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“For the last month I had a trial with another rating service and so wasn’t a member of Inform Racing. Biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time, made me realize how good your site is. Thanks.”Emmet 26/12/2013

“Hi Ian – it’s been a good couple of months for me so far with ‘TUKITINYASOK’ winning on Friday at 25/1 and yesterday’s ‘BALLYGLASHEEN’ winning at 33/1 and ‘BEYEH’ winning today at 6/1 (from 3 selections)! So at the moment, with 2.5 weeks to go until the end of the year I’m getting on for £7000 profit on the year.” Mike G 15/12/2013

“Hello Ian, I must say that I am beginning to depend on your service and although it has taken me a little while, I have made about 100 points profit over the last 4 days.” Sue 10/11/2013

“Hi Ian, recently responded to your survey request, I forgot to mention that I have with my wife enjoyed 3 yearly cruises round the med thanks to inform racing. Your the best thing since sliced bread. P.S I had £20 ew on Drumshambo yesterday (Won 16/1), good start for next cruise!!” Laurie 03/11/2013

“Really enjoying using the ratings. I have tried about everything on the market and nothing compares to the accuracy of the ratings. This is now going to be my only source of information regardless, week in week out the ratings remain constant. I will definitely be renewing my membership when my subscription expires.” Malcolm 27/10/2013

“Ian, I now never miss a day and I never have a bet without consulting you ratings first. Excellent job well done.” Malcolm 07/10/2013

“If today’s results are anything to go by its the best hundred pound I’ve spent, Lowther what a result (20/1) and Flashlight (7/2) really brilliant well done.” Pete 27/08/2013

“I received a copy of your 80/20 system a few months ago with the links to past results and the user guide. This gave me a good insight into your product and I have not been disappointed.” John 27/07/2013

“15.25 Newbury, 5 runners, Miracle of Medinah (Clear top rated) Won 33/1 (BSP 46.0). That’s what you call value!!!” Mark 20/07/2013

“Just a quick note to say thanks a lot for the last few days, your ratings are flying! Yesterday Victoire De Lyphar practically jumped out of the page at me, I couldn’t believe I got it at 13/2, brilliant stuff. I’m gradually upping the stakes as my betting bank continues to rise. Thanks again” John 12/07/2013

“I already thought Money Team at Catterick was a good bet and increased my stake after looking at your ratings so have covered my year’s subscription  already!” Norman 10/07/2013

“Hi on taking another look and after reading your e-mail, I am well impressed. Just paper trading at the moment, but had 3 good winners Monday, and 3 good winners today, hopefully will continue when I gather a stake together!! Thank you for your help, I will continue to be a subscriber to your excellent service!”. Tony 02/07/2013

“Hi Ian, I’m in a rich vein of punting form and its all down to your ratings!” Neil 02/07/2013

“I’m working fairly long hours, so I’m having a quick look over your ratings and between the Master, M+A, LTO and Ability I’m picking 2 or 3 horses a day and it’s been going well thanks. In mid July, I will have much more time to study each race in depth, but I’m finding it easy to use, and I am very glad I joined, you seem to leave no stone unturned!” Johnny 27/06/2013

“Hi Ian, thank you for the tutorial, I have been backing winners everyday since, thanks mate.” Ken 26/06/2013

“Dear Sir, thank you for your tutorial email today. I have been a member for few years. I read that tutorial with interest and enjoyed a fruity Crimson Queen winning so easy at a massive price today. That paid my annual membership a few times over. Excellent inside knowledge and fabulous ratings.” KS 25/06/2013

“Hi, just to say I purchased a months subscription as I’m off work with broken fingers so needed something to occupy me and I like racing but never had much success! Well that’s all changed 25/6/ 2013 I tried them out but started off badly as had not got to grips with them straight off. I persevered and applied to evening cards and I won 183 quid for 80p doubles and trebles TZORA, GOLD TOP AND CRIMSON QUEEN  combining the systems advised.” Neil 25/06/2013

