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For the past month I have been incorporating your free daily meeting ratings into my own betting system and I am over £1100 in profit. Just today I backed Court House to win at 10/3 odds (Newcastle 1pm) rather than backing the ‘odds on’ Kaser (using your LTO and Master ratings). I also had Apalis, Desert Ruler, Symbolic Star and Oriental Lilly as single wins. Total profit today is £109.48.

I would just like to say thank you for your incredibly accurate ratings and if these kind of results continue over the next few weeks I will definitely be taking up the offer of the full years membership.

“Never place a bet or trade without referencing your ratings!” Chris 26/12/2017

“Delighted I finally decided to pull the trigger this evening and join up, I only joined at 6pm and using the speed ratings at Wolverhampton, I’ve already withdrawn the £40 I paid for the sign up fee! Amazing. Firstly, thank you for the free speed ratings for the last few months! I’ve tracked them using various systems with decent success on flat racing, and I really feel if I can guarantee getting the speed ratings for the flat races daily, i can make a few pound. Secondly, thanks for the time and effort you put into these. I’ve had more success with horses since using your speed ratings than ever before. Keep up the great work!” John 22/12/2017

“Thanking you – still the best racing website there is.” Peter 05/12/2017

“6 points profit in 2 days.I read your user guide before I took a subscription and found it very informative.” Terry 02/12/2017

“I would not be without the speed ratings. The best one stop Analysis for me.” Lee 26/11/2017

“Hi Ian. Best ever single horse win yesterday when Ding Ding won the 15.10 at Plumpton. Highest joint master rating, third joint Avg, third highest M+A but by far the best crs/dis. Rank outsider on Betfair, trained in spitting distance of Plumpton at Lewes, this was my pick of the day. Won £63 for a £2 win @ 24 and just in case had a fiver at 5.1 for the place, fantastic!” Mike 06/11/2017

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your ratings. Since I re-joined on Monday I have spent a lot of time reading the blogs and watching the video tutorials to make sure I am better prepared than last time I joined and it was without doubt a great decision. The only mistake I made was just paper trading on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday as there was 11/1 25/1 and a 16/1 winner and would have made good profits BUT yesterday at Carlisle it came together nicely and I made just over £500 which is a great effort in one day with bets of £20 and £40, good priced winners at all meeting, I use the M+A rating linked in with top course and distance ratings. Got my love for racing back since I re-joined so thanks for that.” Stuart 20/10/2017

“Hi  Ian  Another cracking winner today in the 2.50 Huntingdon, That’s The Deal.  Top in master rating, 2nd top Lto, 2nd top Avg, top in M+A, 2nd top in Course and top in Distance and Ability. (Won at) 25-1. Brilliant.” Roy 17/10/2017

“I’m not keen on complicated systems so I have a very simple one for winning the Placepot. I do not use any information other than the ratings. Take the two top rated horses for each race as the entries for the Placepot. This requires 64 lines and to keep the costs low I usually use a stake of 30p per line. This costs 19.20. Last Sunday I went to the first meeting of the year at Plumpton. Each race produced one winning selection and the last race had two. The dividend was £169.20 to a £1 stake. Return for my stake £169.20 x 2 x 0.30 = £101.52.

Today at Goodwood there were two races with two winning selections as well as four with one winning selection. £330.90 x 4 x 0.30 = £ 397.08. I don’t check every Placepot and usually back when I am at the races or watching the tv. But I do seem to have regular success which I would never have had without the ratings. Keep up the good work.” David 27/09/2017

“I am predominantly using the ratings with distance sorted and then looking at the Lto figures and this has proven well over most handicaps 3yo+ races. Today already using this has given me a handsome profit with Evening Starlight 12/1 and Yorbelucky 4/1 which won by 2 3/4 lengths! Although early days I am very satisfied with backing those I selected and not trying to look too much into the volumes of information contained in your statistics.” Roger 17/09/2017

“Hi Ian, today is my fourth day of having access to all of your meetings. My current Profit/Loss on £ 1 win singles is: 61 bets, 23 winners, Profit £33.33, ROI 54%, Strike Rate 37%.” Andy 04/09/2017

“Thanks for your prompt reply, I don’t think it’ll be too long before you see me as a full member again. As a pensioner I just find it hard at times and that’s the only reason I gave up last time. The ratings are spot on and what makes it even better is the amount of ways you can use them.” Brian 30/08/2017

“Just thought that I would congratulate you on picking Mutamaded at odds of 50/1, bigger on Betfair, in today’s 4.30 race at Ripon. I selected it because of a system you described recently, (System 4 provided to all subscribers), and clearly Mutamaded was the pick here. Excellent stuff!!!!” Thomas 29/08/2017

“I’ve been toying around with the Distance & Dr% columns to find some winners, had (top rated) Mr Red Clubs yesterday using it & it won @ 25/1 🙂 ” Kyle 28/08/2017

“I went to Brighton races last Friday and used the ratings and distance to Master figures and won £100 at the track with four winners from £5 win bets and I had a10p Lucky 63 ( 4 winners, 1 NR and 1 loser) which paid out £595!! Great Stuff. The distance to Master ratings certainly have some bearing and at good prices. Thanks for your hard work.” John 16/08/2017

I have been a member a long time now and dropped using the figures for a while and have had a disastrous run of 2nd’s this year so i decided to go back to using speed figures and can categorically say i made a huge mistake dropping them :). I have backed more winners in the last 2 months since I went back to using them.” Lee 16/08/2017

“Just a quick one….The ratings are fantastic! After trialing the free meeting a day subscription I’ve only recently purchased a month membership and after testing a few theories I’ve now got a solid betting angle to look at. The past week I’ve had easily a hand full of 10-20/1 winners not including the rest of the winners! Just landed £200 with 3 winners out of 4 from a mixture of doubles/trebles/yankee/lucky15. Can’t fault it. Cracking work.” Dale 12/08/2017

“The ITV pundits were surprised at the outcome of the Stewards Cup. Obviously none of them get your ratings. Best Goodwood ever, keep up the good work.” David 06/08/2017

