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Downloading Your 17 Profit Busting Speed Rating Systems

Please Read in full!

The systems that you can download below are all saved in a zipped folder, so you will need to double click the zipped folder to open the 17 files inside. You will then need to make sure that you save them all so that you can use them along with the system and declarations builder.

If you open any system file separately you will see that they are all in a .txt file fomat and you will just see a line or two of coding language. So you need to load each system into the system builder or declarations builder and then the rules will be revealed.


There is a video showing how to load and save your system builder files on the video page link below, along with some other videos. Please take a look through this if you are unsure how to load and save the system files.

To download the 17 speed rating systems either:

i) click the button below and that will automatically start the download  to your computer which will only take a few seconds. Once this is done you will find this in your 'Downloads' folder.

ii) Right click the button below and click 'Save link as....' or Save as....' and save this to a certain place on your computer where you will be able to find it and use the systems.

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