“Thanks Ian. Things too good to be true these last two days. Green Park (Won 25/1) qualified on System 2, 5 & 6 I took the Betfair S.P (34.39). The totality of systems bets since starting on Sunday is 35 1pt  bets 7 wins 93pts returned. Keep up the great work.” Dave 25/06/2013

“…nice site, easy to use and obviously well supported.” Michael 22/06/2013

“How can anyone cope without this info of yours I do not know. Keep it up Ian.” Andy 22/06/2013

“Incidentally I do find the figures enormously helpful in finding profitable winners. No one else I know of comes anywhere near for quality, ease of accessing vital data and consistency. Thanks. You can quote me if you like. I made the cost of a yearly subscription in the first week and that was before I had got completely used to the system. It can be as simple to find winners as using the recommended M+A or you can drill down to find stats to oppose the herd – which to me is the crux of profitable punting, finding value.” Gary 21/06/2013

“Am very impressed with your workings & can’t believe you’re offering so much info in one very under priced service. Was delighted when I found you included basic pace figures as well as that’s something I did quite well at using some 10 years ago, everyone seemed to cotton on to that angle but I find it a very welcome addition to the speed handicapping you’re providing. I think yesterdays start on 2 non handicaps producing 40/1 & 33/1 winners says it all. Best site I’ve ever found.” Lee 14/06/2013

“Hi Ian, I am now in to my second year of subscription, and what a great start I’ve had. I have just completed a successful days betting 13/06/13 and I used your statistics to successfully pick out a winning lucky 15 – a total win of £520.50 for a £26 stake- that’s a 20/1 return on investment. May we all continue to keep winning. Many Thanks.” Simon 13/06/2013

“Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing.” Kelvin 21/05/2013

“…it’s all great stuff, finding lots of winners.” Ian 19/05/2013

“Hi Ian-I’ve been a member for some time – highly satisfied and use the site on a daily basis. Many thanks and long may you continue to provide this user-friendly mass of information!!” Rob 18/05/2013

“Hi Ian, I watched for the first half of the week and could not believe how many winners were being thrown up, I then used the 20/80 system, starting slowly and have doubled my bank so long may it continue.” Neville 12/05/2013

“I am finding your selections are an excellent guide to making my selections and am making profits every day. Thank you for an excellent service.” Geoffrey 09/05/2013

“Well Ian I got logged in, took part and boy am I pleased I did as it was a cracking day with v.good results and lots of racing.” Robert 07/05/2013

“I’ve had a good first week, up over 30 points. Your ratings are good so yes I’m very pleased with my purchase. The way you have laid the site out is first class. The best I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to a profitable flat season.” Paul 06/05/2013

“As your records will show I’m now in my 3rd Month of subscribing! Brilliant service!!” John 03/05/2013

“Ian your a genius! Just backed KING OF EDEN at 25/1!!! Never would have found it without you website… thank you very much indeed.” Neil 15/04/2013

“Three brilliant winners (one at 16/1) using your ratings Ian. Credit where its due. Thank you mate.”Anthony 08/04/2013

“Well what can I say…so far so good, at the end of racing last night 2/4/13 I was up to the tune of 69 points if my maths are correct…WOW.  I’m following the 3 main methods listed on your web page, I don’t spend too much time looking at form etc but following those methods mentioned and a price stipulation of no lower than 3/1 has so far produced great returns.” Shaun 03/04/2013

“As a serious punter I find the information and ratings you produce are as important to me as form info from the Racing Post. Anyone who takes the time to use the information thoughtfully and selectively will be well rewarded. This is the best value resource on the web and should be an ESSENTIAL tool for anyone who bets on horse racing.” Dave 18/03/2013