“The speed ratings are the piece of the puzzle that was missing. This site is now my most single valuable asset.” Stephen 02/08/2017

“Good morning. Just a quick email to say the reason I have cancelled the 1 month option is because I’ll be taking up a much longer option from next month! I have used the ratings for 2 days and I am already well in profit, I don’t think I have ever hit so many forecasts in a day, personally I’ve found dutching to be a key figure in making consistent profits using your system. Thank you very much.” Daniel 23/07/2017

“Hi Ian, thanks once again for another year of your first class service and ratings, all the best.” Peter 22/07/2017

“A big thumbs up to the ratings, I believe in them totally. Doing my own thing on the spreads, profits every week, just need the balls to up the ante and increase the stakes.” Keith 15/07/2017

“I just wanted to say – I think your ratings are awesome. Although I have used ratings before I have found their presentation somewhat ‘two-dimensional’ and lacking sufficient detail/never sufficiently profitable to warrant further use. INFORM Ratings layout is clear and well presented, and once your eye is trained – easy to navigate to the information you need to make your selections quickly. The column ordering facility is a real bonus too.” Guy 12/07/2017

“Great stuff ian, since I’ve been a member I’ve  certainly had more winners and love the race cards.” Stephen 11/07/2017

“Hi Ian – just to let you know that my system picked just 2 horses from your ratings today and they both won giving an overall profit on the day of +£859.68. The 2 selections were as follows: Windsor 2.40 ‘MISTER BLUE SKY’ at 6/1 (1/4 odds) and Cartmel 3.20 ‘PRESENTING JUNIOR’ at 13/2 (1/4 odds R4 @ 15%). So now my system is well over the £20,000 clear profit in just under 27 months of following your ratings and using my selection system. Thanks once again for a first class (and very profitable) website.” Mike 02/07/2017

“I just totalled up the full Ascot meeting. 30 races, 8 clear top rated winners (using your master rating criteria) so a 26.7% strike rate. 7 others were placed including prices at 33/1, 20/1, 14/1 and 10/1. So 50% place strike rate. Profit to SP (so the MINIMUM available profit) was 16.79 points or 56% ROI. With Ladbrokes best odds guaranteed + where you get the next price up if the SP is greater than the price taken, I reckon you can add at least 10% on to this. Remarkable achievement for merely backing blindly. I’ve followed a few well known tipsters throughout the meeting including the Racing Post and Timeform and none of them can match this or even come close in what is surely the most difficult festival for punters on the calendar. Huge respect.” Tony 25/06/2017

“Just wanted to drop you a sincere note of thanks. Due to your ratings service, for the first time in seven years, I know understand the sport of horse racing.  Inform Racing has made it easy for me to analyse a race, and more importantly, to learn which races to avoid. I have subscribed to almost every ratings service in the UK.  None compare to Inform Racing. Finally, horse racing is both profitable and convivial. Thank you for all the hard work.” Dominic 23/06/2017

“Hi Ian. Thank you for your continual highly professional service. With Patience and the willingness to forego the overbet favourites, your service has always provided long term profit. That’s why I’m still as enthusiastic as when I first joined your service.” Roger 23/06/2017

“Hi Ian. I’ve been following the free ratings for a few days now and I’m immensely impressed. The strike rates and the info available are the best around. I’ve used “RatingTheRaces” for a few months and they don’t even come close to how good your ratings are. All the best.” Dan 02/06/2017

“Absolutely finding these race cards brilliant Ian, information second to none.” Stephen 01/06/2017

“….loving the site by the way. Landed some lovely bets since i started as well as being one away from a real tidy bet keep up the great work cheers.” Nicky 31/5/2017

“I must just say I really like the site easy to read but very detailed and especially like the input for new systems.” Paul 30/5/2017

“Hi Just a quick note to say I’ve just landed a little four horse acca that paid over nine hundred pounds for the princely stake of five quid!! I’ve found that you have to stick with it and usually about once or maybe twice a week the stars line up kinda thing. I missed out two weeks ago on an eight horse accumulator where the last horse lost, that would’ve paid nearly two hundred thousand pounds for ten pound stakes, using betfair as i do. Your ratings are the best I’ve used and just to say i use top M+A as my go to setting and take it from there, as this is my first year using them on the flat i still dither when i place a bet on a long priced horse as i’m sure most people do, but not anymore, so i’m a very happy punter as you can imagine..thanks again. David 25/05/2017

“Just won a nice few quid with Mr. Lupton outclassing his rivals at 12/1 (SP 10/1). The 92 speed figure for his York win was the key as he had been running in better company since then and was now back handicapping. 2 x 88 ratings in his last 3 runs told me he was still in form despite what his finishing positions read. This was by no means my first success and this race shows perfectly how the ratings can be used to narrow down the field to the main contenders. Massive thanks, the speed ratings have now paid for themselves in just 2 weeks!” Tony 07/05/2017

“I just had to let you know how impressed I am with your start to the flat season. Unfortunately I decided to sit out as I always think it takes a while before I feel ‘confident’ enough to ‘have a go’ when the new season starts but looking at the results and your figures I regret my hesitation – who said ‘ he who hesitates is lost’!!! I certainly regret it. Again many congratulations. Regards as ever.” Barbara 02/04/2017

“Finding my way around and making good use of all the cards & info. Even my bank is going up so somethings working.” Pete 26/03/2017

“The information is superb. I can imagine it makes a good profit monthly/yearly, the days of looking at a newspaper on a Smokey bookies wall with no information at all are well gone. This is the sort of info you need to get an edge to win.” Gary 15/03/2017

“There’s such a lot of good stuff that I’m spoiled for choice on what to try next!! However, I haven’t  lost on any day overall up to now thanks to you and your team.” Conrad 12/03/2017

“Hi Ian, just a word on using system 4 for place bets as you suggested in your blog. The way I have been using it is take the highest scorers in the LTO column ( those in red from handicaps only.
From these I take the poorest placed horse LTO. I don’t worry to much about it’s place in the betting. I then go to Betfair exchange and from the selected horses I take those with prices between 3.0 and 1.7 I then place these bets at Betfair SP. From 17 days betting there have been 58 bets with 35 place wins and 16 wins. Place bets have given £684 profit and the win bets, had you backed all selections to win only, gave £800 profit. Not bad for a very lazy way of selecting your bets.” Sam 28/02/2017 

“I have written to you before about how useful the rating are for winning, my favourite bet, the Placepot.
As a member at Fontwell Park racecourse, today’s meeting at Newbury was a free to enter reciprocal.

