The Secret’s Out – Follow Mike’s Challenge 2020

I will just start this post by saying that the method given here has made subscriber Mike close to £8,000 profit for the whole of the year, 2019.

He also now has made a total of close to £35,000 since he started using his method, so you may want to settle down and read through the full blog post here, as Mike is not only giving away 95% of his method again, but he is also going to help anyone who wants to follow him by posting updated results each week.

He also has a very steady, long term ROI of 26% which is certainly not to be sniffed at.

You can follow the results for this by checking out the link below.

First of all the background details

Over the years I have written a few posts on how subscriber Mike has used the Inform Racing Speed Ratings to make a considerable profit. You can see two of the previous Blog posts on the two links below.

In April 2019, I asked Mike if he would give a bit of a hint as to what the system was and apart from one particular part, he kindly agreed and gave me practically all of the rules.

A number of subscribers then followed Mikes system and many were having great success. I mean they were following a proven method so why wouldn't they? 

However, as with many systems I have seen over the years, even if someone is given the rules and is shown how successful it has been over a number of years, many people can't handle it if there is a losing run or if it's profit graph doesn't permanently go up every day.

A few weeks ago, another subscriber Brian, added a comment to the latest post saying that he had been following Mikes system for about six months and had made over £1,300 only using very small stakes.

You can see his comment replying to one of Mike's that I have copied below.

This prompted me to see if we could try and get more people interested in Mike's system and if some results were updated regularly, others could see the ups and downs of following the rules and then hopefully keep going through any losing runs, knowing that in the end a profit will be made.

Mike will now be updating his results

I contacted Mike and he kindly agreed to update me with me his results on a regular basis so that those who want to follow can compare their number of bets each week and profits and losses to Mikes.

Now Mike won't be giving his selections, even after the event as he wants to keep the final part of his system to himself, but he will be giving the number of bets he has placed, the amount he has staked and what he has won or lost.

Initially Mike says he will update me every week but maybe this will be every two weeks after a while depending on the interest.

You can follow the results for this by checking out the link below.

If you have tried this system before, with or without success, let us know in the comments below this post. Or did you give up because you couldn't handle a losing run perhaps?

Or perhaps you have been following this yourself all along and want to tell everyone how well you have done.

Mike's original email to me is below although it has been amended slightly with some updated comments he has asked me to add to ensure that everyone has the correct rules and set up to suceed if they want to follow his plan.

So take a look now and see if this is something you think you could follow. After all, the best are placed the night before racing so there is no need to be in front of your computer all day.

And did I mention he has made nearly £35,000 using this method since he began? 🙂

Ian has asked me to reveal exactly how I go about making long term profits with my system of selecting horses from the Inform Racing website data.

Basically, as Ian has already surmised, I first and foremost pick the M+A top rated for each race and then apply filters which whittles the selections down to a few (sometimes no selections).

There are three filters in total that I apply and it is important that the three filters are applied in the correct order.

1. There must be AT LEAST 5 runners in the race. If subsequently runners are pulled out after you’ve placed the bet, then so be it – you can’t do anything about that!

2. Start by selecting the M+A top rated for each race. The selection must also have a RED rated number (not necessarily the largest number) in any one of the other columns. Now I’m not giving away which column I use, but I really don’t think that it matters too much as whichever other column is chosen, the long term results will, I’m sure, be similar. The other column doesn’t have to be top rated in that particular column, but it just needs to have a RED number in that box as opposed to a number in black. Because the main column is the M+A column which is the addition of the Master and the Average ratings, Mike has said that the second column used is definitely not one of these two. These means it will be one of either the Lto, Cse, Dis, Ability or Form columns.

3. The 3rd and final filter is just as important in my view. The price of the horse must be 5/1 or greater on the OddsChecker website at the time of working out what the selections are. Over the years my experience with my selections is that generally (but not always) the SP prices are half of what they were 20 hours previously! For me, it just seems that the higher priced selections win just as often as the lower priced ones.

I try to start to look at your website for the system selections anytime after about 5.15pm when all the next day’s cards are generally up on the website. I then check them on the OddsChecker website when prices are usually available at around 5.45pm when most of the bookies have published their prices for the next day’s racing. 

Now, there are 2 sections to my betting system, BOTH of which are independently profitable in their own right. I back my filtered selections individually as single bets (each way if the price the night before is 14/1 or greater). I also back them in multiple bets depending on how many selections there are for that day.

