one hell of a lot of work on it. I’m taking you up on the year offer as soon as my trial ends in a couple of days.” Anthony 22/02/2010

“Had the placepot at Towcester the other Sunday and won £574, cheers for help, Woodlands Genpower did the trick I think, probably would never have considered the horse without Inform Racing.” Graham 04/02/2010



“Well done for a very good service, excellent ratings and for the way I use them very good results”.Richard 24/11/2009

“Hi Ian, Just to let you know on Saturday my wife was at York Races with friends & family, I gave her 3 selections from each race, the results were brilliant with 4 x winners, 1 x second, 4 x thirds & 2 x fourths. Could NOT have done it without your system. Thanks once again.” Dave 12/10/2009

“The last 2 days have been amazing just backing the first 3 in the master column. I will definitely be joining the service on a permanent basis.” Gill 18/09/2009

“Hi Ian, Just to let you know I will not be renewing my subscription as I am off to Singapore with my job. I would like to take the time just to say I have enjoyed using your Speed Ratings and have found many more winners at good prices with them. Anyone would be mad not to use them as I have found they give you a good edge. Keep the good work up Ian, I have enjoyed every moment.” J Murphy 03/09/2009

“The ratings seem to be fantastic and looking forward to profiting from them.” Sean 16/08/2009

“I will admit I am dedicated to the RPR ratings but your site is excellent for breaking down the race for genuine contenders and using the VDW figures yesterday I had a nice treble 5/2, 2/1 and 8/1. The form cards are excellent and accompany the race cards perfectly, instead of 1 hour it now takes me just 20 minutes.” Lee 24/07/2009

“Many thanks for the reply, I’m very impressed with the data and for the price it is a real bargain. and turns up some very big priced winners.” Paul 21/07/2009

“I must say the results this past week have been fantastic. I’ve combined your speed ratings with a form based system and I have had a very profitable week thanks to your speed ratings.” Graham 14/05/2009

“I’d just like to add that this is the best site I have ever used. I have always been an admirer of the Van der Whiel system and the missing links that they all talked about as far as I was concerned were Speed and Going and you are supplying all of these things for me in an easy to use format. Long may it continue. Thank you very much.” Peter 09/04/2009

“Hi Ian, very impressed!! First 4 bets since using your ratings, winners at 2/5, 8/1, 7/1 and an 8/1 Neck 2nd!. Very Happy.” Neil 09/04/2009

“Your site and the ratings have always been great but with the extra info that you’ve added it’s now really invaluable, thanks.” Terry 31/03/2009

“Fantastic site by the way, I now have loads of confidence placing bets , 1 losing day in last 7.”Martin J 30/03/2009

“I haven’t been a subscriber long, but I can already see that there is real magic in your speed figures. I have actually made over 100 points profit in a little over a week. I have had winners at Betfair prices of 14-1 (twice), 28-1 and 75-1 (Whotsit), plus others at lower odds. So, what can I say, but thanks. Inform is the perfect assistant to allow me to take my pro-gambling to a higher level.”Andy 10/02/2009

“I just thought I would drop you a quick email to compliment you on your superb ratings. I have been involved in racing on a professional level for quite some time now and I must say your ratings are very accurate. I will definitely being renewing my subscription for the full year. The main reason I subscribed initially was for the VDW ratings, but combined with your excellent speed ratings your service is everything I have been looking for. Well Done”. Mark 30/01/2009

“Thanks for your prompt reply. I think I will also use the Master column as even just looking at some results yesterday this already appears impressive when backing the first three.” Liam 23/01/2009

“Excellent results so far. Nearly every winner at Kempton was top rated yesterday.” Mark 11/01/2009



“Have only been a member of your service for just over a week and have essentially been monitoring things along side my own ratings. However, despite being bottom of my own ratings, I did put a bit of money on your top rated 50/1 winner Song of Praise which has more than paid for your service. One of the reasons I joined was because of the good testimonials from your subscribers. Please add this to them. Well Done.” Paul 28/11/2008

“Having just past the week since I subscribed I would like to say how impressed I am with the inform ratings.”. Roger 22/11/2008

“I have just been marking up the day’s winners on print outs of your cards and very impressed by the results. I don’t know how I’ve managed without them for so long. p.s. And thanks for the 3/1 winner you tipped!” Terry 23/08/2008

“As a new member,  I must admit I have been really impressed with some of the top rated winners, (25/1 Mr Aviatior @Ascot, to last night’s fancy, Emperors Well (8/1 backed from 14/1’s @ Thirsk last night). Many thanks.” Tommy 02/07/2008

“Hi thanks, had my best day of racing today using your ratings.” Reggie 24/06/2008

“Since joining your service I have had quite a bit of success using the ratings as a platform on which to select my bets. I have found that the ratings have kept me off backing short priced favourites leading to regular returns. No doubt June and July with regular good to firm ground will continue the trend. I am enjoying the service, many thanks and kind regards” David 01/06/2008

“I think your ratings are like gold dust and I would recommend any person who has an interest in betting to follow your ratings. The method I use incorporating your ratings has kept me going quite nicely as a serious hobby.” Richard 08/04/2008

“Must say I’m hugely impressed with the ratings you provide, think you do a great job, I wouldn’t be getting half my selections without them.” Tim 09/03/2008

“You are to be congratulated on your methodology producing your ratings. In terms of accuracy I would place you top of the tree, above the likes of Dave Edwards, Dave Bellingham, Timeform and Nick Mordin.” Philip 15/01/2008


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