Race 1 was easily won by an unexposed horse Hello George followed by the second rated Spice Fair.
Race 2 was won after a tough finish by the top rated Just a Par (14/1)
Race 3 was won easily by the second rated horse Remiluc (9/1)
Race 4 went to the well handicapped, joint 2nd top rated Thomas Crapper (8/1) and the other J2 was third.
Race 5 was just won by the 2nd rated Bol D’air
Race 6 went to the easy winner Warriors tale, the 2nd top rated.
The Placepot dividend was £468.20 to a £1 stake. Without the rating, I would not have selected some of these horses as they seemed badly handicapped and out of form.” David

“Based on your information, had you have placed a dutch bet of £10 stake spread over the top 2 M+A ratings to generate an equal profit you would have generated a profit (over the previous 5 days), of £91.14 at 5% commission on winnings or an average of £17.30 per day or £2.53 per bet which equates to over 25% ROi. This shows me that your ratings are accurate and I will have no hesitation in renewing my subscription once due.” Peter 09/02/2017

“Getting around your site nicely, only column I don’t know is the vdw, other then that really like everything very impressed. Got going nicely on Saturday with 4 nice winners and couple of ew places, really pleased i found you.” Ed 16/01/2017




“What a great Christmas present I gave myself when I bought your product. The yearly subscription is amazing value for what you receive. I am feeling my way in and yesterday backed three horses with two winning, Native River and Aso. So a great start.” Ian 28/12/2016

“Hi Ian,thanks for your prompt attention. It was so refreshing to find a racing web site that actually provided an address and a phone number. By last Sunday I was hopeful that I had found a way to boil the top master rated horses down to one bet per race or on a few occasions two. Well I have to say I am staggered, after 50 years as an on and off punter I never  thought I would see anything like it…in the last 7 days 71 bets have produced 28 winners at all prices up to 20-1 and over 80 points profit to level stakes…its sheer fantasy stuff really but that’s what has happened. Once more many thanks for a wonderful service,wish I had found it years ago.” Harold 19/12/2016

“To be honest I have never got along with speed ratings when I have tried them before but I am really impressed by yours. I think both your websites are great value and the information is amazing.” Dave 6/12/2016

“Hi Ian – I don’t do each way doubles very often, but last Friday as there were only two horses to bet on that day using my selective system of picking horses from your ratings website, I did a £15 each way double on ‘Twenty Eight Guns’ in the 3.30 pm at Ffos Las (9/2 early price taken plus a 15% R4) and the other horse was ‘Royal Brave’ in the 5.15 pm at Newcastle (13/2 early price taken plus a 10% R4). I also had a tenner to win on each. Total profit on the day was +£639.03 – a terrific boost to my continuing profits from your wonderful ratings website. Thanks again!” Mike 20/11/2016

“Hello Ian, The NH season more or less has began, Inform Racing top rated LTO selections at Cheltenham proved to be on the ball with: El Bandit 10/11, Marracudja 3/1, Midnight Shot 12/1 and Thomas Campbell 4/1. I am back in my element with NH Season, keep up the good work.” Brian 21/10/2016

“Hi Ian, just wanted to say thanks for your ratings which I find invaluable. Usually stick to handicaps but thought I would have a go at Champions Day as I wanted an interest to follow on the TV yesterday afternoon, so I used the Advanced Search for Good going and the class of the race, backing the top two rated as main selections and saver each way with the following results. Quest For More Won 9/1, Sheikhzayedroad Won 14/1, The Tin Man Won 8/1, Journey Won 8/1, Minding Won 9/4, Almanzor Won 7/4 and Jack Hobbs 3rd 14/1.

All in all a profitable afternoon so thanks again and I would like to add that I make a regular profit with your ratings on my normal fayre which is the 3yo+ handicaps.” Kevin 16/10/2016

“Hi Ian, just a quick reply. I like your ratings a lot. I’ve been doing this game for a long time now, and your ratings are easy to use and accurate, so much so that it’s taken a little while to get to know them and above all trust them if you know what i mean? I used them the other day to win the pub tipping comp down the road which was quite amusing! It’s early days I know but finding a horse well off it’s last winning mark with a decent speed figure is very easy to find using these ratings.” David 11/10/2016

“Hi Ian – now that I have a full 18 months of data/results behind me since I started my refined system of picking selections from your ‘Inform Racing’ website, I can reveal that the average return on investment over that period of time has been approximately 27%, which I’m very pleased with. The results show a general upward trend (with one or 2 dips here and there) over the 18 months.
My system has shown a clear profit of over £14,600 over the 18 months, which of course averages out at a tax free monthly income of £811 per month which gives me a very healthy boost to my pensions income! Thanks for your wonderful website, and long may it continue.” Mike 08/10/2016

“Just wanted you to know that I really like the information, ratings and layout provided by Inform Racing. I have achieved a 21.87 point profit to level stakes in my first four day of using your ratings and additional information e.g. draw and run style. This has been obtained with an average of eight bets per day. A nice start! Thank you.” Robin 25/09/2016

“Already had success with a few big prized winners following the basic systems. Very glad I invested in your product now, takes a while to get used to but once your thoughts are straight its fairly easy to spot the patterns that may lead to a big win. Thanks.”  Nicholas 22/09/2016

“I am still finding my way around the ratings, but there are a few things that I do really like, like the ability to quickly check stats on going, distance etc. in an easy pop-up is great stuff. Definitely one of the best I have used for ease of use.” Nick 18/09/2016