“Hi Ian, My subscription to your ratings only started 13 days ago, but already I’m impressed. I studied your figures for a couple of hours to find the best way of using them for my way of betting, which is to find around 3 daily bets at decent prices where possible. For the next few days I just paper-traded to see how things went, but because of good results (despite a couple of mistakes on my part) I started backing to win with £25 level stakes on day five. Since then I’ve made an astounding £562.50 profit from 21 bets (6 winners and 15 losers), giving a 28.5% strike rate. The winning odds were 7-4, 12-1, 15-2, 4-1, 10-1 and 9-4, which are incredibly good prices for such a strike rate. I know it’s early days and this is only a small sample, but it certainly bodes well for the future!” John 04/03/2013

“Hi Ian, It isn’t long since I last emailed you re Christmas etc. but I just have to contact you again to say how impressed I am. I have been with you for a while now but didn’t really start studying your figures until towards the end of last year. I kept thinking I would cancel my subscription but something kept stopping me! It must have been some extra sense that stopped me. Now I can’t wait for each day to receive them! I cannot believe it sometimes how good you are! I enjoy it very much and can’t wait to receive them each day. I lost my job last year and thanks to you the wolf is being kept from the door. Best Regards & Many thanks.” Barbara 04/03/2013

“Hi Ian, very impressed with your ratings, I bet in play on the place market, just concentrating on your top three, seems to be working well, over£400 pounds in 4 weeks part time. Cheers”. John 02/03/2013

“I have been meaning to email you since Christmas, just to say thank you for such a fantastic job – like many others I would be nowhere near as successful without you. Long may you continue.”Barbara 28/01/2013



“I have found my way around the site, the only part that I am hazy about are the VDW ratings, at the moment I am not taking them into account, but it doesn’t seem to have affected my selections ,because I have had 7 winners from 10. As an 80 year old pensioner, I don’t put much money on but play for the fun of it!”. Geoff 10/12/2012

“I am loving your ratings, I had ten selections at Kempton last week to kick off, 5 won at odds of 7/1, 6/1, 2/1, 8/1, 11/2 and three others placed although I only backed them to win. I would describe myself as a competent form reader of flat racing and I used to use racing posts speed figures with mixed results, as not knowing how they were compiled and how accurate they are left me wondering. I am pleased to see you have draw figures and In running figures as I do believe they give me an edge in seeing which horses could make the best from the draw.” Paul 05/12/2012

“Keep up the good work Ian. Your site is so user friendly with quick easy ways to compare your horse form.” John 04/12/2012

“Hi Ian – what a wonderful surprise – I had a tenner to win on ‘GYMDOLI’ at the SP of 125/1. I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I checked the result. The evening before the early estimated price was only 11/2, so on that basis I did it to win only. It certainly more than made up for a pretty poor month up to that point. I also had ‘QUERIDO’ placed at 33/1. So as of at the moment, I’ve had 3 profitable consecutive months since I started using your rating selections in earnest back in August.” Mike 22/11/2012

“Only just over a month into my yearly subs and another nice winner. Caught Raya Star in the 2.35 at Ascot yesterday, what a close finish but the ratings were bang on. Got matched at 10.5 on Betfair and the ratings have already paid for themselves easily. Thanks Mike”. Mike 04/11/2012

“Your stats are the most interesting I’ve ever come across, and do allow the user the ability to find excellent value in the markets each day.” John 01/10/2012

“Well…. What can i say…. I have now been using the ratings and applying my own formula to selections for four weeks. For the first time ever I am now withdrawing more money than depositing on betfair – 1300 so far this month. Really enjoying the ratings. Well done… Please don’t go anywhere soon. Kind regards.” Tony 25/09/2012

“Thanks Ian – much obliged. Last Monday for instance I picked 4 from your ‘course’ top rated column. They were ‘Button Moon’ at 12/1 – placed, ‘Xpress Maite’ at 12/1 – won, ‘Ryedale Dancer’ at 8/1 – placed and ‘Absolute Shambles’ at 16/1 – placed. With the single bets and an e/w Lucky 15 on the 4, the total profit for the day was £636.00”. Mike 17/09/2012

“I am very happy with the ratings. The big attraction for me was the Run Style figures, as it has saved me hours of trawling through horse’s previous runs as I look for trading angles. I am confident I will be subscribing for 12 months next time.” Chris 11/09/2012

