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The first month subscription is £40 and then £60 per month thereafter. This gives you the chance to trial the service for less than the normal price. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

The selections will be emailed to you by 11 am however this will often be earlier in the morning and sometimes the evening before.. After  you join you will receive an email that will contain details of how to fully access your account.

You can see on the results link above that the number of selections differs each day with some having many and others having very few or none at all.

You are advised to start a betting bank separately from any other betting that you are doing, just for the purpose of these selections. How you place your bets and staking is up to you but all results are given by using the Betfair SP and if this is not available for any reason the Industry Starting Price will be used instead.

By clicking the button below and signing up for the service you agree not to share any of the information provided to any other persons either for monetary gain or not. Serious consequences will be taken against anyone found to be sharing the information provided and please be aware that this no idle threat. 

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