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your service. You’ve been a great help to me.” John 18/09/2016

“I am having great fun with your ratings, fantastic work.” T. Sales 15/09/2016

“Hi Ian,  as you know I follow horses that are top rated over course and distance from your ratings.Yesterday it pinpointed 4 selections and they all won. This Tyne Jude 7-1, The Flying Portrait 7-2, Green Zone 5-1 and Formidableapponent 14-1 early price. If I had have put them in a 50 pence win lucky 15 it would have paid over £3,000. Unfortunately I only backed them in win singles, but a good day anyway.” Roy 06/09/2016

“Great site and ratings.” Howard 16/08/2016

“I’ve written before about the use of the ratings to win the Placepot. At Goodwood yesterday, a £2 minimum bet on the tote returned £952, as all master top rated horses either won or were placed.” David 29/07/2016

“I have been a subscriber for a while now and I have to say I am a big fan of the ratings. It took a while to get used to the ratings but once you get a handle on how best to use them they are an invaluable tool.” Lee 14/07/2016

“I’ve got to say I’m immensely impressed with your site and product overall. I’ve always believed that speed was the most important thing that sets the standard for all horses and yes the figures do not lie. Your site and ratings really are what I’m looking for and like I say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using them (to my advantage, I might add) over the last few days.” George 10/07/2016

“Just wanted to point out that the top 3 course horses in the 3:35 at Cartmel finished 1,2,3 for a near £2,000 Tricast. Unfortunately I wasn’t on that (hope some people were!) but did back the 50/1 winner (top course, good distance rating). Well done on your ratings!” Rae 24/06/2016

“Hi Ian The winners just keep on coming. Coiste Bodhar 6.15 Thirsk top rated course and distance, 20-1 available last night. Just amazing.” Roy 14/06/2016

“Hi Ian Thanks for your email. Looks like there are quite a lot of ways to benefit from your ratings. I am now £787 up just backing top rated in the course and distance columns. Three nice winners yesterday including Mezmaar 8.30 at kempton. I took an early price of 14-1. Kind regards.” Roy 09/06/2016

“Just a short email to let you know how your ratings are working for me. I only have time to bet on Sunday and Mondays as i work the rest of the week, 12 hour shifts. Since Monday the 2nd May starting with £133 left in my Paddy Power account backing the top 2 or 3 rated horses depending on price, won’t back anything under 9-4 and stopping when i get a winner,my account now stands at £282. So thank you for the information it really does make betting easier.” Richard 23/05/2016

“Hi Ian – just keeping you up to date with the performance of my system using your ratings website. 4 winners out of a total of 6 selections today which were as follows: ‘Alfredandnobell‘ – lost, ‘Tagula Night’ – lost, ‘Solveig’s Song’ at 7/1 – won, Gowanauthat’ at 8/1 – won, ‘Show Palace’ at 5/1 – won, ‘Planetaria’ at 11/1 – won (R4 @ 20%). Total profit on the day which includes backing these 6 singly and also including them in an each way Lucky 63 was +£1882.83. A nice boost to last month’s big Lucky 31 win as well. Keep ‘em coming Ian. It’s been a terrific year so far. Thanks very much. Renewed my subscription to Inform Racing for the 3rd year in a row!” Mike 16/05/2016

“Thanks for your email I had a couple of quid on Vona 🙂 (Won 33/1). I use your excellent ratings daily and never put a bet on without checking your ratings first.” John 16/05/2016

“Thought you would like to here I am using your ratings with great success. Since the 8th of April I have been backing the horses that are top rated over course and distance. After the 3.20 at Newbury where Log Out Island slaughtered the opposition taking a price of 8-1 I am now £482 pounds in profit to a £5 stake. There were two nice winners on Thursday at 20-1 and 16-1. Thanks once again.” Roy 14/05/2016

“Hi Ian. It’s a while since I told you how “bloody good” the Inform Ratings are but with Saigon City winning comfortably at 80/1 in an impossible York Handicap I had to flag it up. Fantastic!!! Keep em Comin.” Joe 12/05/2016

“Having only recently won £2600 on a Plumpton Placepot, thought I’d have a go today. Used the top two rated horses (master), 64 bets at £0.50. 4 winning lines. Return £815.60. Never would have picked these horses without the ratings. Keep up the good work.” David 22/04/2016

“Hi Ian – just to let you know that I’ve had a bit of a jackpot day using your ratings with 4 winners from 5 selections giving me a total profit on the day of +£7,244.56. This included profits from the single bets and an each way Lucky 31. Pity about the 5th selection – if that had won I would be over £112,000 up on the day! The selections were as follows: ‘Romulus Du Donjon’ – lost, ‘Motts Cross’ – won at 14/1 early price, ‘Fort Carson’ – won at 14/1 early price, ‘Grimley Girl’ – won at 6/1 early price and ‘Abyaat’ – won at 8/1 early price. So thanks for that – keep up the good work!” Mike 21/04/2016

“I have just backed Ubak (20/1) and Silsol (25/1) both e.w, top rated in 1.45 Aintree both overall and LTO. Finished first and third. Yours is the best info service around by miles.” Norman 09/04/2016

“Hi Ian, great day again for the ratings. 1.45 UBAK 16/1 LTO . 4.20 MAGGIO 50/1 2nd VIRAK 12/1 qualifier jnt top-rated top weight h’cap. The ratings at the mo are in cracking form.” Edward 09/04/2016

“Hi Ian, just paper trading at the moment to see how it goes. So far it is looking extremely positive, Sundays trading would have netted me 25 points thats just with betfair.” John 03/04/2016

“Hello Ian, just had to drop you a note to thank you for the ratings. I had 4 from 4 today winning £155 on a 50p yankee bet. On similar stakes I have won just about £400 in the last 2-3 weeks. Wish I had the courage to double up stakes instead of being so cautious! Thanks again and keep it up!” Alex 18/03/2016

