Upcoming Website Updates 2020

The list below are the changes/additions we will soon be making to the website, following my recent request for ideas. I cannot add everyones wishes but hopefully the changes below will cover the majority of what users asked for, along with my own thoughts.

Most of the list below is copied from conversations with my developer so it may seem oddly written in places but you will get the gist of what we are looking to do. Thanks for all suggestions made.

System Builder and Decs Builder:

  • Add Class Pars and Highest Ever Class Par to the system builders.
  • Add all new categories that we have now on the tissue builder in the Form and Trainer Jockey Sections that are not currently in the System Builder. I think it is mainly the Wins and Win% on all Goings but all others that may be missing too. 
  • Currently when a horse wins it shows as Distance Beaten (on all areas of the site) as 0. This will now be changed and this added as a Category to the System Builder so you can search for horses that won by 2 lengths or more for example.
  • Add Days Since Last Won as a Category. 
  • Add the Run Style Figures, so you could search for all horses that had a Run Style = to 1, or 1 and 2, so Less 3 or something. 
  • Split the results on the system builder into the following tables below the Summary and list of horses. Year, Month, Race Type (as in general Flat/AW Chase/Hurdle), Race class, Race distance, Goings, Horse Age, Number Of Runners. This will allow you to see at a glance any distances (for example) that have a poor record on your search and could be removed from your system idea).
  • Have a new Category to select the number of runners that were declared rather than just those that had the set number at the off.

Tissue Tool:

  • Ability to show Profit/Loss for historic dates depending on what you want to record. I am thinking of the following:
    i) All those that are shown in yellow (those that had a higher BSP than the MinBsp), but allowing users to choose a maximum BSP, so perhaps only calculate those that have a BSP up to 40.0 as an example.
    ii) Or ability to choose to calculate the profit loss from the top rated by the RatingTotal or TissuePrice. Or be able to say calculate for the top 2 or top 3 so dutch betting a number of selections over the day.

  • This way you can save a profit/loss setting and then once a file is loaded, run that through a number of previous dates and the profit/loss would be calculated on the page once you have built the tissue. This will only be for one day at a time not a range of dates, so you can check back one day at a time only.
  • Remove non runners completely from all races and re-calculate without these horses.

Quick Results:

  • When you click through to a full result, show a full line below each horse line showing the in running comment and the InPlayLo price. 
  • Show the Place BSP price on the full results links.

Historic Meetings:

  • At the top of each date, have a tick box or button that will expand all races to show the In Running Comments on a line below each horse line and InPlayLo. This would also be possible to show in running comments on the pages that show just the one race result card. These are opened when you click any previous date on all form guide type links. 
  • Select button at the top to choose to order the results cards by race time and not just by meeting order. 

Race Card Settings Feature:

  • A Settings panel page for the main Inform Racing race cards. Ability to save and load settings.

    This would allow users to select;
    i) Only handicap races, only non handicap races. Both as default.
    ii) Select only races with a certain range of number of runners. 0-50 as default.
    iii) Select which race types to be shown. Flat/Awf/Chase/Hurdle/Nhf. All as default.
    iv) Select which race classes to show. All as default.
    v) Ability to ignore races where the top master rating of a race is below a certain number.
  • I will be adding a few more columns but they won't all be added to the race card by default, so there will be the ability to select what columns and in what order the columns are shown on the cards. PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to change anything if you don't want to so you will be able to open all cards as normal and see them just as they are now without having to do anything. 
  • Ability to choose to ignore any of the last 3 ratings below a set number, meaning that the Average rating would change, therefore the M+A too. Users have said that the frequent rating of 1 skews the Average rating, so probably do all below 20 or 30, so it will be possible to ignore all of the last three ratings below a set number and then calculate the average rating from those above the chosen number. So if the last three ratings were 75, 1 and 79 and 1 is ignored, the average rating would be 77 instead of 52.
  • On the Settings panel, have all courses on the day with a drop down for each with all Goings. H, F, GF, G, GS, S, H, SS, SD, SF. When one is selected, this would change the forecast going for that course and as I have mentioned somewhere else here, it would change the best ever rating on the forecast going, which is going to be a new fixed column to the right of the Dis column. (This is still a little bit work in progress how we do this but the ability to change the forecast going should be available in some format).
  • Ability to select to only show ratings on the cards for the same race type as today. Currently we show all weather ratings when it is a turf race and chase ratings when it is a hurdle race etc.. So if you choose just today’s code, it will ignore all runs and ratings on the ‘other’ race type. This does mean that runs and ratings will be missing from a form line or not shown on the card if this is selected.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All stats and records on the system builder will be taken from the default cards as we have them now.

General Race Card and Misc. Additions:

  • Non Runners
    On the Tissue Tool, all non runners are removed completely from a race when Build Tissue is clicked and this will then re calculate all data without non runners stats.
  • On the race cards themselves. All non runners to be taken out of the top 3 calculations for each column. All non runners to be removed from the card and shown at the bottom of the table or race card, so they are still part of the race but greyed out or lined through with NR shown instead of their race card number or maybe (NR) after the horse name. Top 3 highlighted in Bold red then re calculated.
  • Winning Distance to be shown where appropriate instead of showing distance as 0 for all winning horses. This is in all form guides and on the small pop up for each of the last 3 ratings and Master rating. ​
  • All form line results to show In Running Comments when hover over the course name.
  • In Depth Form Tables. Where text is highlighted in blue or red, make this more visible by highlighting the cell itself in a light blue and light red (and purple on the Run Style table).
  • In Depth Form Tables. On the Class table, show 2 decimal places for the Average class of 3 and 10 at the end. So £4k, £3k and £3k would be £3.33k instead of £3k as it is currently. 
  • New column, Best rating on the forecast going next to the Dis column. The best rating on the forecast going would be changed in the settings panel and choose the going for each course. 
  • Advanced Search Feature. Add race type as a selection, so Flat, AW, Chase and Hurdle. 
  • Excel download for main race cards. Add the OR, add the last 5 OR’s and highlight the top 3 rated horses in red or bold type

Work is starting on this today, when it will all be completed I do not know but hoping some if not all before Christmas.

Ian Welch