“Really getting something out of the site Ian, in fact once my month is up I intend to take out a years subscription, I’m now a convert to speed figures and yours are top notch. Also, very pleased with how you’ve taken the time out to answer one or two questions I had, goes a long way. Thanks.”John 30/08/2012

“I think your figures are fantastic. Thank you.” Barbara 28/08/2012

“…have been a member for some time now and am thoroughly enjoying it -wonderful winners and wonderful prices, well done, absolutely superb!!”. Malcolm 27/08/2012

“Not even been joined a week now, took out 1years subscription. Haven’t seen anything else that comes close to this. Winners after winners at big prices and your service doesn’t tell the full story as I’ve backed them at bigger prices than what sp returned ie 6/1 returned 4/1 5/1 returned 2/1 4/1 returned 5/2
Best £130 I’ve spent keep up the great work”. Mervyn 27/08/2012

“Hi Ian, I am your classic pennies punter doing ‘mug’ bets that consistently lose me money with the occasional big win to compensate. I got your free trial through Matt’s Geegeez site and in that first week had a lucky 15 up that returned £327 and a few pennies for £2. I was more than happy to shell out the £55 for three months and promptly won another £319, followed by another £60 and another £120. To be consistently winning is a novel experience for me, and a very pleasant one. What is particularly pleasing is that quite often the best rated return in double figures so now I am doing far more single bets and doubles. I no longer bother reading form unless there are several horses rated closely together in a handicap and, if it is on TV, I want to have a small minimum stakes punt.” Phillip 23/08/2012

“I wrote to you just after taking out my subscription to tell you of my successful multiple using the ratings (£2000 profit). Well I did it again on Monday night, 3 winners from 3 selections @ 15/8 3/1 8/1 for a 2.5 grand profit. I think using the ratings the way I am they are pure gold.” Chris 22/08/2012

“Signing up to Inform for 12 months looks like one of my better decisions, last three days using ratings and draw info – three place pots up for pennies: £50, £155, £366. More than paid for my subscription already! Thanks again.” Brian 15/08/2012

“Thanks for processing my annual subscription. It is an amazing service and I have enjoyed six profitable days out of seven. It was an easy decision to stay on board and congratulations for such a successful enterprise and thank you for all the hard work you put into it. I can honestly say that I have never come across such useful and easy to interpret information – I am not a huge punter, just a regular low stakes version. Great fun and you are now going to be a daily part of my life! Best wishes.” Mark 15/08/2012

“…your ratings helped me to a two grand profit last Friday.” Chris 15/08/2012

“Just wanted to say that I have looked at loads of sites that do something along the line of yourself, your figures surpass anything that I have seen before like yesterday I got 3 out of 3 reverse forecasts up, one of them was a 14/1 winner that was first, I have never had 3 dual forecasts up before. Thanks for all the advice your figures have given me (still can’t get over how my luck has turned) it has been a profitable week. ” Ronnie 13/08/2012

“I’m really finding the speed rating v useful! Given up betting without them!” Ed 04/08/2012

“Hi Ian, impressive start….Helped me to find My Queenie and Indian Giver today and Time Medician yesterday. Say no more – 22/1, 31/1 and 33/1 on betfair (happy days)” Richard 01/08/2012

“Great start for the newwbie.! Thanks for the following not all top rated but I wouldn’t have found them without the ratings: Sleepy Blue Ocean 23/1 B.F, Mavern 17.5/1 B.F, Too many in the 6/1 to 10/1 range to mention and the icing on the cake………Time Medicean.!! 34/1 B.F. There appears to be a pattern developing factoring in certain criteria but I need more data to quantify this. Thanks again and keep up the good work” Richard 31/07/2012

“…very happy with Tuesday. 7/2,1/3,5/1,7/4,7/2,15/2 and 10 placed at decent prices. Showed a good profit for the day.” Joe 18/07/2012