“Just thought I’d drop ya a mail there to let you know that I cleaned up on Cheltenham Day 2! Had three winners and a 50/1 place on a lucky 15! Bet 4pts in total win 39pts! A nice profit of 350 quid, all from reading and analysing your card and forms! I used the Run style, M+A, ability and form guides as well as looking at distance and the going!” Alan 17/03/2015

“Quick update on system 4, it’s been up and down since my last post however it ended with a bang today with Planetoid doing the business at 16/1. Totals between 16 Feb to 29 Feb: Selections: 100, Winners: 17, SR: 17%. Profit to BOG: +52.45pts.” Simon 290/2/2016

“Well I’m delighted that I’ve just continued my subscription into year 2, that’s a testament to the ratings you provide I only hope that you continue with the ‘formula’ that you use and don’t tinker like other operators and will be customer for sometime to come.” Neil 23/02/2016

“…..I set aside a bankroll to live test this (System 4, one of many provided to subscribers). Between 16th-19th Feb, there have been 28 selections (Handicap only), and 8 winners, providing a nice SR of 28.57%. The early prices have been insane, one example was Razzle Dazzle Em who won today at 11/2. I backed at a massive 14/1 the previous night! In 4 days, I have made 54 points profit to early prices, and an additional 38.44 points profit (before commission) on Betfair. Essentially, I have nearly doubled my investment and will be continuing to monitor and follow this system going forward.” Simon 19/02/2016

“I just thought an email was in order to thank you for your prompt response to my phone call. I have since found the ratings invaluable and have started to profit from betting for the first time. I can’t say that I have discovered a system, but with careful judgement and staking, the ratings are a certain way of leaving the darkness and entering the light.” Michael 06/02/2015

“The whole of the ratings are first class and there are no complaints whatsoever.” Brian 22/01/2016

“Iron Butterfly 15/8, Rocket Rob 100/30, Madame Barker 9/2, Bookmaker 10/1, Askamore Darsi 11/1 and Inaam 11/2 and 3 losers, my bets for today using your ratings. Pretty cool eh!” Chris 08/01/2016



“I am a systems analyst, professional gambler and author of many racing articles. I have appraised almost all of the ‘form books’ and virtually every ‘system’ out there. I have to say that Inform Racing is the easiest, most informative and profitable of anything I have seen. Everything one needs is available at the click of a mouse! Simplicity itself. I have turned a bank of x points into one that currently stands 2.67 times that. I will be subscribing for 12 months at the end of my current subscription. Keep up the great work.” Martyn 21/12/2015

“I only joined Inform a week ago and today using the Inform ratings I had 6 doubles and a treble! That’s Xmas paid for! Many thanks to you and when my month ends my renewal will be for 12 months. Very best wishes.” Dave 11/12/2015

“Absolutely blinding Service Ian, That’s why I am a member and will stay a member.” Malcolm 28/11/2015

“What a day yesterday for the top 3 rated ,finished many points to the good. Doncaster alone yesterday brought huge returns. Thanks again for this brilliant service I am consistently in profit with my betting which certainly would not be the case without the ratings.” Richard 08/11/2015

“Hi Ian I recently took out your subscription for 12 months and I have to say I’m very happy I did. Its a great way of narrowing down the field using all the data. Have had some very nice touches, today Noble Gift 14/1 and the like, great stuff and thnx a lot.” Gary 26/10/2015

“Only been a subscriber for a month or so (Annual subscription) and find your speed ratings unbelievably accurate, i have subscribed to quite a few speed ratings services before but none even come close to these.” Trevor 22/10/2015 

“Had an enjoyable few minutes listening to RUK banging on about how every horse bar Saturn Lace could win the 3.30 at Catterick. Horse was top rated and clear M+A and was the only one to have won on soft ground from the pop up. Guess what, won easily at 11/1. This was one of many top M+A winning yesterday some at amazingly high prices. Brilliant service keep it up.” Richard 06/10/2015

“Hello Ian I would just like to congratulate you on the wonderful horse ratings you give out. I have seen every horse speed rating and figures there are and yours are without doubt the best I have used, thank you for a great service, well done!” Malcolm 02/10/2015

“Thanks again, great site Ian. Making money but not a lot just stacks lol! Over £400 up this week”. David 27/09/2015

“Great service, love the ratings and still banging away on Betfair at anything 10/1 or bigger in the top 3. I have had a lot of good days, keep em comin.” Joe 17/09/2015

“From the Musselburgh card today, four out of the six selections with the highest M+A won, with Jan Smuts nearly making it five, but was just pipped at the end. These ratings are powerful! Just wanted to give some praise :). ” 26/08/2015

“I thought I would drop you a line having been with now for a few months. Although I do back horses I mainly trade and I have to say what a great resource Inform Racing is. I will certainly be subscribing with you for sometime to come as you are providing such a great resource.” Neil 16/08/2015

“Cheers inform racing, I’ve got to say that I have never came across such brilliant software for picking up winners and I have used a lot of software in my days but nothing compares to this none whatsoever.” Billy 14/08/2015

I am happily exploring the ratings and am very happy with what I have found so far. Today I used them to land a £716 placepot at Goodwood and managed three winners in a £2 Lucky 15 which at best odds guaranteed would have paid me £498.50p – unfortunately, I discovered that Betfred do not settle Lucky 15 bets to BOG and I have only been paid £273. Anyway, a fantastic start with the ratings for me and I am very happy. The ratings seem to be exactly what I have been looking for since the demise of the Adrian Massey site which I used very successfully for a number of years, although his ratings weren’t speed based as far as I know.” Brian 01/08/2015

“Hello Ian, I recently subscribed to your service due to a positive comment on another site. I find your ratings excellent, trying out the various methods at present, and I am pleased with the outcome. I would heartily recommend your service.” Edward 29/07/2015

“Hi Ian, I just want to say that you are one of the genuine good guys out there. You really are the man who goes the extra mile, I have been with you for about 3/4 years and I have loved every minute of it. You provide the site to work out the selections but you also (for no charge ) give out your selections or thoughts free of charge. You are the MAN.” Andy 21/07/2015

