Inform Racing Tipping Service

Please read the following carefully. If you have any questions at any time please do not hesitate to contact us at tips@informracing.com

1. The tips will be emailed to you before 11 am each day, often earlier and often the evening before racing. If you have not received the tips for the day by 11 am please contact us.

2. If there are no selections you will still receive an email saying so.

3. We bet to a minimum Betfair SP of 5.0 for all of the results and recommend that you do the same. Selections that start below 5.0 are shown on Sheet 2 of the results pages but are generally regarded as non bets. 

4. The image below shows an example email so you know what you are looking out for. Everything is self explanatory hopefully.

5. If there is no Betfair Starting Price for a horse, the SP will be used in decimal format. So a horse that has an SP of 7/1 will be shown as 8.0. The minimum SP price shown on the results will be 4/1, shown as 5.0.

6. If you see a date without any results this will be because there was no selection that day, or those that were selected started at a Betfair SP lower than 5.0.

7. Please note on the results page that there are losing runs. Prepare a betting bank that will deal with some losing runs as if you hit one of these at the start you don't want to lose the bank and give up when there is likely to be a good few winners around the corner. Discipline and good money management are the key to profitability.

8. You can cancel your subscription in your Paypal account at anytime. Your payment was made to admin@summitsalesukltd.co.uk if you need to search for it in your Paypal account.

9. You are legally obliged not to share the information you are sent and we will certainly not hesitate in taking action against anyone who does.

Thank you.
Inform Racing

As ever, if you need some help at anytime or have any questions please email us at tips@informracing.com

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