“Hi Ian. Just renewed my membership for the next 12 months, into my 4th or 5th year now, best investment I have ever made, great service through out the year. Best wishes and good health.”Chris 24/06/2012

“Hi Ian I thought I should give you an update on how I’m getting on since I contacted you last week. Everything seems to be improving! There seems, on some races, to be 2 – 4 selections, so I have been either dutching them or going E/W.  I have made a profit every day, except Saturday, but I wasn’t really concentrating on it properly on that day. I have also been matching your list of winners including a nice £25 e/w on Nelson du Ronceray! Yesterday I had Night in Milan at 14/1, Keeneland, Sublime Talent and Hi Ho Silvia as winners, whilst Beidh Tine Anseo, Galley Slave, Cavite Eta and More Equity all placed. And then to top it all off, Cloonavery was thrown up with an LTO rating. When I looked at the odds, just before race off, it was 100/1. I put £10 to place on Betfair at 26/1 and £10 E/W on Paddy Power and Ladbrokes at 100/1 – Cloonavery pitched up in 2nd! I’m sure you can work out the returns! Thanks for the advice.” Kevin 28/05/2012

“Hi Ian, I am busy with place betting for all the top rated horses with place odds of over 2.5. At the moment it is going well. I have taken my small bank of 200 to a bank of just over 3000. Obviously with an aggressive staking plan. And this in just 7 days!” Claude 05/06/2012

“Hi Ian – just to say thanks for Friday’s selections where I had a profit of nearly £1500 from some of your top rated that day. I had a £0.25 e/w Lucky 63 on ‘Secret Witness’, ‘Pintura’, ‘Vocational’ (non runner), ‘Fathom Five’, ‘Imprimis Tagula’ and ‘First Bid’. I also backed them singly. Anything 14/1 and over I also back e/w. I also backed ‘Ozz’ in a separate account in a different multiple bet. I just wish I had included that one in the above Lucky 63! Hindsight’s a wonderful thing isn’t it, especially in racing!” Mike 13/5/2012

“What a top rating winner, Nomoreblondes 22/1SP…..25.0 on Betfair.
Level staked top two in the ratings both trained by Paul Midgeley. Thank you once again for your value ratings………long may you reign.” Roger 08/05/2012

“I am enjoying using the race cards (now that I have actually worked out how to use them properly!) to make my own decisions for a change rather than following a pro punter. I am just following the first 3 systems, with ease. I am following only value horses at 5-1 + and leaving the short priced ones alone. My reward has been staff sergeant the other day @ 11/2 and Judy in Disguise at a whopping 19.5 on Betfair. Yesterday, Seek The Fair Land and Lolita Lebron at 6/1 and so far today Phoenix des Mottes @ 11.02, Enter Milan @ 6.26. Thanks so much for a great service. There aren’t many which pay for themselves in a day or two.” Adam 08/05/2012

“Wow Ian, I have been using your ratings via VDW top 6 then looking for good last time out or good master rating and I have just had the Nell Gwyn winner at 50 on Betfair. Great stuff and a good start. Many thanks Ian.” Jim 18/04/2012

“I’m following master ratings which for my first week have been superb and i hope to find other methods for picking horses when i have more time using the draw and lto figures. I am very surprised at the results and how easy it is to use your website. I am finding it hard not to get excited. Im using a 200pt bank for the top master ratings picks and hope to gradually increase stakes over the next year. So thank you very much and i hope we all have a great year in racing!!” Dave 20/04/2012

“Thank u very much :-) Good service and the system 1 is flying, well done.” Jason 18/04/2012

“Hi my name is Ben I recently signed up to a one month subscription and just wanted to say fantastic ratings here, just had my 3rd profitable day dutching selections and had a 28/1 winner – Carlitos Spirit with £2.75 each way for a £97.90 return! Many thanks.” Ben 27/03/2012

“Congratulation for the best horse racing site in Europe. I tried other services but they do not provide as much winners plus you give us the chance to make up our own mind instead of depend on somebody’s else opinion, info or hunch.” Vasilis 18/03/2012