“Hi Ian – just to say that I had 3 wins from 4 selections today, all taken from your M+A ratings column. The wins were Annaluna at 10/1, Vimy Ridge at 10/1 and Picture Dealer at 14/1, the prices of which were all taken the night before with best odds guaranteed. My £1 each way Lucky 15 plus the single bets gave me a profit today of nearly £2800. My system using your ratings website is certainly proving to be rather profitable and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your service.” Mike 21/07/2015

“I haven’t been in touch for quite some time, so just thought I’d let you know I’m delighted with your site and think in terms of value for money, there can’t be a speed figure site out there that beats yours (and I’ve told several people as much). Being able to access the site on an Iphone is very useful when out and about. Keep up the great work. Cheers.” Wayne 10/07/2015

” Can I just say what a well put together source of information you have absolutely brilliant,and wish you continuing success with inform racing.” Gary 22/06/2015

“Just got back from the Goodwood evening meeting. First race top rated Trader Jack at 12/1 failed to get a clear passage but just failed to catch the winner by a neck. Race 2 Clear top rated winner War Whisper romped home. Race 3 Clear top rated winner Strong Challenge won easily. Race 4 Third rated winner Links Drive Lady at 25/1 and the only horse with a Goodwood rating, won easily with the top rated Golden Amber in 3rd place. Race 5 Top rated Echo Bravo won easily at 8/1. Race 6 Top rated Imvula won at 3/1. I can’t imagine many rating services having that kind of success. Congratulations.” David 05/06/2015

“Just wanted to let you know I’m very impressed with your ratings and the overall ease to go through the form.” Neil 02/06/2015

“I just thought I would drop you a quick note to say that I’ve been very impressed with your ratings so far. I’ve picked up a few good angles and as a trader I’m finding ways of making a profit using the ratings.” Mark 26/05/2015

“Thanks for the info. I’m finding the articles in the blog are a great resource for getting the best from the ratings, lots of great pointers in there.” Declan 11/05/2014

“I think the information you provide is so useful to select horses on which to bet. It is the best information ever. Thank you from a very satisfied member.” Madelon 01/5/2015

“Even though I have only been a client of yours for a short while I was a customer in the past and I have to say that I cannot understand why I ever left you.” George 29/04/2015

“I have really enjoyed your service it has been very profitable for me.” Anthony 22/04/2015

“…of all the many sites I have looked at over the years, yours is by far the best.” Ray 21/04/2015

“Thanks Ian, I was on Many Clouds (Won 25/1) and Thistlecrack (Won 25/1), thanks to the ratings, great picks.” Keith 14/04/2015

“Just wanted to say the new additions are very useful and your service as a whole is excellent, simply cannot bet without inform it would be like betting blind!!” Craig 14/04/2015

” Congratulations on making Many Clouds clear top rated, winner of the Grand National at 25-1. Totally unconsidered by the ‘expert tipsters’. Keep up the good work.” David 11/04/2015

“Just a quick email to thank you for the brilliant ratings as Surf and Turf stormed in at 33/1 and one look at the c/d ratings tell you that’s the one to be on. Top drawer.” Andy 09/04/2015

“My betting using your M+A ratings incorporating 2 filters is going great guns and I’m already in profit to the tune of over £600 in 4 days, so many thanks for that.” Mike 09/04/2015

“Thanks for great service and great value.” Colin 09/04/2015

“I have all the info I need and my betting has become more careful, more profitable and more selective than previously. I’ve learnt when not to have a bet and when I can.
(Only had 1 bet at Doncaster today 29th Highway Code took 20/1 this morning) Need I say more!” Peter 29/03/2015

“Amazing extra info you have added to your ratings. Definitely the best service on the market today!!” Terence 23/03/2015

“I have had a monthly subscription for your service since November of last year and I want to upgrade to the yearly service as I have really found your service profitable.” Anthony 22/03/2015

“Well, I like the ratings and they are pretty clear and easy to use. One or two good priced winners and the ratings today could not help but point to Coneygree at 10/1. Recent form rating over the distance is what I like and I put a few quid on him. Thanks.” Anthony 13/05/2015

“An e-mail to say that I find your set up really helpful, very easy to use and full of information and this saves me a lot of time sorting out my selections. I have had plenty of big price winners and a good number of multiples. I have not bought a racing post paper since I joined so this alone more than pays for my yearly subscription, so I`m in profit even without the winners!! I am enjoying your extras (blogs) so thanks for the service and the obvious hard work that you put in.” Gaz 07/03/2015

“Just to say I’m enjoying using your ratings. Just using one meeting a day, last 9 days I have had 14/39 to a profit of 36pts. 3 from 4 yesterday at Catterick, also following your advice on 5+ avg, I backed Narcissist to beat Pindar, forecast payed £54 in a 5 runner race, brilliant. Many thanks. Hope there will be many more to come.” Christine 05/03/2015

“Ian , I’m speechless for a change, ok I’ve only been with you for a couple of weeks but lets put this way I’ve been around the punting block a few times over the last 4 decades, and i’m doing my best to keep a calm level head about your ratings. In a nutshell i’m mightly impressed thank you.” Neil 04/03/2015

“I am pleased to say the ratings continue to work very well for me and there is always something new to learn.” Paul 03/03/2015

” Just to let you no I had 4 good winners at Chelmsford to night 3-1 5-2 6-1 3-1 enjoying working with inform racing.” Arthur26/02/2015

“I have found my way around your ratings – and its absorbed a great deal of my time since subscribed! Your platform with the support of back menu’s for form, par ratings, etc, is really terrific.” Tsiri 24/02/2015

“Hi Ian. Up £100 Saturday. Up £160 Sunday. Awesome thanks.” Paul 23/02/2015

“The LTO (last time out) ratings with a clear rating of 7+. Since Sun 15/02/15 have virtually doubled my bank using these ratings.” Brian 22/02/2015