If there are 6 selections, then it’s an each way Lucky 63, (must be each way – for example I have had 6 placed from 6 selections in the past with this system and won nearly £1,000 with not a single winner!). If there are only 5 selections, then it’s an each way Lucky 31, 4 selections, an each way Lucky 15, 3 selections an each way patent, 2 selections an each way double.

If there are MORE than 6 selections on the day, then it’s only the 6 highest priced selections that get into the each way Lucky 63 – the remaining horses are just backed singly. In my view, DON’T be tempted to do a multiple bet on the remaining lower priced selections – just back them singly. Members may wish to use alternative multiple bet options if they prefer, ie. for example members may prefer to choose an each way Heinz rather than an each way Lucky 63. Long term, either choice will be profitable I'm sure.

So, that's basically it really. As I say, I don't think it's too critical which column you utilise alongside the M+A selection. I've chosen one that I think is suitable and as you can see that works just fine, but whatever 2nd column you choose I'm sure it will be just as (if not more) profitable in the long run.

I must emphasise IN THE LONG RUN, as you'll find that you'll experience VERY long losing runs occasionally throughout the year. But I stick with it because it always eventually turns around in your favour - which is why using a similar method as above you will become one of the very few INVESTORS in this business and not a GAMBLER.

Good luck to anyone patient enough to have a go - I can pretty much guarantee that you'll make a profit every year following this system RELIGIOUSLY with no wavering. You certainly won't make a profit every month. Also, don't miss a day, because sods law says that the day you forgot to do it will be the day that your Lucky 63 (or Heinz) comes in with 6 good priced winners with up to a £1,000,000 return!



Mike has emailed me a few more additions that may help with finding the selections, his staking and what he is prepared to share with us each week. 

He also mentions his bank size of £10,000 but of course you do not need to start with a bank that big. All bet sizes and profits or losses are relevant to what you are staking, so it possible to start with as little as £500 to get started. You can always increase your stakes when your bank grows.

Here are Mike's further additions below for you.


I try to start to look at your website for the system selections anytime shortly after 5.15pm and then I view the prices on the OddsChecker website at around the 5.45pm mark when the next day’s prices are shown by most bookmakers.

Sometimes, if I am out for the evening I am not able to view/choose/place the bets until after I get back, sometimes late at night when one or more of the prices may have already dropped, so I try my best to have it all done and dusted before 6.30pm the evening before racing.

Bank size – my daily spend is around  0.8% of my total betting bank. My average daily spend is approximately £80 (singles and multiple bets combined) with a £10,000 betting bank. My daily spend can rise up to about 1.5% on occasions when there are important race meetings with large fields like the Cheltenham Festival, Goodwood, Royal Ascot etc. Some days of course the daily spend can be a lot lower than £80.

For the results each week I will share with others the number of bets that I have placed each day.

I’ll give the daily spend, both singles and multiples separately, although it will be pretty much the same every day as already given in detail on the previous blog. That is £10 per horse or £10 each way if the price is 14/1 or greater. That figure is always the same – never changes. The multiple bet stakes are also as they always have been, ie., a Lucky 63 is 25p e/w (total spend £31.50), 50p e/w Lucky 31 (total spend £31), £1 e/w Lucky 15 (total spend £30), £2 e/w Patent (total spend £28) and finally a £15 e/w double (total spend £30). I will give what the daily multiple bet is on the weekly upload day (I think we agreed that it would be a Sunday didn’t we?) I’ll list the daily profit and losses also and give them out on the following Sunday. 

It would be easier and I think more meaningful to give out the daily profit/loss and daily spend which would then enable me to calculate the ROI on either a daily basis, or a weekly basis and the long term ROI since launch which will vary only very slightly as there is a ton of data already behind me, so the long term average of 26% ROI hardly ever changes much now. 

So the bottom line to all this Ian is that I’ll give out as much detail as I am can without actually giving out the names of the horses for reasons explained previously.


Mike also gave me his updated totals which you can see here also.


Running Total Since Start of System = +£34,863.34
Total Profit For December, 2019 = +£95.51

TOTAL PROFIT FOR 2019 = +£7,957.07

Are you onboard?

So there you have it.

Mike's simple system that has made him a lot of money over the years, all from using the Inform Racing speed ratings each day.

You can now follow this idea yourself and hopefully make your own profits in 2020 and beyond.

As I have said before, the majority of people fail to make any sort of profit at all but you can see that not only has Mike found a method that has been a winning one now for a number of years, he has proven to us all once again that the most important thing you need to be successful, is discipline

Don't forget that you can follow the results updates for this on the link below.

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