“First race at Cheltenham Triumph Hurdle. Dutched top two to £10. Reversed the stakes to favour the outsider. Net odds on Betfair @ 45/1 after deductions…..over £305 returned. Thank you very much……..your ratings if used correctly are a breathe of fresh air compared to the industry norm. Long may your ratings reign.” Roger 16/03/2012

“As a serious punter I’ve been very impressed by the quality of your ratings and the ease of use.”John 07/03/2012

“First of all let me congratulate you on your speed figures etc. The first day I paper traded and was amazed on the power of these ratings, much, much more precise than other so called, LEADING software and believe me I have tried them all . The following day I managed a C.S.F that paid 11.75 per £1.00 Stake and other winners here and there, all to minimum stakes.” Ian 04/02/2012

“A short note to say your ratings give me a definite edge and hope you plan on continuing for many years to come.” Mark 06/02/2012

“Hello Ian, I do place betting on Betfair with your top speed ratings and the results are outstanding thanks.” Keith 31/12/2012

“Hi Ian, had a good few winners at good prices just following the top two master ratings. I am thinking that the last time out ratings might be more profitable but just watching at the moment. Cheers all the best !! Chris 22/01/2012

“Well done today with some excellent m+a results on a day of pretty dire fare”. Paul 18/01/2012

“Just a quick e-mail to say that your speed ratings aided me in the selection of Vhujon yesterday at Kempton, who just so happened to bolt in at 14/1. I took 20/1 on Betfair so am very happy indeed. Just wanted to say thank you once again for your ratings, they are the best in the business and please keep up the great work as it is greatly appreciated. I couldn’t bet without your superb ratings – which help me find big priced winners on a daily basis. Inform Racing really is the secret to value!”Darren 12/01/2012



“I must admit I am writing this after a 31-1 winner (Spinning Ridge) via Betfair thanks to your ratings. I am a semi-serious punter who works full-time so the ratings have been a real help in narrowing down fields in a quicker way than writing tissues and studying form which I have dabbled in, in the past. I still do these things but your ratings have dramatically cut the time as I can begin to reduce the field quickly! I suspect I may be a customer for quite some time!” Ian 18/11/2011

“All going well for me with the figures at the moment. Well done and thanks Ian.” Paul 27/10/2011

“Credit where it is due Ian. Two 20/1 winners at Kempton. Amazing.” Anthony 26/10/2011

“Ian just had to write a few lines of thanks. Congratulations on a first class service. I have always favoured Timeform in the past, which can cause prices to cramp up. Your ratings are spot on and the value for money BF prices are astounding. Monday 24/10/11….Leicester 1400 LOVE TALE: M+A 135 Top rated with good course and distance figures returned @ BF 22.00. Leicester 1700:STEED Master Top Rated and M+A Top Rated Won @ BF 17.00. Finally: Redcar 1710:INSOLENCEOFOFFICE Master Top Rated with good course and distance figures WON @ BF 14.00…… With the added insurance of selective dutching and laying the occassional false favourite. This equates to steady capital appreciation and a very happy punting experience.” Roger 25/10/2011

“Hello there Ian. Your service is excellent, I have already had some winners, with a 9.1 sp and a 6.1. It is concise, clear and accurate, without doubt the best I have come across, and exceptional value for money.” Paul 29/09/2011

“Hi Ian, just to let you know I am finding your ratings pretty amazing so far! Very very accurate. I am doing very well and thanks to your 80-20 method I’m making a nice profit from placed horses! Cant thank you enough and please keep up the amazing work!” Jim 20/07/2011

“Just to say I had my best day punting ever with your ratings yesterday finding them fantastic so thanks a lot and keep up the good work.” Iain 12/07/2011

“Just thought you would like to know that thanks to your information boxes I managed to back French Hollow today at 75/1 on Betfair! (won at 66/1). I would never have got it otherwise so many thanks for the great site” Lawrence 08/07/2011