“Excellent ratings…great work. Had the 33/1 winner of the 2.45, more than pays for the signup.” Ciaran 16/02/2015

“I have already paid for the years subscription after the first day with two small £10 win bets so well done.” Ashley 16/02/2015

“It just goes to show what an accurate guide Inform Racing figures are when Off The Pulse won, joint top rated, top weight, also top M+A, and won at a nice 7/1. It really gives me confidence in the figures. If you take the time, study a little, the winners are there.” Keith 09/02/2015

“The user-friendliness of the cards + info. tables is comfortably the best on the market.” Robert 04/02/2015

“I use IR (Inform Racing) stats every day and base my betting regime around the LTO figures which have proved profitable over the year for me.” Mark 30/01/2015

“I love your ratings as I am finally making a profit from my betting. I started with £20 using £2 stakes on Betfair and am currently up to £789 having increased my stakes when I had 100 points to play with . Keep up the good work”. Keith 28/01/2015

“May I say what a wonderful and informative site this is.” Paul 27/01/2015

“I’m a long term subscriber anyway (and will continue to be so) but had to say I loved the free e-book (Winning With Speed). Excellent. Especially delighted to hear that you create the ratings manually as I manually handicap as well (thank heaven for Excel!) with speed ratings being an integral part of my rating. Keep up the great work, and thanks for all the effort you put in for your subscribers.” Terry 20/01/2015

“Have been following the daily selections since last Wednesday, some outstanding successes. Been logged in a couple of times today to compare the manual/tutorial to the real thing. You certainly compile an enormous amount of data yet in a straightforward way.” Ian 19/01/2015

“Quick and effective service as usual from you. Your ratings are so consistent year after year and like I said before those pop ups with all the information they contain are fantastic.” Gerard 19/01/2015

” Just to say many thanks for the e-book (Winning With Speed)…….refreshes the mind and reminds me once again how dedicated you are to providing the best for your subscribers ….plus the new e-mail alerts are fantastic and as a service yours is right at the top…anyone who does not subscribe is missing out big time.” John 15/01/2015



” Hi Ian, many thanks for a great 2014. Just booked our cruise for 2015 thanks to Inform Racing and Bet 365. Kind regards.” Laurie 16/12/2014

“Hi, just working round the site paper trading but seem to be picking it up quite easily, I’m not what you call a seasoned gambler. If I had placed bets I would have been 50/60 points up in 2 days so stats do work, thanks a lot.” Chris 09/11/2014

“Over the years I have used many services including Timeform and have found yours the best for understanding how a race could finish.” Adrian 04/11/2014

“I had a big bet yesterday on Alright Benny in the 3.30 Plumpton. I would probably not have backed it without Inform Racing Stats. Many Thanks!” Brendan 04/11/2014

“Very early days but would just like to say thanks to your figures I felt that Shantou Bob was value at 9/2 last night ( started at 7/4) and also exposed the hype horse favourite as vulnerable at evens a back and a lay later I am very happy. Cheers.” Paul 28/10/2014

“Hi Ian just like to say a big thanks for the fantastic ratings I’m a novice but had some really good winners Roman Flight 16/1-Framley Garth 16/1-Belando 12/1 Thanks again.” Andy 18/10/2014

“Hi Ian I had a good day other day backed Last Supper @80/1 also had others so good day that’s with sticking with the M&A (column).” Andy 27/09/2014

“I have to admit that your system has enabled me to select some big odds winners lately! I have to confess I was a little dubious at first but have to admit your system is very impressive!” Edward 19/09/2014

“Hi Ian, I do love the ratings. In the last 10 days I have accumulated 260 points form using the ratings with my own staking plan. Some products don’t give you that in one year! Inform racing enables me to analyse races at a glance in a format (numbers) that I understand and makes my betting simple and profitable.” Tony 09/09/2014

“I have followed horse racing for sometime, have used various site subscriptions to help me in selecting bets and I have no hesitation in saying I consider yours to be the best I have used.” Chris 06/09/2014

“I am well pleased with the information given and the quality of the ratings.” Peter 26/08/2014

“Just a quick email to say a big thanks, your ratings are flying at the moment. I’ve settled on a method where I pick one of the top 3 rated depending on price and backing it to
win for 3 points and to place for 7 points, it’s been going great guns! Thanks again :)” John 22/08/2014

“I am enjoying the site. 30 points profit on day one! I can see that I will continue to make good use of the site and will enjoy getting more familiar with all it has to offer.” Chris 17/08/2014

“I just wanted to thank you as your statistics are really outstanding! I picked another 16-1 winner called Needless Shouting yesterday, I can not really believe it! Think I now really dived into your stats and guidelines and I’ve found my way to profit :)).  Once again, thank you so much for this service!” Alex 17/07/2014

“Thanks for the follow up email. Nice to know someone at other end. As I have been away I am just getting to grips with the site and systems now. I had a great day yesterday and hope its not beginners luck.” Barbara 17/07/2014

“I have been a member for nearly a month now and think your service is BETTER than 1st class!” Chris 13/07/2014

“Hi Ian, had to let you know just pulled 5 winners at Salisbury. Lucky 31 each way £15.50 returned £2,800. Thanks for the great service.” David 29/06/2014

“Being relativity new to actually taking betting seriously Inform is saving me time, a lot of time, thus saving me money as time is money. After spending hours trawling tipping sites on the net I have all the information readily available at the tip of my fingers thanks to you, I used to bet the whole race card some days but after the advice learned from yourselves I only bet the races that count now, thanks.”  Peter 19/06/2014

“The ratings have been particularly accurate over the last couple of weeks. Keep up the good work!” Paul 15/06/2014

Your ratings are excellent, I have been in and around racing for 50 years and I have never come across anything as good as these, they are exceptional, well better than that, actually. Thank you very much, and keep up the excellent work.” Colin 13/06/2014  