“Having backed the system bets over the last 3 days to small stakes, I am very impressed with the result (+52 points!). Many thanks and fantastic to have your ratings back in my betting analysis.”Graham M 03/07/2011

“I am writing to send you an e-mail of many thanks. My name is Darren; you may remember we spoke on the phone a few days ago about how I was going to compare your speed ratings with the free speed ratings on the At The Races website. I thought you might be interested to know that I have ditched the ATR speed ratings, mainly because they are no where near as reliable and consistent as the speed ratings produced by yourself at Inform Racing. I am only a small time player, admittedly, but over the past couple of days I have done exceptionally well by following your ratings. A couple of days ago I was able to increase my ‘bank’ on Betfair by 42%. However, today has been an exceptional day for your ratings. I have managed to increase my Betfair ‘bank’ by a staggering 209.45%.  I have backed many horses today (sometimes dutching two horses in one race) and have continually looked for value odds. Please keep up the great work as it is hugely appreciated.” Darren 29/06/2011

“I must say that I am very impressed of the ratings so far. I use them most in hcps (3y+). Very easy to incorporate to other sources that I have.” K. Bergman 27/06/2011

“I am glad that I joined your ratings. I am a novice but finding winners easily.” K. S 23/06/2011

“I think your ratings are great and are a true assessment of what a horse should do in a race.”David 20/06/2011

“Wow a system winner at 40/1 (65.0) with Bartley, well done.” Paul 13/06/2011

“Ian, Yet again your ratings absolutely shine. I looked at Button Moon then expected around 1.4 on Betfair. I took 2.04 for nice money. I must admit I was concerned when she mucked about before the race. I really did not need to, she absolutely destroyed them just as it said on the tin. Thank you very much. Your ratings have changed my betting structure completely.” Phil 26/04/2011

“Hi Ian, just thought I’d let you know that using your ratings for the start of the flat, I’ve seen my bank treble in 1 week. Outstanding!! I’ve been using them to identify ‘ value ‘ bets. For example Breathless Kiss today, which garnered me well over £100! Your ratings are just superb, can’t thank you enough for them. As I’ve said b4. Keep up the good work fella!” Keith 06/04/2011

“I would not want to go to the bookies without your ratings, I am finding them really good so far and a great insight into reading races. Anyone betting on horses should be subscribing to your service because if they are not they are really missing out.” Gary 23/03/2011

“I find your race cards very interesting and I am still studying them as often as I can to learn how to best read them, though my results so far are very encouraging.” Gary 18/03/2011

“Finding these ratings really good mate, I’ve been using them for dutching races and also trading using the pace codes, really good, thanks.” Steve 05/03/2011 

“WOW! For only one month I have doubled my bank. (I won’t say how or for how much) but, my, I am impressed. The 12/1 winner of yesterday’s 2.10 Sprint Final at Lingfield (Norville) was superb.”Joseph 27/02/2011

“Still finding my way around the speed figures but have been very impressed so far.” Matt 25/02/2011

“Hi Ian, thanks for the e-mail its a refreshing change to see some one take the time with their customers after they have received money from them, in fact I think you are the first I have come across. I have been using system 3 since monday and I am £170 up using very small stakes, many thanks.” Lee 18/02/2011

“Very nice bit of kit Ian, wish now I had got it before. It is quite easy to navigate round as well, I’m also liking the run style feature that I’m using for trading, a welcome addition.” Steve 14/02/2011

“For your info your site is superb. I use your ratings as part of my overall betting plan. From a personal point of view, I find it more relevant to the flat, rather than the jumps. But that may just be me. You provide an excellent service my friend. Glad I found your site.” Keith 13/02/2011

“I put great store by your ratings – they’re better than Timeform.” Anthony 09/02/2011

“Thank you ever so much had a winning 1999/1 five fold yesterday by combining the three systems selections. What a great result I am totally over the moon and can’t thank you enough” Waseem 03/02/2011


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