“I think with what your providing on the site is very good value for what you are charging & one of the best sites as I’ve been with.” Andrew 12/06/2014
“Picked out nine top rated horses which had received their top rating within the last three runs. Something which generally served me ok over the last five years. There were winners at 9/2 – 9/4 – 14/1 and 5/1. Admittedly the 14/1 was in a 3yo only race, something I normally avoid, but this looks a decent day.” Tom 10/06/2014

“Congratulations on your ratings for Goodwood today. Using only the top rated found 4 good priced winners.” David 08/06/2014 

“Love the ratings and all the additional information. Has rekindled my interest in betting again. Appreciate all that you provide.” Terry 06/06/2014

“I am finding more ways to use the ratings and as time goes by find myself betting successfully in races that I wouldn’t touch previously without the ratings.” Phillip 01/06/2014

“Hi Ian had the best day yet with Villa Royal the icing on the cake, got 28/1. Thanks for the figures.” Keith 15/05/2014

“With your ratings I love the speed I can get through the race cards instead of slogging my way through form books. Keep up the good work Ian and thanks again.” Robert 13/05/2014

“Hi Ian, Every day I mean to email you and say ‘you really are brilliant!!’ and now I have done.  Sometimes you just take my breath away!!! Eternally thankful.” Barbara 10/05/2014

“The best Chester meeting i have ever had. I have had all sorts of ratings over the years but none comes close to yours. Very well laid out and easy to use, i only wish i had found you sooner, very well done.” Dave 09/05/2014

“Hi I must say these Speed ratings are spot on especially on the summer jumping Well Done.” Keith 08/05/2014

“I must say that I am impressed with your ratings.  I only signed up to get running styles for horses to trade in running, but have been using the ratings for straight bets for some days now with impressive results.” Rob 07/05/2014

“Just a note to say how much time I am saving with your easy to use your In Depth Form Tables I have just gone through six meetings in three quarters of an hour, would have taken me three to four hours using the Racing Post. The best racing analysis I have come across in 10 years.” Keith 05/05/2014

“Many thanks for your support, very pleased with the service, easy to navigate and looking very promising.” Nick 24/04/2014

“Hi Ian, so far so good, it’s just what I’ve been looking for, well done to you and your team.” Tim 12/04/2013

“It is quite remarkable but since joining Inform Racing I do not need to buy a copy of the Racing Post. All the information I need for betting on horse racing is contained within Inform Ratings. I find reading racing papers only clouds and confuses my judgement so no more RP. I HAVE NEVER STUCK WITH ANY SERVICE for a year but I am looking forward to my second year with Inform Ratings. Thank you very much for a totally professional product.” Malcolm 06/04/2014

“Just couldn’t believe that a top rated speed figured horse could go off at Betfair 24.19 in a 5 horse race, almost all the indicators screaming back me…….Nova Princesse at Lingfield 1530 (Won 16/1). Paid the subs and then some……Your figures just keep on producing…………..Get in.” Roger 03/04/2014

“Thanks for your help Ian. I am finding your ratings to be very informative and I am more than likely going to be subscribing for the year.” Peter 24/03/2014

“Thank you very much for the service. I have been able to highlight a few winners in the first week of subscription and I am very pleased so far.” George 18/03/2014

“I just wanted to message to say that I am really enjoying your service!” Matt 04/03/2014

“I joined your service at the weekend and instantly made a rather large profit. I have a method that quite successfully cuts the field down to just a few runners, then by applying your ratings to the remainder in the 3-30 Doncaster gave me the winner and the second at 14’s and 12’s SP respectively, I also did those two versus the field reversed and cleaned up completely. Thanks Ian.” Philip 03/03/2014 

“For the first couple of days I just looked at how the ratings worked, and the results, but for the last few days I did sort out, and back, a few recommendations. They included winners @ 20/1, 6/1 and 9/2 plus a couple of short priced doubles. In all 12 bets with 7 winners!! All this with the atrocious ground at present. I should imagine that your ratings will be just as good, or better, when the ground is back to normal. It will therefore be no surprise to you to hear that I’ve just sent a payment via Paypal for £99 for a years subscription.” Ken 01/03/2014

“I have been following your advice and have found some good priced winners. Today ( Sunday ) found Kayf Moss (24.73 on Betfair), no way could anyone find that bet without your race cards.” Sam 23/02/2014

“You’ve made racing very easy for me.” Bill 23/02/2014

“I think the ratings overall are priceless to me and my subscription will definitely be continued. I can’t and won’t bet without them!!” Andy 18/02/2014 

“All in all, your speed figures are excellent and I am now gearing up for the coming flat season –  where speed must surely, be a lot more significant. Thanks again,  for putting together a terrific program.”  Joseph 13/02/2014

“After reading your blog  last night, I tried the suggestions and to my amazement had all four winners up in a yankee that paid over £1,300! This is not normal for me and I can’t thank you enough.” Eddie 09/02/2014

“Following your advice I ended up with five races and two bets in each race, my results we’re as follows. 1.30 SEYOUATMIDNIGHT WON 38.03 !!! 1.50  gave a winner at WON 5.20, 2.20 gave a winner at WON 7.61, 2.30 gave a winner at WON 1.91. The 3.00 race LOST. You can imagine I am well pleased, I have never had a 38.03 winner and I don’t know anyone who has. Best regards.” Sam 02/02/2014

I did go through January’s results and I have to say that I was very, very impressed with over 160 points profit. I have never seen profits like that in all the time I have been involved with racing and if these are the kind of profits I can expect over the long term then I will be very happy indeed.” Eric 01/02/2014

“I really like the ratings Ian, I don’t know what I’d do without them, absolutely massive time saver with so much info available – anyone who discontinues their subscription must be mad.” Marc 28/01/2014

“I joined your ratings site nearly two weeks ago now. Well I’m afraid that I have one big problem already…My problem is that I joined for a month, but I now know that I should have joined for a year!!! Quite simply I don’t really trust any tipsters or ratings services generally as they are all a let down but I joined your ratings for a month just to see how it all worked and I just backed Fitandproperjob at Leicester and that was my 13th winner in my last 18 bets!!! Superb stuff.” Gavin 21/01/2014


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